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Justine Robert's Radio 4 interview yesterday

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justasmalltowngirl Tue 19-May-15 14:30:03

AIBU to think that, whilst it is very noble of Justine Roberts to go on Woman's Hour and espouse flexible working for women, sadly, I would think the majority of women could not leave work to pick up their children at 3.30pm and then ' log on for an hour or so later in the evening'. This is mainly because they may be: teachers, factory workers, nurses, doctors, engineers, secretaries, sales staff, supervisors, shift workers, road builders, drivers, till operators...the list goes on. Those women who are lucky enough to have a job that they can log on to later in the evening are possibly in the minority. Shame we can't all work at MN but that's life!

Happening Tue 19-May-15 14:35:52

didn't hear the interview, so not exactly sure what I'm commenting on!

Obviously this sort of flexibility is not possible in many jobs. On the other hand, there are many jobs out there which could be done satisfactorily (at least in part) from home, outside office hours. What is wrong with promoting it as an idea to help the workforce who this could be good for?

Or should no good ideas ever be promoted unless they apply to absolutely everyone?

DayLillie Tue 19-May-15 14:40:43

I was listening, and the same thing ran through my mind. I was thinking of the women who rush from one house to another to get people washed, dressed and out of bed in twenty minutes, and wondering how this could be done at home............... maybe ok for the ones who run the companies.

windchime Tue 19-May-15 15:58:00

Unfortunately, in the world of media, all women work in an office <narrows eyes at Grazia>.

Millymollymama Tue 19-May-15 16:08:28

It is typically possible for media types and people who can work remotely from others, eg running a web site. People who have caring or teaching roles that require face to face just cannot do it. I have friends who are allowed to work from home to write reports. Great for them to get away from a busy office but not so good for the people left behind fielding their phone calls all day! I am sure the day will come when all nurses will work from home!! Or maybe the people making cars at Range Rover? This sort of broadcasting by a wealthy entrepreneur who probably relies on people who cannot work from home rather makes my blood boil. Anyone not working from home is probably going into work for very good reasons and are not working in the media.

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