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To resign? Or should I try to stick it out?

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fiveacres Sun 31-May-15 21:19:36

I started work last month after almost 4 years 'out' - just 5-8 hours p/w (zero hour contract) at £7 ph so not really hugely well paid! However, any extra money is useful.

But - I am exhausted. The hours I do are anti social; this morning I only did one hour but because I had to get up so early it's wiped me out for the rest of the day.

I sometimes have to deal with people smoking - I really don't like that.

I'm not paid for travel time so my hourly pay technically is less than £7 ph.

I would be finishing mid July as I am expecting a baby in August anyway.

I suppose it's a WWYD really - am I being silly and should I try to stick at it? Or should I give myself a break?

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sun 31-May-15 21:22:17

For £7 per day,minus travel costs, I wouldn't bother tbh. What are your reasons for working so few hours?

MammaTJ Sun 31-May-15 21:22:49

You should not have to deal with people smoking indoors in the UK now. That has been banned, so much so that even taxi drivers are not allowed to smoke in their own cabs with no passengers.

Other than that, it does not sound worth it anyway,it won't give you great mat benefits on so few hours. Give yourself a break!

mintpoppet Sun 31-May-15 21:25:35

Seems a bit defeatist when you only have 6 weeks left. Lots of pregnant women work full time and have to get up early/work unsociable hours too.
I work around 45-55 hours a week and get up between 5-5.30am every day. For life, not just for 6 weeks. Most people don't get paid for travel time. That's normal.

fiveacres Sun 31-May-15 21:33:10

Thanks for replies.

It's really all I can manage due to childcare issues, Leigh - was tentatively thinking of building up to a few more after having the baby (obviously when she's a little older!)

Mamma - it's work in people's homes/cars so I'm not sure the law is applicable.

Mint, I know lots of pregnant women work - I'm just explaining my own circumstances smile The thing with the travel time is that calls/visits are only 15-30 minutes so it's easy to spend as much time travelling as it is working!

Pico2 Sun 31-May-15 21:46:00

I'd quit. Yes, some people do work very hard while pregnant, but I really don't think it does them or their baby any good. Take care of yourself and your baby.

fiveacres Sun 31-May-15 21:47:51

Thanks Pico. I liked feeling I had a job, even if it was just a few hours but it's the knock on effect it seems to have on me.

mintpoppet Sun 31-May-15 21:59:49

Pico. 5-8 hours a week is not going to harm the baby.

fiveacres Sun 31-May-15 22:01:54

I suppose my question is, is it doing more harm than good? I agree it isn't harming the baby but it's tiring and it's badly paid and unpleasant to work in.

NinkyNonkers Sun 31-May-15 22:05:30

5 to 8 hours at an hour a day barely sounds worth it tbh. If you don't need the money, don't enjoy it, and will be finishing in a month or so anyway why do it?

mintpoppet Sun 31-May-15 22:06:53

But its work and you might need a reference in the future. Even the odd 30 quid is another item for the baby. Since its doing you absolutely no harm then the good surely outweighs the dislike of the job. Most people, if they're honest, hate some of their job. It's only 6 weeks though. It just sounds like giving up to me. However it's not my life and I don't have the luxury of giving up work. I'll continue with my long hours because I have to pay for things by myself. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

SylvaniansKeepGettingHoovered Sun 31-May-15 22:07:41

It doesn't sound worth it, I would quit.

fiveacres Sun 31-May-15 22:08:31

yes, there is the reference issue.

Pico2 Sun 31-May-15 22:12:22

As my GP said to me when I was pregnant with DD1, you are only going to have this baby once, so look after yourself.

I know that 5-8 hours is unlikely to have any demonstrable effect. But it is worth entering parenthood well rested and with minimum stress. Anecdotally, I keep meeting very hard working women who had their babies early.

mintpoppet Sun 31-May-15 22:15:15

You can still be very well rested working 5-8 hours a week. It leaves around 160 hours to play with. She is not going to have her baby early because she's working a few hours a week. My god.

fiveacres Sun 31-May-15 22:15:36

I wouldn't mind the work if I found it rewarding, either in terms of possible future prospects or in terms of the type of work it is, but as it is I just feel like it's barely worth it financially and the added stress of the smoke/travel (have motion sickness) just means that for the small amount of money it barely seems worthwhile.

But I am cross with myself - I don't 'want' to give up, exactly, and have been "told off" by a friend!

mintpoppet Sun 31-May-15 22:16:08

If this is the work ethic in this country then my goodness we're in trouble.

NinkyNonkers Sun 31-May-15 22:17:45

You're being unnecessarily rude now...I sense you feel hard done by as your situations are different but really.

fiveacres Sun 31-May-15 22:17:48

Mint, it isn't the 'work ethic' - it's just I have been out of work a while, I am heavily pregnant and I am struggling with some aspects of the job.

I am very happy to be persuaded to stay - but nicely? Not by insinuating I am a lazy cah wink

neverevernorever Sun 31-May-15 22:18:32

It's really difficult to respond to WWYD without knowing a bit more about your circumstances in general, overall...

fiveacres Sun 31-May-15 22:18:56

How do you mean never, sorry?

NinkyNonkers Sun 31-May-15 22:19:20

I was signed off on mat leave by now with my first, she wasn't due until Aug.

WineIsMyMainVice Sun 31-May-15 22:20:43

Having been out of the workplace for a few years you are bound to find it really tiring, as you are not only learning a new job but also pg too! Do what you feel is right for you. Good luck.

mintpoppet Sun 31-May-15 22:22:24

I haven't been rude but I apologise if it came across that way. I just know if I'd been out of work a while I'd take anything I could get and be grateful for it, especially as it's only for another 6 weeks. I don't feel hard done by at all. It's normal to have to work. Yes I find my job hard, don't always love it but it's a job which I need to pay for food and stuff! Anyway the OP will decide and it's her choice. Sounds like she's already decided to be honest. I'm off to bed.

fiveacres Sun 31-May-15 22:23:24

I haven't been out of work as in unemployed as such mint, just been a SAHM for a bit.

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