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To take a bath mat when I stay in a Travelodge?

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WanderWomble Mon 01-Jun-15 13:53:41

I travel a lot for work, and normally stay in a Travelodge (company has a budget for travel for the year, and I'd rather stay in a basic hotel in the UK then splurge on a great one for our year end conference that's usually overseas.)

I always take a bath mat to put outside of the shower. (I've yet to find a shower curtain that doesn't leak in said hotel.) My best friend thinks I'm bonkers for doing it. I do have a good reason- my right ACL is hanging on by a thread and it's surgery if I slip and tear it.

Bonkers or not?

sebsmummy1 Mon 01-Jun-15 13:54:32

I would say not!

holidaysarenice Mon 01-Jun-15 13:54:45

Not bonkers but why not just ask for an extra towel for the floor?

ChunkyPickle Mon 01-Jun-15 13:56:56

Not bonkers - but, I noticed when browsing the manual in the chalet at Center Parcs that they hold bath mats at reception for people who would like them - I wonder if Travelodges might do the same?

At the time I thought it was a strange thing to say, but perhaps there are lots of people like you who need a bathmat to be sure of not slipping?

Lovemylittlebear Mon 01-Jun-15 13:58:21

I think it's bonkers but in a really nice way smile x

GoodbyeToAllOfThat Mon 01-Jun-15 14:00:51

It's a tiny bit eccentric, but as little bear says it a nice way.

WinterOfOurDiscountTents15 Mon 01-Jun-15 14:02:28

Travelodge provide a towel-like mat for the floor though?

twirlypoo Mon 01-Jun-15 14:03:14

I used to work away loads and would take all sorts of random stuff - extension cable and my own pillow for a start. Go for it I say!

WanderWomble Mon 01-Jun-15 14:03:43

I used to use a towel, but they get soaked and then you're stuck with a soggy towel in the bathroom. The bathmat is rubber backed so it doesn't soak the water up from the floor. Plus they can slip.

(I should point out that I stay for at least five nights, so it's not like I'm taking it for one day.)

WanderWomble Mon 01-Jun-15 14:05:07

Nope, you get two big towels and a hand towel.

I also take my own pillow and extension cable. (Last trip was 15 days!)

WinterOfOurDiscountTents15 Mon 01-Jun-15 14:06:20

There was one in my TL last week, and last month. Might vary between places.

WanderWomble Mon 01-Jun-15 14:10:00

I've never had one, and I stay in at least 8 a year. Last one was in Leeds.

twirlypoo Mon 01-Jun-15 14:19:38

My longest stint was 3 months in a travelodge in southport. The reception staff were my best mates by the end of it grin

littleducks Mon 01-Jun-15 14:26:11

I have always had a towelling bath mat in travelodges i have stayed in. Not rubber backed. Then I put wet towel in bath. When kids have showers in a row I use hand towel as bath mat.

WanderWomble Mon 01-Jun-15 14:27:42

Two weeks is bad enough!

BettyCatKitten Mon 01-Jun-15 14:32:50

Yanbu, but sensible!

WanderWomble Tue 02-Jun-15 00:21:23

I've only had a bath in a TL a couple of times. The rest of the time it's been showers. Wonder if that makes a difference?

SorchaN Tue 02-Jun-15 09:36:41

Ha! I misread the subject - I thought you were going to argue for stealing a bath mat from a Travelodge (more exciting than stealing towels perhaps).

If I recall, the floors are extremely slippery when wet, so YADNBU. I suppose it would be better if Travelodge provided rubber-backed bath mats, but then people would probably steal them...

flora717 Tue 02-Jun-15 10:02:24

Have you requested one? There are often notes in family rooms that they can be requested for safety.

Meloria Tue 02-Jun-15 10:35:22

I am having a similar problem and never thought of this. You are an absolute genius and I am so, so happy you posted this.

ApeMan Tue 02-Jun-15 10:37:41


WanderWomble Tue 02-Jun-15 12:25:53

flora717, no I haven't. I'm usually travelling on my own so I've never stayed in a family room. I will next time though. (Mostly to see what happens.) smile

Meloria. I'm really glad that this thread helped you. smile I use one of these: because they're not too huge and dry quickly.

mumeeee Thu 04-Jun-15 13:01:58

There has always been a bath mat in Travel Lodges I have stayed in.

rubadubba Thu 04-Jun-15 13:50:16

I used to work in a hotel and remember when a man slipped in the bath and the bath broke! The man was fine but we always supplied rubber bath mats after that.

Rowgtfc72 Thu 04-Jun-15 22:51:30

I used the hand towel on Sunday when we stayed in the one at reading. Thank god I did as when I got out I'd flooded the place. The new curvey shower curtain pole doesn't really keep the curtain in the bath. Towel helped prevent a disaster!

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