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To tell my child's school about this teacher?

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HoHa Mon 18-May-15 16:34:16

I work in a high school. One of the teachers is well known for her unprofessional behaviour and demeanour. She has caused many difficulties in her department to the extent that at least 2 teachers have left primarily because of this person. I should add that she can be brilliant as a teacher, but is very inconsistent and can also be quite unpleasant when teaching. She has not been managed well and has probably not been challenged about a lot of her behaviour. She is leaving the school and there is a sigh of relief all round.

However, the school she is going to is where my child goes. I don't really want her teaching my dc and worry about the effect she could have on other staff at the school.

Should I speak to the Head of Department and request that she doesn't teach my dc, talk to a governor or just ignore and hope for the best? I'm really not sure what to do.

holeinmyheart Mon 18-May-15 19:17:02

Gosh, this is difficult as your first priority really is to protect your child.
On the other hand you do say that the teacher was poorly managed. I don't know whether you are saying that her HOD was weak and allowed her to get away with unprofessional behaviour, or she wasn't actually managed at all.
She mustn't have been very happy where she was either, unless she has moved to be promoted.
Teachers can undoubtably behave differently in different schools. With different managements.
So I think I would wait and see if she going to teach your child before you jump in. The new school would be looking for concrete evidence of wrongdoing from you. HereSay or dislike will not be enough.
They will not be pleased to hear bad things about someone they have just appointed so you would have to be in rock solid ground.
She may pan out to be well managed after all.
If not, then it will soon become apparent and they will have evidence to add to yours.

chickenfuckingpox Mon 18-May-15 19:25:08

Well known by whom? Is this fact or disgruntled bitching?

HoHa Mon 18-May-15 19:58:23

Thanks for your thoughts - this is a duplicate thread as I accidently posted twice!

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