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To complain about our haven holiday?

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Skeeter3 Sat 23-May-15 12:54:18

We just got back from haven in Wales yesterday and I'm considering writing to head office to complain about the services, but I don't know if I'm maybe being a tad unreasonable as overall we did have a nice time.

The issues were:

All but 2 "funstar" activities being cancelled upon our arrival (over the course of a week, only on one day were 2 of 4 activities on, the other 4 days they were all cancelled) due to lack of interest. We were the only family to show up. This included the "big show" at the end of the week which my 5yo was very upset about.

Lack of interest from the staff, normally at these types of places the staff make a fuss of the kids but there seemed a general disinterest.

We took our youngest (who has complex SN) to a toddler activity, again we were the only family, our lo was happy and relaxed at which point the dj turned the music up extremely loud and our lo completely panicked. We asked if they would turn the music down as we were the only family there (we would have just left otherwise, but felt that it wouldn't impact on anyone else) but we're told (flatly) no. We explained our lo's situation and impresses that as we were the only family it wasn't really that big a deal, only to again be told flatly no. We ended up having to leave as lo couldn't cope.

As I said we did have a nice time, but feel it wasn't really what was expected of a family friendly company like haven.

Complain or not?

CatthiefKeith Sat 23-May-15 12:56:48

Yes! Particularly about the DJ and the lack of activities - hardly your fault that there were no other families there. You paid the price you did, expecting those activities to be part of the package and they weren't.

I would push for a partial refund personally

CatthiefKeith Sat 23-May-15 12:58:39

Oh, and the DJ thing - once he had driven out the only customers (ie you and your family) did he get to clock off and go home? Just wondering if that might explain his behaviour?

FergalSharkeysfloppyfringe Sat 23-May-15 12:59:32

Complain. You didn't get what you paid for. If they can't drum enough interest for activities then that's an issue for them to deal with but it shouldn't mean willing guests miss out.

BlisterFace Sat 23-May-15 12:59:58

It does sound a bit crappy. YWNBU to complain. Is there any reason you did not complain at the time? When I complained (not to Haven) in similar circumstances, that is what they said ie that I should have said something while I was there. I hadn't as I did not want to upset my mum.

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 23-May-15 13:00:39

Hell yes. Complain loudly too - and publicly if you can. That is outrageous behaviour on the part of the DJ - the arrogant fuck. Absolutely shame them and maybe someone else's child with SN won't have to go through that. Please keep us updated. flowers

expatinscotland Sat 23-May-15 13:00:56


Ledkr Sat 23-May-15 13:03:33

Yes complain.
Two of my dc are holiday entertainers and they. Go out of their way to make people's holidays fun

Skeeter3 Sat 23-May-15 13:06:18

Dh didn't want to make a scene at the time. There were a lot of other young families there and I feel that had the staff made a bigger effort to advertise the activities and had a bit more animation and motivation about them they could have had a packed activity.

I think I am going to formally complain. We're used to missing out in things due to our youngest lo's needs but we try to adapt where we can, the woman just didn't want to accommodate us.

gamerchick Sat 23-May-15 13:06:53

Yes complain. I wish had I complained about outs at the time. Haggiston castle which has shrunk as a park, mouldy caravan, extortionate prices and a telling off for popping to tescos the swimming pool was minging and the only interesting bit was the amusements which cost a fortune. It cost an absolute fortune for a crap time and we came home a day early.

I really really wish I had complained at the time.... Don't me me.

gamerchick Sat 23-May-15 13:10:34


noblegiraffe Sat 23-May-15 13:14:53

Gamer Why on earth were you told off for popping to Tesco? confused

OP - yes, complain, you didn't get what you paid for. If they asked why you didn't complain at the time point out that you had your children with you.

gamerchick Sat 23-May-15 13:41:22

Because there was a shop onsite. He was a smite grumpy in the shop anyway but I didn't want to pay the best part of 2 quid for bread.

candlesandlight Sat 23-May-15 13:53:41

Complain loudly and to anyone who will paid for a holiday, they did not give it free.
The dj sounds rude , I agree with previous post did he just want to leave early.the cost of activities is included in the money they charged you,therefore you didn't get value for money.
Today I got a refund from not on the high street for a personalised product.their first response was to tell me that there was no refunds on personalised products even if they are rubbish....wrong ! Let's start a revolution f or good customer service grin

Madeyemoodysmum Sat 23-May-15 15:05:08

Told off for tesco. Love it. Id have gone crazy.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 23-May-15 15:11:56

complain, I went to a Haven park recently and we had a great time, entertainers were great with all ages and we had a Tesco delivery to the caravan without complaint.

Iggi999 Sat 23-May-15 15:15:00

So, the dj wouldn't make an extremely reasonable adjustment for your disabled child? Contact them to ask why.

cleanmyhouse Sat 23-May-15 15:18:12

Haven is appalling. Never again.

AttitcusFinchIsMyFather Sat 23-May-15 15:24:14

How would they even know you went to Tesco?? You are free to come & go to the site as you please. We had a Tesco delivery right to our caravan.

Ledkr Sat 23-May-15 15:24:32

Tweet them

gamerchick Sat 23-May-15 15:26:52

Because I brought it up when we went for more beers.

Does it matter? hmm

Welshmaenad Sat 23-May-15 15:39:27

Was it Quay West?

jellybeans Sat 23-May-15 16:23:36

Was this Kiln Park?

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