To think it is the 30 min of exercise 4 times a week that works, NOT the particular programme

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HappyFaceAndLovelyHair Tue 26-May-15 14:52:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

26Point2Miles Tue 26-May-15 14:57:30

Yes,as long as you are pushing yourself a bit more each week. The body quickly adjusts and we get complacent. I think it's then that we might lose interest, once it's too easy and no longer challenging us.

26Point2Miles Tue 26-May-15 14:57:58

Just my own opinion of course. Yanbu

ILYBAE2015 Tue 26-May-15 15:32:31

I think you're nearly right. Regular exercise of any type will make you fitter, and toned. As for weight loss, not quite so much.

Sitting still for half an hour will burn 50 calories or so. A 30 minute exercise class, going for it, maybe 250. So you're ahead by 200 calories by doing the Zumba instead of the Cash in the Attic. Do it four times a week and you've got through 800 calories. Do it every week for a while and that could show results.

Most of us trying to lose weight will have eating habits where it is possible to cut 800 calories (Goodfeellas thin frozen pepperoni is 796, 3 bourbon biscuits=204) without looking to hard to find them, it's the willpower and the changing of habit that's the hard part.

Of cousre while you're at the Zumba class you can't reach the bourbons, so it really is a win-win.

Osmiornica Tue 26-May-15 16:23:35


I don't think it works like that. Actually I don't think that amount of exercise helps at all in losing weight. There was a programme about it a while ago which said the same thing.

At my fittest (kick boxing aerobics, spinning and walking and loads of other stuff) I was also at my heaviest. I couldn't lost weight at all. Now I'm losing weight I'm but not doing any exercise other than walking. Exercise is good for you in that it keeps you healthy and toned but I'm not convinced it helps you lose weight at all.

As to the type of exercise - I think something that has some resistance training is better than say dancing about for 30 minutes - so you build up a bit more muscle.

chiruri Tue 26-May-15 16:29:07

Osmiornica - although it's true that fat is lost primarily through diet, increased muscle mass will increase your BMR, and therefore aid fat loss in the long run. So it's not as simple as that. However you're right in saying you may not lose 'weight' (i.e mass) but you'll lose fat and gain (heavier) muscle if you do regular exercise.

Jewels234 Tue 26-May-15 16:30:17

YABU. I used to run long distances....hours and hours a week pounding the pavements showed worse results than the very short but intense crossfit workouts that I now do. So type of program really does matter.

balletnotlacrosse Tue 26-May-15 16:56:35

I don't think exercise is so much about losing weight as toning up. So exercise, combined with healthier eating, will tone you up and slim you down.

PenguinsAreAce Tue 26-May-15 17:01:07

Basically YANBU

However, it depends what goal you want to achieve. If it is weight loss, then it really is calories in vs calories out. It will work provided the exercise tips you over into more calories out than in.

However, for achieving different goals, e.g.: cardio fitness, or proportion of body mass as muscle, or "the toned look" then different programmes will help more or less depending on what you're hoping for.

PenguinsAreAce Tue 26-May-15 17:02:23

As another example, if your aim is to drop a dress size, but you don't care about your actual weight, then the exercise you choose could be crucial to whether you achieve your aim and in what time.

Legionofboom Tue 26-May-15 17:11:36

Of course not all workouts are equal and therefore not all results are the same. But I would say that for someone going from being sedentary to doing regular exercise the biggest challenge is keeping going.

IMHO it is much better to do something that you enjoy and will therefore hopefully stick at than find excuses to not do something that apparently may give better results but you don't enjoy.

TidyDancer Tue 26-May-15 19:27:40

I think not all exercises are equal in the same way not all calories are equal. But bodies do respond differently, so there's probably not some magic formula to it.

whathaveiforgottentoday Tue 26-May-15 23:53:37

I understand where you are coming from but it really depends what you want from the exercise and whether it fits in with your life.

MrsMook Wed 27-May-15 00:00:58

It's easy to plateaux out into a routine with exercise where repetition results in minimal change. Something where there is a progression of the programme / activity is more effective than stagnation.

All exercise has a benefit, but some is more effective than others at producing a result of change to body or fitness.

NRomanoff Wed 27-May-15 05:21:41

Yabu the type of exercise does matter. Because they all burn different amount of calories. A 30 minute slow walk will burn much less than 30 mins cross fit. But any exercise is better than none.

AmberNectarine Wed 27-May-15 08:05:43

Any exercise is better than no exercise of course. However, initially, finding something that you enjoy and feels accessible is probably key to how successful you are going to be. If you enjoy shred/Davina/whatever you are far more likely to stick at it, which is half the battle. And, IME, once you are exercising regularly, you're less likely to ruin it all by eating crap.

Personally, I can't be doing with Jillian Michaels telling me she wants to bounce a quarter off my butt, so I do a combination of running, strength training and the odd spin class. The key is finding what works for you.

bigbumtheory Wed 27-May-15 08:07:11

Yanbu to think anything is good exercise when you do none and yes they all help lose weight to a point but yabu to think all exercises are equal at that. Swimming I found very good for weight loss but yoga and Pilates not so much they are better for toning.

If you are doing 30 minutes and finding results then obviously it is working. After a time you'll need to switch because you get used to it.

Incidentally is the shred three levels good? I cant do davina, she annoys me which is odd because I loved her on bb.

NRomanoff Wed 27-May-15 09:29:54

* Exercise is good for you in that it keeps you healthy and toned but I'm not convinced it helps you lose weight at all.*

Exercise helps you lose fat, not weight. Its 2 different things. I am currently quite heavy but with body fat of around 18%. Because I lift weights. I am a small size 10. When I have been this weight before, with just doing cardio i was a 14.

merrymouse Wed 27-May-15 10:13:55

I think it depends what you want from exercise - to be really toned, to lose weight, to meet people, to relax, to increase upper body strength, to remain supple, to increase heart fitness, to feel a sense of personal achievement, to learn how to do a handstand, whatever.

I agree to the extent that if your goal is just to keep fairly fit and to stay active and it doesn't really matter whether you swim twice a week/do a Davina video/walk the dog - the important thing is that you do something.

mimishimmi Wed 27-May-15 14:59:56

I think ... nah...YABU. 30 minutes of light walking is not the same as 30 minutes of one of Jillian Michael's hardcore DVD's. Years of dancing, pilates etc for much longer periods of time, was not half as effective as doing her workouts on a regular basis (have gone from a waist of 31 inches to 26.5 in the past year - think it went from a 33 to 31 the previous seven years).

mumto3alexa Wed 27-May-15 18:11:20

Exercise helps me lose weight fast. I think it is length of time doing it that leads to weight loss, whereas specific exercises lead to toning.

I find exercise for weight loss dead easy whereas too lazy for toning exercises right now!

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