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not to take ancient rabbit to the vet.

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Charis1 Fri 29-May-15 12:00:49

He is 13, losing weight, and has now just got a bit of an upset stomach. Still munching away happily. If the upset stomach lasts until tomorrow, I suppose I'd go, but at this age, won't he just be PTS? And if he is happy and alert at home, won't just staying here until he dies be better?

AlpacaMyBags Fri 29-May-15 12:05:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WinterOfOurDiscountTents15 Fri 29-May-15 12:05:59

If he's eating fine I wouldn't be bringing him to the vet.

WaywardOn3 Fri 29-May-15 12:06:32

He may be in a fair bit of pain. They're not the type of animal to show it as it highlights vulnerability.

I'd take him just in case

Ludoole Fri 29-May-15 12:08:45

Can you ring and explain his symptoms and see if they think a visit is warranted?

HeresMyBrightIdea Fri 29-May-15 12:09:00

I'd take him. I wouldn't want to waste away at home, and rabbits are very good at hiding their illness - their survival depends on it, sick rabbits are left behind and easy prey for predators.

He won't be PTS without you agreeing. The vet will assess what's wrong, and suggest treatments, or possibly say that it's just age. I have had many rabbits that have died of old age, though, and none wasted away, so he may well be "saveable" with treatment.

Whether just staying home to die would be better would depend on whether he's in pain. Rabbits hide that very well.

DayLillie Fri 29-May-15 12:10:15

I used to just keep my rabbits clean and comfortable in a nice bed of hay. They hate going to the vets and used to stamp all the way home. If he is eating fine, let him be.

DontTurnAround Fri 29-May-15 12:14:16

Bunnies hide it well. Please take him to the vet. It may just be metacam to ease his pain but please don't let him suffer.

Charis1 Fri 29-May-15 12:14:20

ok, appointment made, you are right, I don't really know if he is in pain.

FarOverTheRainbow Fri 29-May-15 12:16:35

There's plenty of things he vets can give him to help settle his stomach and replace the nutrients he's losing and also some pain relief, if he's happy in himself there's no way they'll suggest a PTS without treatment first

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 29-May-15 13:02:18

Diarrhoea is relatively rare in rabbits. If he has soft mucky faeces around his bum these are most likely his caecotrophs that rabbits pass at night and eat. Not eating them is a massive indication of pain, particularly back pain. A course of pain killers may dramatically improve his life.

helenahandbag Fri 29-May-15 13:05:58

Glad to see you've made an appointment OP, prey animals always hide pain very well so as to avoid looking weak. My guinea pigs did this - one of them kept eating right up until a few hours before he died sad

I hope it's something simple and your rabbit feels better soon.

littlefrenchonion Fri 29-May-15 19:09:02

"Better a day too early, than a day too late"

Meaning - if you wait, you run the risk of him dying a painful, undignified death, which would be solely on your shoulders as his caregiver. You don't have to have him PTS if that is not your wish but the vet could provide you with pain relief for now (rabbits are a prey species and hide signs of pain).

Also - don't forget out of hours vets are very expensive, you'd be looking at £100+ if he went downhill overnight.

Take him to the vets, it sounds as if you've done a good job up until now as he's a grand old age - why stop now?

littlefrenchonion Fri 29-May-15 19:14:25

Sorry, just seen you made an appointment :-) hope all goes well x

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 29-May-15 19:16:29

13yo rabbit - <<impressed>>

I know it's not the same but we keep guinea-pigs.
Our young boar (huge big 18 month old) became ill and despite having 2 vet visits in the space of 3 days , (he had infusions and antibiotics the second visit) he died ( diarrhoea ) . I've never had a pig with this condition,.
They go downhill quickly sad

In restrospect , would I have taken him (an hours drive each way) ?
Don't know. I reckon I did what was right at the time. Maybe if I trusted my instincts, I'd have let him slip away at home .

He did die the next day, my DD didn't want him PTS. The vet and DD said give him a chance, which we did.

Animals don't make it easy do they?

Good Luck Rabbit.

Royalsighness Fri 29-May-15 19:18:30

13! That's amazing I didn't know rabbits could live that long.

Good luck with the vets and I hope it's good news x

Charis1 Fri 29-May-15 19:26:08

well, he is on antibiotics and stomach medicine. Lungs and heart not great, but no sign of pain, the vet says. We have decided on non invasive treatments only, and see what happens in the next few days.

If he is going, I would like him to just curl up and die in his sleep at home. He has to go some day soon, I suppose. It is amazing how attached you can get to a rabbit!

pineapplecrush Fri 29-May-15 19:32:57

We were in a similar predicament last August OP. In our case, our rabbit was 7 and appeared unwell, hiding away and not eating much. We rang the vet and DH took him to the vet's in the car, the vet came out to the car and had a look, she said he was ill and didn't have long to live and put him to sleep whilst DH held him in the car. This might not be the case with your rabbit, but I was reluctant to take him to the vet like you said, as he didn't appear in obvious pain. However, I'm so glad we did as the vet said he was dying and it was comforting he went quickly and painlessly. Hope it all goes well for you.

Charis1 Fri 19-Jun-15 19:34:24

Well, he is now fully recovered! And bounding round the house with oodles of energy, chomping hay, chewing the wallpaper, and making burrows in the laundry basket!

He is not allowed to eat rabbit food any more confused apparently rabbit food is very bad for rabbits!

Twodogsandahooch Fri 19-Jun-15 19:36:31

A good news story on mumsnet! Well done bunny.

yoshipoppet Fri 19-Jun-15 19:46:24

He must be the Duracell bunny smile

corgiology Fri 19-Jun-15 20:41:49

Curious to know what the vet said about the rabbit food? smile

Is it the pellet stuff or the mixed stuff?

Millais Fri 19-Jun-15 20:57:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BagsyThisName Fri 19-Jun-15 21:03:53

Well done bunny. I have a 10 year old and thought that was old.

RabbitDeNiro Fri 19-Jun-15 21:14:49

Wow, 13! What a great age. Glad he's feeling better. My oldest rabbit lived until he was 11 and I was amazed by that. He ate rabbit food too

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