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AIBU?? To want to go on holiday?

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FlabbyFlabbyBits Mon 25-May-15 20:44:20

Advice if anyone has any... we've only had a few holidays abroad, usually book with BA, but their holidays are so expensive.
We'd like to go to Crete (or similar), a nice child friendly holiday, no loud entertainment, lovely hotel, pool, and be right by the sea (and sandy beach). All inclusive, or near (walking distance) from a variety of restaurants. Ideally some history about. Happy for it to be quiet - really don't want loud.
Am I asking too much. Ohh... and we want to go in August!

Springintosummer Mon 25-May-15 20:50:10

That all depends on your budget.

manicinsomniac Mon 25-May-15 20:51:19


Book the flights on their own without a package deal.

The book a youth hostel (choose a private dorm of 3/4/5 and it's exactly the same as booking a family room in a hotel).

Then spend your days exploring the local area, going to the beach etc - all free stuff.

Youth hostels have kitchens so you can cook in the evenings and make packed lunches for the day time. Some have breakfast included. If not you can self cater that as well.

Holidays do not have to cost the earth.

Alternatives - AirBnB or possibly a self catering cottage

Avoid packaged holidays, all inclusives, things with kids clubs etc - you always pay through the nose.

Springintosummer Mon 25-May-15 20:52:28

I love looking for holidays. If you tell me your budget, how many people, ages of children and preferred airport I will play travel agent for you.

faitaccompli Mon 25-May-15 20:56:25

Go to Carvoeiro in Portugal (Algarve).

Perfect for a family, nice beach, lots of entertainment (free on the beach) and bars and restaurants. Lovely atmosphere.

drbonnieblossman Mon 25-May-15 20:58:02

All sounds lovely but All Inc are the work of the devil. Watching people queue up at midday on the dot and again in the evening for the dining room, and watching the greed and utter waste is soul destroying and grim.

Go bed and breakfast and this gives you a chance to experience lovely beach front restaurants and people watch. Book a hotel with a fridge in your room for cold drinks and you'll find doing it this way won't cost more than All Inc.

FlabbyFlabbyBits Mon 25-May-15 20:59:28

Oh, sorry budget! Max £2,200 for All Inclusive for 3 of us. Otherwise about £500 less if just includes breakfast! The £2,200 must include holiday/flights - and we only want to go for 7 nights - flying from Gatwick/Heathrow.
Sorry.... I don't want a self-catering holiday. I do enough of those! I need a holiday.

thebigblackhole Mon 25-May-15 21:15:01

Flabby, you will easily get something lovely for that budget. I really recommend On The Beach for holidays. You book your flights, accommodation and transfers according to what you want but pay for it altogether. I've done this for a few years and it's a great way to do it. There's a lot more choice of hotels than the usual Thomson/Thomas Cook route.

corgiology Mon 25-May-15 21:15:49

Check holiday pirates regularly and also consider a cruise which are always all inclusive and allow you to see more than one destination.

caroldecker Mon 25-May-15 21:16:56

Some here

FlabbyFlabbyBits Mon 25-May-15 21:33:42

Ohh, thank you everyone... am drowning in holiday ideas now. Cheers!

Janethegirl Mon 25-May-15 21:43:10

Jet2 holidays are good and include transfers. Don't know if they do Crete tho'. I tend to book breaks from EMA but it depends on your local airport where they fly to. I've done several ones to Portugal where it depends on the hotel what options are available.

faitaccompli Mon 25-May-15 22:03:26

You can go self catering and just eat out all the time. The exchange rate is advantageous at the moment!

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