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shopping with a 5 month old!

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CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 10:37:04

So me and the oh need to do a big shop, can't do it online ax we don't have enough money to spend 25 quid and we need a lot of the stuff today.

We don't drive and its a mile there and a mile back.

Is it sensible for a new of us to push the trolley and the other one the pram? We'll take up so much space!!

Not to mention we'll have to walk home with back packs and bags of shopping sad

Would you just take over the supermarket with all your shit for and hour lol!

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 10:37:39

For one of us*

Artandco Fri 22-May-15 10:40:18

Surely if your buying that much stuff it will be over £25?

Personally if your spending under it won't be much. Take x2 rucksacks to put stuff in, and baby in a sling ( or pram), but sling means hands free for trolley and packing

Bilberry Fri 22-May-15 10:41:02

Of course you can take a trolley and a pram. Wouldn't take anymore space than two trolleys would. Just be sensitive to those around you who need to reach the shelves. Alternatively, could your dh go on his own?

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 10:41:54

We will be spending about 20 and we will get a lot! The issue isntnreally getting home, that's our problem. The issue is etiquette. Will be taking a big pram and trolley round with us.

Bags of pasta only cost 33p. We get a lot with 20 quid!!

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 10:43:23

No dh couldn't goon his own will be lots of tins and other heavy items one person couldn't possibly carry

YoniMitchell Fri 22-May-15 10:45:21

I honestly don't see the problem with a pram and a trolley between you?

ShadowFire Fri 22-May-15 10:45:44

Of course you can take the pram. It's fine. It won't take up more room than an extra trolley in the aisle would.

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 10:45:52

Just to answer basics

- yes we will be getting a lot we buy everything smart price.

- too much to carry for one person

- no sitters. In laws on hold. My dad won't sit but he's in hospital anyway. No other sitters

- can't use public transport can't afford


Mrsderekshepard Fri 22-May-15 10:46:16

It's something I used to do and see all the time. I don't understand what the big deal is

youngestisapyscho Fri 22-May-15 10:46:47

A mile isn't actually that far. Could you put heavy shopping under the pram? Or put it in the pram and carry baby?

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 10:48:03

OK. Thanks people. Wasn't sure if a pram and trollybwas just being rude andvsilly. Thank you! Clearly I was the one being silly smile

chillychicken Fri 22-May-15 10:48:25

Not an etiquette issue IMO. I do it all the time when I shop with my Mum. She pushes the trolley, I push the pram. No biggie. smile

thewholedamntown Fri 22-May-15 10:48:31

I do this every weekend. One has the pram the other has the trolley. Everything gets shoved underneath for the walk back, no one bats an eyelid.

Artandco Fri 22-May-15 10:48:50

Just take the pram and put shopping underneath and in rucksacks to carry. A mile is about a 15 min walk so not that far

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 10:49:24

The two miles is not the problem I walk this everyday. I was justwhinging as I couldn't be arsed.

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 10:51:33

Only have one backpack so oh draws short straw with carrier bags lol

YouMakeMyHeartSmile Fri 22-May-15 10:53:38

Absolutely no issue at all.

RedToothBrush Fri 22-May-15 10:54:43

I thought you were going to say you were doing it on your own... with two of you I don't quite understand why you are stressing so much. Just do what's easiest - one with pram and one with trolley. Don't over think it.

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 10:56:35

And now its pissing it down haha

hobNong Fri 22-May-15 10:58:44

Me and dp do this all the time.. Didn't know there was anything strange about it.confused

mindthegap79 Fri 22-May-15 10:58:54

Send him on his own with the empty pram! Loads of shopping storage. He might get some funny looks so might want to consider popping a teddy or doll in the pram, with the bonus that people should then give him quite a wide berth wink

PterodactylTeaParty Fri 22-May-15 11:06:09

It's fine, we do this all the time. Big supermarkets are designed for people to push trolley-sized things round - you'll hardly be taking up the whole shop!

Pram useful for getting shopping home. As many bags as you can get underneath, plus you can get clips for hanging extra bags from handle - big supermarkets might even sell these in baby stuff aisle.

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Fri 22-May-15 11:10:37

Haha mindthegap! He has no shame he wouldprob find it quite entertaining lol

Them pram hooks look great but everywhere I see them they are a fiver. Pricey might make my own. oh uses a colothes hanger on the pram for less heavy bags. We're classy haha

5YearsTime Fri 22-May-15 11:16:47

We do this at the weekends when it's busy. DH takes the car seat on the pram wheels and I take a trolley and we just whizz round.

Would also suggest a rucksack each too if you can.

Hope your money situation improves soon flowers

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