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To ask for tips on the best self indulgent day ever?

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1wokeuplikethis Tue 19-May-15 16:18:21

I'm zapped. Like a lot of mum's. I work part time and my job is full on. I look after my 2 year old on the days in between. The weekends are currently a bus mans holiday while my husband does house reparations.

I feel frazzled. Constantly in demand be it by work or home and feel slightly like I'm losing my marbles.

So, I've booked a days annual leave tomorrow to literally sit and do nothing. Not run about with juice, wiping up poo, preparing 3 different dishes at the perfect toddler-friendly temperature, respond to 'urgent' emails, wipe a constantly snotty nose, wait ten minutes while my independent daughter demands to walk downstairs by herself and point at every tiny mark on the wall/bit of fluff in the carpet asking 'what's this?' And 'why?' On repeat, watch Peppa for 76hrs, do the food shop, clean.

I love my daughter. I love my husband. But I also love me and I need some me-time.
SO...I am planning on watching a tonne of telly that I like and my husband hates. Eat McDonald's. Play sims (Yep, like I'm 15), put Vaseline on my feet & wear fluffy socks, maybe have a nap, drape myself in a lambswool throw that was a wedding gift and is safely tucked away for fear of being smeared with poo or jam, or even poojam.

Is there anything else I can do to make the ten hours to myself even more blissful?

AnotherEmma Tue 19-May-15 16:22:32

Sounds fab grin
Personally my day would involve pampering (massage, facial etc at a fancy spa) plus pizza and chocolate cake... But given how busy you are it might be even more relaxing to bum around at home! Plus TV and Sims, so...
Enjoy your day off! Oh and maybe take your phone off the hook or something (tell nursery to call your DP in case of emergency)

addicted2cake Tue 19-May-15 16:25:08

Buy yourself a box of chocolates, have a glass of wine, long soak in the bath....I'm very jealous you have this time to yourself! ENJOY!!!

GloGirl Tue 19-May-15 16:27:37


I am too jealous to type.

Skeppers Tue 19-May-15 16:32:00

Phone off. Lock all doors. Close all curtains. PS4 MARATHON.

I did this when Skyrim came out on my birthday on the Xbox. Took 2 days off work, bought a crate of mulled wine and some comfy PJs and battened down the hatches.


Timeforabiscuit Tue 19-May-15 16:39:01

You will require:

Large bottle of Pepsi Max
Large bag of cheesy puffs
Luxury bubble bath and freshly laundered towel
Slobby clothes that have been laundered or new pjs
Dh to do all drop offs and pick ups (also to give you a lie in)
New book
Adult take away for the evening, kids have beans on toast

I had a day like this while my DDS were in nursery and it was beyond bliss.

WildFlowersAttractBees Tue 19-May-15 16:41:23

I would love a day off! Enjoy.

1wokeuplikethis Tue 19-May-15 17:10:26

I would hate me a little bit too if this wasn't me.

I appear to have ticked all boxes however made a crucial mistake of forgetting that a huge bag of crisps is necessary. Thanks for the cheese puffs memo you legend!

I am going to drive to McDonald's in the morning to pick up a giant latte (McDonald's twice in one day. That's disgraceful. In a deliciously slovenly look at all this free time I have today way) because I think their coffee tastes the best. I wil drink it and watch the news. In the morning. THE NEWS!! Not channel 5 Milkshake; no twatty thomas and 'I don't want...' Princess and fecking peppa. Simply marvellous.

nornironrock Tue 19-May-15 17:13:52

Me time (normally after a long stint overseas on lieu time) is Starbucks, a newspaper, and a biro. Browse in the independent record store, and then listen to the inevitably purchased records!!!

SummerHouse Tue 19-May-15 17:21:05

Have you read all the Marian Keyes books? If there was one of her books I had not read I would be reading that for a leisurely hour or two. envy

Ice cream?
Face pack?
Shawshank redemption?
Trip to fave shop (oasis for me)?
Clean sheets?

I would also go for a run first thing. It would make the rest of the day more sweet.

You are doing a good thing op. We are worth it. wine

MagelanicClouds Tue 19-May-15 17:27:16

Don't forget some cake in there too! You've got to have cake.

Sneakily did similar last week. Told DH to get himself and the boys out for most of the day as I was very behind with a project and needed time to catch up.
Didn't tell him it was done in under two hours.
Had a leisurely shower with time for proper foot care.
Made myself a luxury coffee with whipped cream and marshmallows.
Watched way too much Netflix.
Had a truly unhealthy lunch of crisps and chocolate.
I had a text from DH - could they come home yet?
I replied - no, still very busy!

Enjoy your day off!

mrsdavidbowie Tue 19-May-15 17:29:45

I wouldn't relax at home..would look at all the jobs that need doing.
I'd go up to London..nice coffee, gallery or exhibition, lovely lunch including wine, mooch along South Bank and another glass of wine.

CakeNinja Tue 19-May-15 17:34:02

Agreed mrs, no way could I plan a relaxing day at home, I'd end up doing jobs round the house anyway. You need to go out! Or just go to bed and watch something on TV if you insist on staying home.
Have fun whatever you do smile

1wokeuplikethis Tue 19-May-15 18:09:39

Can I really eat McDonald's, crisps, cake and a box of chocolates all in one day? I mean, I can, but...can I? Mind you, i only have two cats to judge me and they lick each other's bums (and they're sisters) so pot, kettle.

I will stuff my face.

In your face judgemental cats.

God, ok I do sound unhinged there.

SummerHouse Tue 19-May-15 18:10:03

Cinema? Nachos cheese sauce and jalapeño grin

ItsTricky Tue 19-May-15 18:11:41

Stay in bed grin

chanie44 Tue 19-May-15 18:23:45

I have a day like this on or near to my birthday.

Once the children are at nursery or school, I have a nice breakfast (something yummy like smoked salmon).

I go to Westfield shopping centre do some shopping, spritz some perfume etc.

I have a nice lunch (somewhere i don't often get to eat), before going home.

The trick is to make sure you look good, so I make extra effort with hair and make. Also, it's important to slow down - as someone who is always rushing around, I make sure I'm not rushed and it's all very nice and leisurely.

Letmegetanamechange Tue 19-May-15 18:44:07

Can you really eat McDonalds, crisps and cake all in one day? Yes, yes you can grin

I'm so so sooooo jealous right now hmm

ZenNudist Tue 19-May-15 18:50:30

For me it would have to be lazy morning and leisurely bit if breakfast followed by shopping. Nice lunch, pref with a friend but not averse to coffee shop sarnie and sitting on my phone.

I also like getting a facial or pedicure, perhaps start the day off with that to avoid wasting the day.

A day at home goes so quickly. Getting out of the house makes time seem more worthwhile. I'm stuck home most evenings so I don't relish time at home.

CMP69 Tue 19-May-15 18:58:09

Everyone deserves a day off. I did it occasionally when ds was at nursery. Get up put on slobby clothes without having to shower. Eat shit watch telly all morning. Get showered/bathed meet someone for lunch. Go for facial/pampering stuff. Come home back in slobby clothes. Open wine grin
That would do me nicely [lottery win emotion]

YaTalkinToMe Tue 19-May-15 18:59:34

I would wake up late, stumble downstairs for a lovely coffee, read and pamper, lunch (out with friend), home for a cheeky afternoon nap bit more pampering whilst watching some crap, order in dinner. Sorted.

yorkshapudding Tue 19-May-15 19:14:33

I am beyond jealous. You've inspired me, this year when DH asks what I want for my birthday (I can never think of anything) the amswer will be "an empty house for the day" so I can do all of the above grin

Loving the ideas so far but I would add getting my hair done. Impossible with a toddler in tow. If it was a nice sunny day I would pack a little picnic ( I'm thinking m&s sandwhices, posh chocs etc, nothing requiring any effort) and sit in the park with a trashy novel. Rainy day, definitely the cinema to see a grown up film, nothing with talking animals, princesses or any of that bollocks.

ilovemargaretatwood8931 Tue 19-May-15 19:16:50

For me, a day of indulgence would involve eating an entire chocolate orange, all myself.

The rest of the day would have to fit around that.

Have a wonderful day OP! smile

MsAspreyDiamonds Tue 19-May-15 19:17:14

I would book myself off to a spa, get a hair cut and then afternoon tea at a luxury hotel. I can only dream!

Sparkletastic Tue 19-May-15 19:24:39

Foot sloughing definitely important. Also toenail painting. Half bottle of champagne with straw whilst bathing. The only thing I'm not down with is the Mac D coffee - buy a Nespresso machine and free your mind...

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