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To never again agree to attend a meeting via phone on days I'm not contracted to work

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agentEgypt Mon 18-May-15 09:16:36


I have a professional non public sector job where it is unusual to work part time. Several times, I've foolishly, agreed to have a meeting on a day I'm not working just to be helpful.

I agreed to one today, 8am so it didn't mess up my day. Come 9am no one has called me or answered my mails to see what is happening with it.

It seems like others just think because I'm not at work I can stay around at home waiting for them, when I'm not even paid for today!

I've already wasted 2 hours on preping for this and waiting for it and they have seriously messed me around. There was no reason we couldn't of had this on Friday evening when I do work.

My boss has said we couldn't have this meeting tomorrow because he is doing triathlon training and on holiday and unable to answer his phone!

AIBU to just send a mail now, saying I've spent two hours preping and waiting and say I'm now busy for the rest of the day? Even though I'm at home, I just don't want anything to do with work on a day I'm not paid for.

Girlwhowearsglasses Mon 18-May-15 09:23:22

YANBU - they've missed their window now!

OberonTheHopeful Mon 18-May-15 09:23:42

YANBU, though I generally only give a phone conf ten minutes beyond the start time before giving up on it. If it's important it will be rearranged!

schokolade Mon 18-May-15 10:25:28

The only unreasonable thing is you've waited far too long. An hour?! People get ten mins leeway with me, if I am in a good mood.

No way have the meeting now. Even if they show up right now. Then they will think/know they can mess you around.

And no, no more meetings on days off. Your boss has the right idea. Take your lead from him. Not like the meetings are appreciated anyway is it?

0x530x610x750x630x79 Mon 18-May-15 10:27:20

he is doing triathlon training and on holiday and unable to answer his phone!

see how important this meeting is?

breadstixandhommus Mon 18-May-15 10:29:14

Sheesh I would've been out my front door 1hr 45mins ago! I wouldn't even be answering my phone to work in this instance.

Go out, enjoy the rest of your day without even so much as a backward glance!

HoldenCaulfield80 Mon 18-May-15 10:31:16

YA definitely NBU. I'd be claiming for the two hour prep time too.

AmberLav Mon 18-May-15 10:33:17

I'm working from home today due to a midwife appointment in the middle of the day, and I'm put out at having to join a conference call! And the call leader was 10 minutes late, so half the people had left the call before the leader joined. The only thing that kept me on speaker phone was the fact I am actually supposed to be working today!

Once they are 30 minutes late, then you are busy with the rest of your life...

puddock Mon 18-May-15 10:37:05

WTAS. I would also take a couple of hours off later in the week to make up for the hours you have worked this morning.

I work p/t (3 days) and am pretty firm about not doing any work outside of my contracted hours. I can be a bit flexible with the hours themselves (so in your situation I might have said "okay, if this meeting has to happen I will swap a couple of hours around so I'm at work on Monday morning") but outside of my work time, my time is my own.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

redcaryellowcar Mon 18-May-15 10:38:58

Imagine if you were at work, would you still be waiting in the meeting room for the chair to turn up!?

MomOfTwoGirls2 Mon 18-May-15 13:10:54

15 mins is all I'd wait.

As puddock does, I am pretty flexible with my part time hours, but I would also say if I'm doing meeting on my day off, I'll swap it with hours on a day that I work. I don't always bother doing this, only when it suits me.

Flexibility is great, but it needs to work both ways.

aletea Mon 18-May-15 13:13:53

YANBU. They'll keep doing this if they think they can get away with it so send them an email saying you're leaving and you can reschedule when you're working.

LittleIda Mon 18-May-15 13:15:10

Yes, do that op

Collaborate Mon 18-May-15 13:17:56

Just email them all to say that you had made yourself available at the time agreed. You are no longer available. You are annoyed that you have wasted 2 hours preparing for a meeting that has apparently been cancelled and no one had the courtesy to inform you.

agentEgypt Mon 18-May-15 13:29:44

Sadly it wasn't a dialed in conf call, i was the only one attending remotely so they were going to call my personal phone. So was more difficult to get away from.

I will be making up some of the time later in the week.

Its just annoying that sometimes they think PT workers are just sat at home on days off and OK to do bits of work now and again.

MomOfTwoGirls2 Mon 18-May-15 13:37:02

But if it was an arranged meeting, there should have been a starting time (and ending time). Insist on it for any future meetings. I'd tell them count me out if they can't establish a time in advance. You can't be just waiting around for them to call you.

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