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to be pissed off with these parents?

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ChuffinAda Sun 24-May-15 12:37:11

They permit their child to play out the front of their home, allow them to come round to my house to play, but won't allow them to the park without an adult

All these are on the same Street. The park and the child's home are on the same side of the road my house is 2 main roads to cross from theirs.

It's a beautiful sunny day here and so the kids have all been thrown outside. Only this kids mum has told them to get lost from outside her home as they're making too much noise.

I don't want them here because it's a nice day and the kids should, imo

ChuffinAda Sun 24-May-15 12:38:42

Be out playing at the park.

They are 10-12 in age range and the park is perfectly safe. They have a mobile phone between them all if needed.

Aibu to be annoyed at this parent for not letting her pfb to the park?

madreloco Sun 24-May-15 12:41:21

YABU. IT's not your business what their parents choose to allow them to do or where to go.
If you don't want them at your house then get rid of them, but the rest is nothing to do with you.

BrockAuLit Sun 24-May-15 12:42:52

What mad said.

ChuffinAda Sun 24-May-15 12:43:03

To my mind the allowing the child to cross two main roads to go to someone's home but not allowing them to a park which needs no roads to cross to get to is illogical

Either you trust your child or you don't.

Theycallmemellowjello Sun 24-May-15 12:44:49

It's perfectly reasonable for parents to be happy with their kids playing near responsible adults (ie in front of their own house or yours) and not further away. However, it is unreasonable of the woman to have said that they can't play in front of her house if that is in effect forcing them to play in front of your house and landing you with the noise.

formerbabe Sun 24-May-15 12:45:03 say the parents allow them to your house to play...surely you are the one allowing that. ..say no!

murmuration Sun 24-May-15 12:45:06

I would assume it's not the roads but the adult supervision.

Happybodybunny12 Sun 24-May-15 12:46:05

Bit confused.

If they are in your house and you don't want them to be then tell them to go.

It's up to parents to set boundaries for their own children. You set yours and that's that. Each parent is different.

Send yours to the park if you want to and if it's a sunny day why don't you go too.

ChuffinAda Sun 24-May-15 12:46:52

Well it's play here or they don't play together. I personally am of the view this age group, when out together, don't need helicopter parents at the park. I guess I'm in the minority.

BrockAuLit Sun 24-May-15 12:46:57

Nothing to do with trusting your child.

It's other people (and I'm not talking about the mythical child molesters that some MNetters seem to think lurks around every corner).

Your house or out the front of the house: someone can keep an eye out. Crossing the road is fine as they are 10-12 and should jolly well know by now how to do that safely.

At the park = might as well be in the next town.

Fwiw it's not the decision I would take (10-12 is plenty old enough for me, and I 100% agree with you on getting them out the house when the weather is good). This is just what their logics would be and, ultimately, it's none of your business.

MrsNextDoor Sun 24-May-15 12:47:42

I totally get your frustration. My DDs friend is 11 and is allowed to shop in the town centre with her other mates but not allowed to our local park!

I think some parents feel there's trouble in parks....older youths etc....but they're in the city centre too! Illogical.

expatinscotland Sun 24-May-15 12:50:27

YABU. Silly thing to get your knickers in a twist about.

So send your child alone to the park to find other people to play with.


madreloco Sun 24-May-15 12:59:26

You can be of any opinion you want. For your own children. Other peoples children: beak out.

Happybodybunny12 Sun 24-May-15 12:59:42

Yes but to be fair there's usually a lot of adults in town centres, security guards and police etc.

Parks can be pretty lonely places.

hamiltoes Sun 24-May-15 13:41:31

10 - 12??? shock

I'm with you here OP bit of a joke. I still take my 4yo to the park, mostly full of 5 and 6 year olds and was the only adult there. In my day once you started school you basically got kicked out in the morning and told to come home for your lunch (and I'm only 23). Its still pretty much the same thing here.

I reckon i'd let DD to the park (one little road then accross a grassy field) in the next couple of years with friends. At 12 and with a phone I don't think theres anywhere in the local area I wouldn't let her roam hmm

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sun 24-May-15 13:43:19

And you have checked this with the parents have you?

MrsHathaway Sun 24-May-15 13:49:14

If the mother wants the children within sight of a known adult but not in front of her own house then she is using OP as free childcare without even bloody asking. Not on.

It's weird but her decision.

SoupDragon Sun 24-May-15 13:49:16

I'm sure people fond some of the things you choose for your children are bonkers too.

YABu to be pissed off with someone's parenting choices. You want your children to go to the park, send them.

diddl Sun 24-May-15 13:49:29

So you don't want them & she doesn't want them?

Send yours to the park then & she can do what she wants when hers go home & complain!

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