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Ice cream van comes every night in the summer at 7 playing the devil's own music...

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Noellefielding Tue 12-May-15 20:38:17

about half the kids get a £1.50 -£1.80 double flake 'rabbit's ears'.

We always refused my ds an ice cream from the van when it came near the house because we thought once we relented we'd be down for one for all time.

The other day I gave in and let my dd (6) have one and she has been vile ever since, whining and complaining and saying ALL the other children (not true) have one etc etc

I just wondered is this a national irritation or am I just a meanie?

BastardGoDarkly Tue 12-May-15 20:42:55

YANB a meanie! Ours comes at fucking 6! When we're eating tea, one of these days I'm going to shove a 99 up his arse, see how he likes them apples.

fearandloathinginambridge Tue 12-May-15 20:43:58

God, I can't remember the last time I saw an ice cream van driving round the houses - must have been 1975.

I'd make it a Friday treat and tell her that unlike the other kids she'll still have her teeth when she's 30grin

bonzo77 Tue 12-May-15 20:44:36

You need to explain that they only play music to let everyone know they have run out of ice cream.

BlueBananas Tue 12-May-15 20:45:37

Why do they come so late?! Ours comes around 7:30, who wants their chil to have an ice cream at that time?! If it came around 5/6ish they could have one but every day we have the same "no you can't have an ice cream it's bedtime" conversation!!

EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Tue 12-May-15 20:46:27

Ours is the same and there is always one parked outside the kids school at home time - really pisses me off!

MisForMumNotMaid Tue 12-May-15 20:47:04

The answer is cheap lollies in the freezer. At 6.50 would you like a lolly? If the answer is no thats fine at 7pm as well isn't it. If they have just eaten a lolly then the can't have an icecream.

We have them max once a week in school holidays or bank holidays.

GREYCROW Tue 12-May-15 20:49:22

Agree with music warning they've run out...worked on me for years and doing the same for my kids grin

Hassled Tue 12-May-15 20:49:49

Is it Popeye the Sailor Man? I hear that bloody tune so often. DH's theory is that it's a drugs van masquerading as an ice-cream van, which explains why it's around during winter.

TheTravellingLemon Tue 12-May-15 20:53:21

I feel your pain. Ours comes at 4.30 every fucking day. Stops right outside our house. I don't ever remember them coming every day when I was a kid. It was a rare and exciting thing to hear the music. I gave in once too and it made it 100 times worse. Never again.

LaLyra Tue 12-May-15 21:00:42

I used to miss the van that came around where I lived as a child when I moved here. It came around every night at least 3 times, 5 on the weekend, and sold ice cream (in summer), juice, sweets, crisps, cigarettes and on the first run of the day milk, bread and occasionally a paper. Since I had kids I'm glad there are not vans like that here!

todayisayesterdaystomorrow Tue 12-May-15 21:02:02

Everyone mean area bastards knows the ice cream van music means all the ice cream has been sold!

awombwithaview Tue 12-May-15 21:07:03

We have one that comes all year round and we have no idea why as who wants ice cream in the dead of winter? someone said they sell chips in winter but I'm not sure that's true. It plays the Godfather theme too?! Whenever we hear it we say 'crack van' as when it used to drive past our old house in the winter months at 7pm every bloody week we decided it was a drugs operation.

LizzieVereker Tue 12-May-15 21:12:08

The ice cream man who visits my Mum's road is Dorian Gray. He has not changed a bit since the mid 70s. Hopefully he doesn't let little children buy fags for their Mum anymore though."

"20 JPS and a Ghost Train lolly please, Pete." grin shock

awombwithaview Tue 12-May-15 21:12:26

Ahhh turns out I'm not far wrong with the drugs theory!

Royalsighness Tue 12-May-15 21:13:50

This thread is funny.

We had an ice cream man who was always abit dodgy, looked just like Ali G with all of the jewelery and gold teeth but he was a lovely man and would always wave at us.

One day I was at a friends house who lived in a different area and he parked up to sell ice cream on what it turned out was another ice cream mans turf, they had a massive fight in the street over who's turf it was, one of them lost an ear. It was awful. Serious shit.

LL0015 Tue 12-May-15 21:15:09

Music means he's run out here too.
But dd is milk intolerant so mine don't bat an eyelid at ice cream vans. Thank goodness.

BlacknWhitePanda Tue 12-May-15 21:16:32

Awful things! Ours comes around 3 times on a school night. 3!

Luckily ds hasn't associated the music with ice cream yet!

SycamoreMum Tue 12-May-15 21:16:51

The one in my area plays Let It Go. hmm (fucking hate that whole franchise) The little girl next door goes bat shit crazy then cries because her mum obviously doesn't get her one. Thank God my DD doesn't know what ice cream is yet...

flanjabelle Tue 12-May-15 21:17:08

ours has been coming round really late, sometimes close to 9pm lately. It's annoying as I will just be settling toddler dd down and then she hears the music and gets all excited wanting to know what it is. Gah.

ForalltheSaints Tue 12-May-15 21:17:51

Every day? We only one twice a week. Had the Match of the Day tune last week.

Notso Tue 12-May-15 21:18:38

Where we used to live it was the drugs and porn man. A queue of kids on one side and queue of dodgy characters near the drivers door hmm

Our current one seems respectable enough but it's so late. 8:30 some nights and he came on Boxing Day.
He does a £2 special with sherbert, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate sprinkles, two flakes and three 'juices'. He does the yellow Mr Whippy as well none of your white crap.

NRomanoff Tue 12-May-15 21:19:54

Our always turns up about 8pm. Luckily it plays James bond theme tune, neither of my kids have picked up on the fact that its the ice cream van.

Popchik9 Tue 12-May-15 21:21:11

Tell them it's the Childcatcher (make sure they watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang first).

DementedSwan Tue 12-May-15 21:26:19

Doesn't everyone know that ice cream vans only play a tune when they have run out of ice cream! mune have stopped asking and if they do get one its a special treat.

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