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To wait and see...

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Idefix Sun 17-May-15 20:36:20

Might be longish - sorry

So DH and I are heading for a quandary trying to be light hearted, but not feeling it

DH has been told that current contract cannot be guaranteed to be extended for 18mths after April 2016 - what we would need for dd and ds to complete gcse and a levels.

DH was told before Christmas post would be extended. Had we known otherwise we would have started looking to relocate immediately to enable to find a good job/school/house.

On the basis of this new development DH went off and had an interview for a post in an area we don't know. From searching on rightmove and googling schools and reading mn posts on the area I am very worried. Even if we found a good school that had places it is likely they may not get the subjects they want. From what I can see on the Internet the area seems to be liable to flooding. Feel very negative about it but DH really loves the job which would be a dream job for him and I would like him to feel fulfilled.

Our other option is for DH to stay in post and see what happens. The school dc attend is an outstanding school and they are very happy. How bad would it be for them to move to a new school halfway through gcse/alevels - would love some positive stories.

If DH current post is not extended we will have to move. But I just feel it is rash for us to leap somewhere that only ticks one of the boxes. All the uncertainty is make DH sad, dc don't seem to worried but I think this comes from moving frequently and having had good experiences up till now.

Fwiw I work and whilst I love my job I should be able to find work wherever we end up.

Feel we are stuck between a rock and hard place.

Think maybe this sounds more like a WWYD but my gut instinct is to stay put and see but anxiety level are rising sad so mn aibu.

MajesticWhine Sun 17-May-15 21:23:32

My first thoughts are, April 2016 is quite a way off, so yes I would wait and see I think. Also, I think I would hate to move my DCs schools in the middle of gcse and A levels. That would be a nightmare. But moving them at any time in secondary school is not ideal. Is it impossible for him to find a new job in the area or commutable distance? I think he's getting a bit ahead, and would be best to stay put, the children's schooling should come first. If he's not very happy in the job, and is excited about a new job, then you might have your work cut out to persuade him otherwise though.

Idefix Mon 18-May-15 06:05:34

It does seem very far away, but by then dc will be at midpoint of gcse/alevels so to give an uninterrupted run at it we would have be moved and into new school for this September.
Sadly without an extension on DH contract we would have to relocate as we are currently not in UK.
I just feel that of two pants options it is better the devil you know at this point confused really don't want to let dc down.

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