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To think i need to kick up a massive fuss??

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Salgra Tue 12-May-15 20:58:25

Being majorly taken advantage-of at work and can't quite believe it's come to this. The company i work for (massive US company of which i work in HR for the EMEA region) is famously soft on its employees and treats/compensates v adequately. In other departments, team members ask their managers to jump and they ask how high.

I work in HR. A few months ago my boss left (i believe she was paid off because she wasnt brilliant) leaving me to cover everything. I was told by her manager (who incidentally left a couple of weeks ago) that i would be getting my job evaluated and my salary adjusted but i needed to sort this with the new lady who would be filling her role. Fast forward - nothing has been done, the new manager completely misunderstands my role (seemed to think i only do admin (never the case), asked me if i am on part time hours and is avoiding responding to any emails i send her on the matter. I have stressed that i am massively underpaid by about 40,000. She asked me: what exactly are you responsible now? I said "everything. If it comes in and i dont deal with it, it doesn't get done". To piss me off even more she is asking if i am on part time hours and says my "agreement is wrong and it needs to be changed" (she is based in the states. Im here in the UK) - i sent her my contract which clearly states i am full time and payroll/ every other fucker can verify this.

What would you do? Every month that passes makes me more furious! I have emailed her asking if she would like me to send her my job duties and shes not bothered responding.

Salgra Tue 12-May-15 21:01:32

Missed the most important bit: when i did speak to my manager stressing the importance of this and arguing my case, she said: "er, i erm dont think we're backfilling old managers position" i said that in that case it is only the company benefitting from this as i am not and her (vast managerial) amount of work has not gone away

Trembler49 Tue 12-May-15 21:33:57

I think you need to look for another job.

TiredButFine Tue 12-May-15 21:42:39

Breathe! You know HR, let the anger drop and treat this like a case. What extra duities have you taken on. Update your JD (sensibly)
Who might be your sponsor? Can you take your queries/evaluation to a Director of EMEA, Head of OD or similar?
Finally, just remember that in the US they have no concept of employment rights

Salgra Tue 12-May-15 22:07:32

Thanks Tired. Yes i know, you're right. It was infuriating when she said "oh sorry i assumed you did the admin" which i have never done. Who did she think was running everything when she knows its only me there?!!! Just feel dumbfounded that i have taken on a hugely well-paid senior mgmt role in addition to my own (none of my original work has reduced!) and haven't had so much as a letter to confirm that i have taken on this work and no regard to my title let alone my salary. In the meantime, other HR colleagues (totally unrelated and would have no involvement in my sary decision) are introducing me to external clients as "the new HR Manager!!!

To add insult to injury she's not even replying to my emails!!!

Dorris83 Tue 12-May-15 22:26:03

I don't have any advice OP but loads of sympathy / empathy- I'm in a similar situation. My boss is on mat leave, I'm now picking up her role and reporting into her boss but no recognition for this. Her boss hasn't taken any of the work load... Plus a related dept head is leaving and has handed some of his role over to me as well as there's no one for him to hand over to...
I don't know how to handle it or get a reasonable compensation, I will follow this thread, I hope someone has some sensible advice!

grumpysquash Tue 12-May-15 22:34:36

Sorry if this is a bit direct, but surely it is HR's job to issue statements of job role etc. So can't you either issue your own or get one of your colleagues to issue you with one? It seems ironic to me that an HR employee is asking and asking for role clarity and getting none.
I do sympathise with your situation though. Sounds like you have plenty of skills and can write a good CV......maybe think about it?

IamtheDevilsAvocado Wed 13-May-15 09:03:32

How bloody frustrating...!

Is it time to get th e most senior manager in the UK operation to help advocate? ... I wonder if this person could confirm: Salgra is fantastic... It will be a great and irreplaceable loss to the company if she leaves.

She is being underpaid as she is now the most senior HR manager /whatever in this geographical area. The last person who was in this role... Which Salgra is doing.. As well as her own role... Is in tje region of 80-90 k/whatever. This is a fair remuneration for this responsibile important post in the UK. There seems to be some US/UK confusion over Salgra's and her job title whixh I wonder has led you to believe she was in a much more junior role!

Then give a few short powerful bulletpoints on how important role is and how good you are.

TiredButFine Wed 13-May-15 09:12:09

Salgra it's totally pants I had a similar nightmare new HR manager who insisted I was "the administration.." stupid autocorrect! Yes I did administration as well as high profile tribunals legal liaison and training a new starter who was higher paid and less qualified. It sucks

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