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tv documentary/benefits/through a childs eyes

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ghostspirit Sat 30-May-15 16:34:08

I went to get sons hair cut on way home. i get stopped by a couple of people. it was me and 3 kids. she was telling me they are doing a documentary about familys on benefit/topups through the eyes of a child. to high light the difficulties familys are having because of all the cut backs.

i said so you want me to be part of the next benefits street or simlar...she said oh no no we are the complete oppisit. its all about the familys and showing the day to day living and struggle.

so should i agree to do it.? if so do i make sure my tatoos are on display.should i have a fag hanging out my mouth. even though i dont smoke. just for the cameras....

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 30-May-15 16:38:58

All you need is a goat, no fags needed.

professornangnang Sat 30-May-15 16:40:20

Don't do it. You will regret doing any kind of reality TV.

SalyCinnamon Sat 30-May-15 16:47:39

Someone knocked on my door yesterday and asked me the same shock

ScorpioMermaid Sat 30-May-15 16:49:12

I've been approached a couple of times to do tv. my DH and I have 8 children (9th due in 6 weeks) it was for a "16 kids and counting" type show. We declined. its our family and we are not a circus side show for people to leer at. our kids go to school I don't home school as I like the 6 hours of relative peace when the 6 older ones aren't home and I couldn't bear the thought of people making fun of them because of the size of our family. It would break my heart. paid or not I couldn't do it.

obviously that's just my point of view and if you decide to go ahead then Good luck to you smile

tametempo Sat 30-May-15 16:53:15

Is this a genuine post? If so, definitely not! They portray people horribly and will lie to them.
I can't understand why these families go on these shows/ magazine articles etc. Just horrible.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 30-May-15 16:59:12

They'll film you for a week and then edit it all into one hour.

They'll pick your worst moments. You won't recognise yourself.

foslady Sat 30-May-15 17:02:50

When they did Skint in Scunthorpe they said they wanted to show the real life of Westcliff. Shame they ignored the footage they filmed of the boy who's been that successful at his ballet classes hd been picked up by the Northern Ballet School.....

fiveacres Sat 30-May-15 17:03:34

How did they know you were on benefits? hmm

YouPooPooBumBum Sat 30-May-15 17:18:13

i said so you want me to be part of the next benefits street or simlar...she said oh no no we are the complete oppisit. its all about the familys and showing the day to day living and struggle
That is probably what the told the families that were on Benefits Street - then they edited what they filmed.

ghostspirit Sat 30-May-15 17:24:45

haha yes it is a geniune post...they gave me a leaflet with contact detales. i was going to post that but was not sure if was a good idea fiveacres i guess it was an assumption.

where can i get a goat.

she asked my kids what do you like doing. 8 year old said playstation.she asked do you have hobbies no just play station. do you play thanks for that son.

hibbledibble Sat 30-May-15 17:26:56

Not all shows about benefits are like benefits street. BBC did a very different style documentary.

I wouldn't appear on reality TV however no matter what, I value my privacy.

justownit Sat 30-May-15 17:27:12

fiveacres Precisely my question!

WorraLiberty Sat 30-May-15 17:29:25

It came up on my council's FB page recently that Channel 5 are doing a documentary, about people on benefits who are planning their wedding hmm

I can just imagine how that's going to go...

expatinscotland Sat 30-May-15 17:31:18

NFW I'd subject my kids to any of this poverty porn propaganda. They will exploit children, they already do.

Stitchintime1 Sat 30-May-15 17:34:07

It's like that fake a Daily Mail headline. How many combinations can you come up with benefits in the title?

Benefits by the Sea
Fat and on Benefits
Fat and on Benefits by the Sea
Romanians on Benefits
Fat Romanians on Benefits.

And so on. I hope you laughed in their face.

chickenfuckingpox Sat 30-May-15 17:34:35

hell no never ever ever would i do anything like that even if you put on your best face for seven days they will still find a way of making you look bad

its not in the nations best interest to feel sympathy for people on benefits

when people find out im on benefits they assume many things a, my children need extra help at school (they dont the ones at school are very bright a* students) b, i have many many pets i treat better than my children (i dont have any pets) c, i smoke (strike three) in reality i do none of these things and none of the stereotypes apply the only way they think they have "got me" is my third child has a speech delay apparently if i was working he wouldn't have that hmm

ghostspirit Sat 30-May-15 17:35:19

liberty i think it was with channel 5 she had said they have done some before. about young carers and they got great feed back.

indeed scotland its using the kids and like you say exploiting them without a choice and them not really understanding

Capricorn76 Sat 30-May-15 17:39:38

No don't do it you'll be stitched up and ridiculed in the Daily Mail. These type of programmes will die off once nobody volunteers to be part of them.

ghostspirit Sat 30-May-15 17:42:46

capricorn i agree but sadley be many people on this estate that go for it sad

Mistigri Sat 30-May-15 18:27:11

It seems to me that one of the problems with these programmes is that anyone with any sense turns them down, with the result that the only people prepared to participate are the most naive, the most vulnerable and the least clued up - in other words the very people that make the best car crash TV sad

drudgetrudy Sat 30-May-15 18:31:47

If this is genuine do NOT expose your child to any form of publicity-he is not old enough to consent to it.
A psychologist colleague of mine made a TV documentary on managing children with behavioural issues. They were really exposed and gossiped about locally (as were their parents).
I was appalled at the way she promoted herself without thinking of the effects on the kids.

NinkyNonkers Sat 30-May-15 18:41:15

Er no, no, no and fuck off no. If you are even contemplating this you are bonkers!

nemo81 Sat 30-May-15 18:56:14

I've been messaged through another site before asking if i'd take part in a large family documentary. Didn't even reply to the message.

ghostspirit Sat 30-May-15 19:24:44

drudge they said they have a psychologist thats there to support and help us. i thought yeah after you have fucked up my family.

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