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to ask a stupid question about eggs?

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PlayingHouse Sat 23-May-15 19:12:03

If an egg cracks when placed in boiling water (to hard boil it) do you have to throw it away?

Can it be turned into something else?

I hate the waste.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 23-May-15 19:13:06

No, I would just use it. Turn down the heat.

Haggisfish Sat 23-May-15 19:13:28

No you just hard boil it and use it! It's just caused by expansion of air inside the shell. It is reduced if you let the eggs reach room temperature first. Why do you think you have to throw them out?

DramaAlpaca Sat 23-May-15 19:14:10

No need to throw it away, it'll be fine to eat.

partialderivative Sat 23-May-15 19:15:26

There are very few sensible egg questions

hedgehogsdontbite Sat 23-May-15 19:18:02

You can get gadgets which pierce a little hole in the shell prior to boiling to stop this happening if it bothers you.

londonrach Sat 23-May-15 19:18:34

No, its half pouched then...enjoy..

Rattitude Sat 23-May-15 19:20:22

The first time I hard-boiled an egg I placed it in boiling water and it cracked. Ever since I have always put eggs in cold water when hard-boiling them and there is no issue unless the shell is already cracked.

gamerchick Sat 23-May-15 19:21:27

Well you only actually boil it for a minute on the heat anyway... Just turn the heat off and cover the pan as normal, it'll be fine.

PlayingHouse Sat 23-May-15 19:22:24

It's just the egg escapes so thought I would end up with no egg!

Another stupid question, can I store peeled hard boil eggs overnight so I don't have to peel in the morning?

CamelHump Sat 23-May-15 19:24:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IndridCold Sat 23-May-15 19:25:18

If you get an egg pricker it stops it happening. <wise>

spottybottycream Sat 23-May-15 19:25:48

Um, yes. I cant believe someone actually has to ask these questions....

PlayingHouse Sat 23-May-15 19:31:31

I've plunged them in cold water, do I store them in water?

Sorry spotty if this offends - Didn't have a mum to teach me these things so I'm a bit lacking in certain areas.

PlayingHouse Sat 23-May-15 19:31:51

I am Def going to buy an egg pricker

CamelHump Sat 23-May-15 19:41:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mrsstarlord Sat 23-May-15 19:44:05

Playinghouse - I did have a mum who was a fucking awful cook mind you and I still have no idea how to boil an egg (I have to google it every time) and I'm 41 so should really know by now!

Don't apologise!!

mcdog Sat 23-May-15 19:45:23

Why do folk have to be so mean, what's wrong with asking some basic food prep/storage questions???

Lottiedoubtie Sat 23-May-15 19:45:45

A little vinegar in the water helps to avoid cracking.

Whatever you do some might escape through the shell but not a lot and you'll still be left with plenty of egg.

If you want to store them either peel or don't, put them in a box/bowl and cover with cling film, they'll be fine for a couple of days. Don't put them in the fridge until they are completely cooled.

CuttingOutTheCrap Sat 23-May-15 19:45:54

No need to store in water, just a container with a lid or even cling film is fine

BrockAuLit Sat 23-May-15 19:47:56

No don't store them in water!

Just put in a bowl cover with cling film and put in fridge.

CuttingOutTheCrap Sat 23-May-15 19:49:01

Oh, and please don't let anyone put you off asking questions and learning - no one is born knowing these things! smile

ilovemargaretatwood8931 Sat 23-May-15 19:55:49

My mum used to keep a big needle balanced precariously on a light switch just by the cooker when I was a child, so whenever she boiled eggs she'd pierce the shell at one end first.

I'm not sure it made any difference, though I remember boiled eggs seemed to feature a lot in our meals, but it is a very tangible and funny memory of my childhood, the big egg needle balanced on the switch!

I've stored peeled eggs overnight many times.

ilovemargaretatwood8931 Sat 23-May-15 19:57:37

Good tips camel and lottie, I want boiled eggs now!

londonrach Sat 23-May-15 19:58:13

Op. Can i suggest the dairy diary cook book. Its my bible through uni when i seriously didnt knw anything. It tells you how to make a boiled egg and how to make sandwitches (yes it does) and mashed potatoe right up to very complicated receipes. Nothing is too simple and everything explained very simply. Even cuts of meat explained with nice picture of cow, sheep and pig. Best victoria cake receipe from there. Yesterday...

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