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To wonder if David Cameron thanked Nicola Sturgeon yesterday for keeping him in power?

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obscuredbyclouds2 Sat 16-May-15 18:43:02

That's it really...

Ubik1 Sat 16-May-15 18:44:20

Not this again hmm

Can you count, op?

HirplesWithHaggis Sat 16-May-15 18:44:51

And just how did she do that?

AnotherEmma Sat 16-May-15 18:45:07

WTF are you on about?
Even if Labour had won every single seat the SNP won, the Tories would still have got a majority and formed a Government.
Such is the shit electoral system we have.
(Personally I think we should have something fairer such as PR.?

AnotherEmma Sat 16-May-15 18:45:53

Typo at the end! ? should have been )

Eigg Sat 16-May-15 18:47:23

Labour lost the election all by themselves as was shown be the complete devastation of their votes.

Why is the the SNP's fault?

AnotherEmma Sat 16-May-15 18:48:54

Did you watch the TV debate? The one with the opposition leaders? Nicola Sturgeon offered to support Labour, in coalition or otherwise, to keep the Tories out.

AnotherEmma Sat 16-May-15 18:49:17

Ed Miliband turned her down btw.

CrystalCove Sat 16-May-15 18:49:22

You know you are being massively unreasonable so you must just be trying to goad....

CrystalCove Sat 16-May-15 18:50:40

Just another goady anti -Scots bashing poster hmm

obscuredbyclouds2 Sat 16-May-15 18:50:51

Yes I can count and so many people I know changed their vote at the last minute and abandoned the smaller parties in England.

HirplesWithHaggis Sat 16-May-15 18:54:58

Again, how is that Nicola's fault?

obscuredbyclouds2 Sat 16-May-15 18:56:14

Not goady - just sad

CrystalCove Sat 16-May-15 18:56:35

So why is that the SNPs fault? It's laughable really except its serious - all these people so scared of the SNP that they wold vote for a party they didn't want to, just to stop the SNP having more power at Westminster .....and yet ending up with a Tory majority infinitely 10 times worse! At least the SNP are anti austerity.

obscuredbyclouds2 Sat 16-May-15 18:59:00

Where did I say it was the SNP's fault?

HirplesWithHaggis Sat 16-May-15 19:03:15

So Nicola did it all by herself, did she? Funny, I missed her call to the electorate of England, saying "Vote Tory, ya bams!"

Bair Sat 16-May-15 19:06:32

'Where did I say it was the SNP's fault?'

chocolatelife Sat 16-May-15 19:06:32

blame UKIP
they came second in so many places down south, totally pushed out lib dems

chocolatelife Sat 16-May-15 19:06:51

or blame ed milliband for not having the charisma deemed necessary

Miltonmaid Sat 16-May-15 19:06:53

i suspect Cameron was very happy with how well the SNP did, and how he was able to use this to scare some voters into voting conservative because they didn't like the idea of a Labour/SNP coalition. It suits the SNP to have a Tory government in Westminster, much more likely to be unpopular in Scotland than a Labour govt and can provide and enemy to rail against. However, it would be foolish to think the SNP is the reason Labour aren't in power.

Miltonmaid Sat 16-May-15 19:08:00

I agree UKIP was a big problem in some Seats for Labour. The new leader really needs a plan to win those votes back.

obscuredbyclouds2 Sat 16-May-15 19:25:30

Cameron and Sturgeon must both be happy but the dynamic between them will be interesting...

TheWernethWife Sat 16-May-15 19:29:40

I am a long time Labour voter with a good MP in a very safe Labour seat. Told him that Ed Miliband was un-electable and now the party has been extremely damaged.

AnotherEmma Sat 16-May-15 19:46:35

Why the f* would Sturgeon be happy with a majority Tory Government?! She said herself she wanted to keep the Tories out and would be happy to work with Labour in order to do so.

SNP policies are left of Labour and while they may differ, they have much more in common than SNP v the Tories.

I'm pretty sure NS and the rest of her party are appalled by and planning to fight many Tory policies, including massive welfare cuts, scrapping the Human Rights Act, reducing the rights of employees and unions, etc etc.

run2 Sat 16-May-15 19:49:54

You seem to be changing your point of view. What is your point? How did Sturgeon secure his victory from your perspective?

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