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Boden, Joules, and the rest are not expensive

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prorsum Sat 23-May-15 09:58:29

We're just cheap. I am on a very, very low income so everything is expensive to me, but I have clothes from my higher income days. The cost of these items, Jigsaw, Laura Ashley, Monsoon, the odd Whistles, bought in the early 00s are similar to items I see online.

dexter73 Sat 23-May-15 09:59:28

What's your AIBU about?

curlyweasel Sat 23-May-15 10:02:00

Good for you. Now what is your point?

TwinkieTwinkle Sat 23-May-15 10:02:24

Erm.... What's your point?

prorsum Sat 23-May-15 10:05:05

AIBU in thinking we're just cheap? I'm asking because I was doing a spring clean recently, going through wardrobe and coming across stuff I'd bought but never worn. I could give them away, though can't get into them either, because I remember how much each item cost.

GlitzAndGigglesx Sat 23-May-15 10:05:06

And it's now 2015 where prices have inflated an awful lot. I'm on a low income and have always considered these shops expensive

YesThisIsMe Sat 23-May-15 10:05:55

I think her point is "Clothes are cheaper than they used to be."

AyeAmarok Sat 23-May-15 10:08:31

Are you saying we're as in " we are cheap" or do you mean were as in "they were cheap when we bought them in the past"?

AyeAmarok Sat 23-May-15 10:08:31

Are you saying we're as in " we are cheap" or do you mean were as in "they were cheap when we bought them in the past"?

NoArmaniNoPunani Sat 23-May-15 10:08:34

I kind of see what you mean in that the price of clothes hasn't really increased over the years. I don't shop in boden or joules though

AyeAmarok Sat 23-May-15 10:08:36

Are you saying we're as in " we are cheap" or do you mean were as in "they were cheap when we bought them in the past"?

curlyweasel Sat 23-May-15 10:09:28

So the difference between a duck is that one of its legs is both the same?

AyeAmarok Sat 23-May-15 10:09:46

Didn't mean to ask that three times!

Only one answer required wink

Whiskwarrior Sat 23-May-15 10:11:09

Erm, no. I'm not cheap. If I could afford to spend stupid money on hideous Laura Ashley clothes then maybe I would, but I'm on a low wage and benefits. I'm a single Mum of three. £80 or whatever on one dress is clearly ridiculous in my position.

cleoteacher Sat 23-May-15 10:12:04

I am not on a low income but consider those shops very expensive. I was looking in the boden catalogue the other day as needed pijamas for ds. I couldn't believe how much they were. I would not pay £28 for ds pijamas when he will just grow out of them super quick . Those shops are expensive for kids clothes I think. Even if the clothes are lovely.

prorsum Sat 23-May-15 10:12:25

GlitzAndGigglesx I don't think they are though, I wasn't trying to brag about my previous shopping habits, I was in a shit job on a low wage then but compared to now I was loaded.

I have felt the increase in food, gas and the rest but in prices seem very much the same.

FergalSharkeysfloppyfringe Sat 23-May-15 10:13:01

The likes of primark and supermarkets mean we're able to get inexpensive clothes, compared to years ago when a capsule wardrobe was out of necessity rather than reading 'in style' magazine or some such. In comparison Boden, Joules, Monsoon are expensive.

Add to that a recession where any form of new clothing has been a luxury for the majority.

prorsum Sat 23-May-15 10:15:59

curlyweasel Thanks for your input. MN at its finest.

ouryve Sat 23-May-15 10:16:13

Clothes are cheaper than they used to be but I do object to paying a premium for clothes made out of poor quality fabrics by someone paid pennies. If I pay £40 for a top instead of £14, I'd like to hope that the premium isn't just for the label in it.

bigbuttons Sat 23-May-15 10:16:54

Boden is ridiculously expensive for the quality ( which is crap). The kids' stuff seems to wash ok, but the adults' stuff doesn't wear well IME.
I am a single parent on a low wage and no way could I contemplate paying those sort of prices.
But, I see a lot of that here. I guess people have much more money than me ( not difficult, sadly). I saw a thread recently where they were discussing how good some gap trousers were for work. One poster ordered three in different colours to try and decided to keep them all. I would struggle to justify one pair full price.

curlyweasel Sat 23-May-15 10:20:32

Ahhh I was pulling your leg x

GlitzAndGigglesx Sat 23-May-15 10:20:48

I find Monsoon expensive especially the kids clothes but if I was on double what I am now I'd probably buy the odd things in there because I like the quality and style. I shop mainly in H&M because I find the quality and pricing good

prorsum Sat 23-May-15 10:21:00

whiskwarrior My Laura Ashely dress is beautiful actually. Silk. Yellow. Cost £80 in 1999. I doubt I could get one for the same price these days.
I'm on benefits too but I have not lost my interest in nice things.

MissDuke Sat 23-May-15 10:22:41

I have never heard of the shops in the op's title, however a thread yday claimed that next is inexpensive for kids clothes - I strongly disagree!

I buy clothes in supermarkets/primark and charity shops. I think it is really silly to spend extra just because of the brand name, and if the quality is so good, why not just buy 2nd hand?

Sorry if that has nothing to do with the op, I didn't understand the AIBU blush

Babyroobs Sat 23-May-15 10:25:53

I love Boden clothes for my dd,butvery rarely pay full price. I use the vouchers that they send me and my dhor only buy sale stuff or second hand off Ebay. Some of the kids T-shirts I've purchased in recent years have been poor quality and faded really quickly.

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