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to have a few AIBU first world problems to moan about

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muminhants Fri 15-May-15 20:47:39

1. I am fed up with constantly being asked to vote for somebody in a competition? Can't judges just judge these days? Every day there's a new post on FB or Twitter asking you to vote. No. Do some judging.

2. People who tag their friends on Facebook so you see there are say 20 comments on a post and therefore think there's something worth reading but when you click into it, it's only a string of names. Can't people send the article to their friends? (lots of other Facebook ones like why doesn't the BBC delete all the spam rubbish from their posts)

3. I was on the train this morning and the lady in front of me told the guy next to her he was being really annoying for sniffing? Would I have been U to start sniffing myself as loudly as I could even though I have neither a cold nor hay fever? I had this really naughty urge to do it. But I didn't.

Sorry about all the moaning. Have a great weekend smile

alrayyan Sat 16-May-15 10:55:42

1. Especially as usually voting costs money. added to that, if I actually look at what I am being asked to vote for, sometimes I end up voting for someone else's kid who is more talented.

2. I hate that. I get it all the time on my I can post a picture of a lovely regular dog and nothing. post a picture of a designer breed and suddenly the page list resembles a who's who of vanity and shallowness.

3. I would do loud throat clearing.

4. sorry for ranting on your rant thanks

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