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I can dimly remember being bottle fed !

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bananaandcustard Fri 29-May-15 16:42:47

Obviously this thread is here as a sister thread on breastfeeding, just thought I would flip this the other way.

I had bottles for quite some time must of been 3 when stopped, and have seen pictures of me slurping on bottle of strong milky tea.
I have a dim memory of walking along my grandmothers garden path with a bottle in mouth and bouncing it side to side.

my first solids were from a bottle, a boiled grain of some sort and the teat of bottle was cut so I could drink it down.

My mother didnt think dummies were good for me or any of her children, so we had a nice warm bottle of milk in our cots instead.

some of my cousins carried a bottle under their arms for similar times and went to bed even at 4 or over with a nice warm plastic bottle of milk.
Some even had two or three dummies to go to bed with one to suck and one in each hand.
I wonder if any of them still remember bottles or sucking on a dummy?

I wont bother to ask the thumb suckers because its more than likely the thumb suckers still wake up in the morning with thumb firmly jammed in their mouths!

During my lifetime (am old now) have seen many many children with bottles who are of walking and talking age, and knew even more who still go to bed with dummies and bottles of a school age.

Children need comfort, and life is stressful no matter what your age, and they find it in many ways, some from rocking or shaking legs in cots or with dummies, blankets and bottles. So why not continue with the comfort from a mothers breast? What is so wrong about the comfort of a cuddle with a breastfeed?

As a mother I breastfed them each for years, I only thought it was worthy of trying when I worked out the cost of bottle feeding. I am sure they have some dim memory of being fed, but looking at my kids now as adults they arent damaged in any way by the way I choose to feed or comfort them.
I have to also say that I dont think my mother was wrong either, she did what was recommended at the time.

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