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to ask if anyone has had a psychic reading that was extremely accurate?

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opheliaria Sat 09-May-15 22:27:21

One that could not be down to cold reading. For example, giving out very specific details such as exact dates, unusual names, basically precise facts that cannot be fished for or guessed and are not vague?

LindyHemming Sat 09-May-15 22:28:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ratspeaker Sat 09-May-15 22:29:13


70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 09-May-15 22:32:11

Yes. Very accurate.

Believe or not, I care not one whit if people don;t.

exWifebeginsat40 Sat 09-May-15 22:38:45

I am not the slightest bit woo. however I went with a friend to one of those hall-full-of-people psychic things. it was most unsettling. a couple of things were really, eerily spot on and not something that could have been guessed.

and then because there is a sucker born every minute I went for a private reading with her and it was all guesswork and nonsense.

beezlebop Sat 09-May-15 22:43:56

I had a reading done once and at the time I was amazed by how accurate it was. Looking back I was a lonely miserable sucker and the psychic used obvious clues and generalities. Shame really, be great to believe!

TalkinPeace Sat 09-May-15 22:47:10

If the psychic lets you tape record it and listen back at your leisure THEN I'll believe them
but if they don't its because they are using cold reading

I saw Derren Brown Live : he'd fantastic at it

MrsFrankieHeck Sat 09-May-15 22:50:17

Mine was taped, she told me something that even I didn't know. My mum told me when I got home.

Mermaidhair Sat 09-May-15 22:50:21

I use to believe in psychics until I put a post on here and I was made to see sense. I think we really really want them to be true, so our mind only looks at the correct bits and skips the incorrect parts. I believe there are some with this gift, but many are just to generalised. I can tell you one story that couldn't be faked. I went to a psychic fair, so it wasn't a planned book reading. I sat down and the lady said to me, I have your Mum here with me. I was in my early twenties. She told me she loved me, and the lady knew she had been in heaven for 20 years. It gave me so much comfort as I don't really remember my mum. X

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 09-May-15 22:50:47

I'm having a fairly accurate sense of déjà vu right now. Haven't we had this exact same thread quite recently?

BobbyDazzler1 Sat 09-May-15 22:55:03

I feel sure that psychics can be accurate. I believe there's a whole spiritual realm out there and in the West we generally don't recognize/tune in to this.
I am sure they can be accurate but I also don't believe this makes them a good thing to get involved with.
We've always had psychics back to biblical times. But it's interesting that the bible warns us to steer clear of them. It states that only God should be looked to for guidance and the future. Turning to any other spirit is dangerous according to the bible.
That's my thoughts. Probably won't go down very well, but if it puts one person on here off visiting a psychic, it'll be worth it.

shabbs Sat 09-May-15 23:01:33

Had a private sitting with a local medium and also seen him at a spiritualist church. He told me at the church that my two sons wanted to talk to me. Two of my four sons have died. He gave me specific details about my son who was fatally knocked off his bicycle. He told me what we had put in the coffin, what Matt was wearing, etc etc. Nobody but myself and my immediate family knew these details. He tried to 'click his fingers' and couldnt (neither could Matt) and he said 'Mam it never hurt me, just so quick and I was gone.' He told me details about my twin baby boy who died and they were accurate but nothing like his description of Matt.

I have no idea how he knew - especially how he knew some things that only myself and my Mum had talked about.

He said 'he has trainers on (in his coffin) but there is something really odd about them. They are bright orange which he is saying is his favourite colour. (it was) - but they are too big for him. The day before his accident he cried for those trainers but my Mum couldnt find him any in his size. He was wearing trainers at least two sizes too big that my Mum went and bought and took to the undertakers.

I found great comfort in the mediums messges - maybe that sounds barking mad but it worked for me.

Pedestriana Sat 09-May-15 23:03:05

Not a psychic, but I had an interesting experience with a Reiki healer. Many years ago, after the loss of a very dear family member, I went to one of those mind/body/spirit things with a friend.
I saw a Reiki practitioner who passed their hands over my abdomen and said that they could source a problem here. This reduced me to tears as the family member had died from an illness relating to this area of the body.
It took me two hours to stop crying, and I'm generally not the sort of person who cries.

Moving forward to five years ago, I'd been trying to conceive and eventually became pregnant. During one of my scans, it was picked up that I have fibroids.

I still wonder if that is what the Reiki person 'felt'?

FWIW, I'm pretty sceptical. When we went to the fete thingy with my friend I was waiting for one of the psychics to mention my family member, or a close friend who'd died the previous year, but they didn't. I wasn't speaking about those people, and was not aware of having any health problems.

The person I had a reading with was pretty useless, and anything they did say was vague enough to apply to anything.

DustyBusters Sat 09-May-15 23:15:07


Cold reading just wasn't an option as she didn't take my my name when I booked, just gave me an appointment time, and I didn't speak during the reading other than to say hello when I went it. Every time I tried to speak she shushed me. There was no amibiguity.

Names and places were spot on. There was no guesswork such as John, James, Joseph. She was accurate every time. Even with things I knew bugger all about. I taped the session and played it back for my Mum. The stuff I didn't know she did. And the stuff I did know freaked me out.

ratspeaker Sat 09-May-15 23:17:04

Problems in abdomen could cover anthing from
Liver disease
abnormal smear
And on and on and on

There is a book, fiction by Christopher Brookmyre _ Attack of the unsinkable rubber ducks
It shows how many mediums can do what they do

inlectorecumbit Sat 09-May-15 23:23:07

spur of the moment tarot card reading in town. So accurate it was scary but comforting too. She spoke of my DF's imminent heart operation (very specific) and that he would recovery- eventually she had hummed and hawwed a bit about this part and he was on a ventilator for 6 weeks post op. A few other things she said were spot on.
In a way it has freaked me out and l wont go back.

EastMidsMummy Sat 09-May-15 23:28:27

Pedestriana, you're "quite sceptical" but you think a Reiki practitioner's diagnosis of you might be a psychic revelation about a late relative?? Can I swap you some magic beans for your cow?

MaidOfStars Sat 09-May-15 23:35:51

Any psychic/medium who could genuinely tell a fortune/speak to the dead/whatever is not going to be plying his or her trade in Hull city centre.

I'm not overstating this: a person who could do this would be bigger than Jesus. They would be represent the single biggest shift in knowledge since the dawn of consciousness. They would, I think, become the most important person who ever existed.

But yeah, tent in Hull. Keeping it real?

RockinHippy Sat 09-May-15 23:36:30

Yes, she predicted the next 15 years or so of my life & even quite odd stuff I argued with came true - like I would be taking a train to Europe, she thought France, Spain or Italy within the next few months, I argued I had a free pass to fly at the time & therefore wouldn't need to take any train.

several months later there was a cock up with the flights, that meant I had take a train, so as to keep a promised to visit an old boyfriend in the south of France - Who was half Italian & we ended up going across the border for a couple of days - to Spain

She also predicted a lot more, detailed,methought sometimes riddled - this including marrying an old friend - DH, a toxic friend manipulating to harm me, leaving my career & moving to a house that was blue with old beams (here) & having DD - the only thing that hasn't come true is that I would become a successful writer, working with someone with spidery writing

textfan Sat 09-May-15 23:46:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EastMidsMummy Sat 09-May-15 23:47:54

Rockin Hippy, did you move into the blue, beamed house or marry the old friend without knowing what you were doing. If not, your behaviour is likely to have been influenced by the 'prediction'. "A blue, beamed house - it must be meant to be."

EastMidsMummy Sat 09-May-15 23:48:51

Text fan, what is the prediction still to happen, specifically?

wfrances Sat 09-May-15 23:58:42

i wont go, too scared
i ve had strangers coming up to me (,even 100 miles from home( telling me that i need to go ,as someone needs to speak to me.

goddessofsmallthings Sun 10-May-15 00:02:00

The Jesus myth was necessary to bring about a seismic shift in consciousness from the wrathful entity that demanded an eye for an eye to a more forgiving father figure who would encourage the individual to look inwards rather than outwards for spirtual direction, but it wasn't anticipated that man would hijack the new improved image as a continued means of suppressing/controlling his fellows.

The breaking of the shackles of organised Western religions has in itself given rise to a further shift in consciousness wherein those who were previously outside the inner circles of the illumati are being made aware that there are indeed "more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” and those who have consulted genuine pyschics know the truth of this statement.

Sceptics may scoff but I, and many others, can't unknow what we know any more than they can. smile

EastMidsMummy Sun 10-May-15 00:04:02


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