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Three party leaders resign in the space of an hour!

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Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 08-May-15 12:17:05

Yes, another party political thread. No apologies here. I'm 53 and I've never seen anything like this in my life.

What will Natalie Bennett do?

kilmuir Fri 08-May-15 12:17:49

Who has gone?

ExitPursuedByABear Fri 08-May-15 12:18:27

Total meltdown all over the place.

Justusemyname Fri 08-May-15 12:19:01


Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 08-May-15 12:19:30

Farage, Clegg, Miliband, in order of resignation.

MonikerisMonica Fri 08-May-15 12:19:47

Ed & Nick have fallen on their swords - who's the third?

EeyoresTail Fri 08-May-15 12:20:12

I'm shocked!

MonikerisMonica Fri 08-May-15 12:20:31

x post

QuintShhhhhh Fri 08-May-15 12:21:00

Well they should. They got it all so wrong. Hubris.

Jackieharris Fri 08-May-15 12:21:56

Jim Murphy should have resigned too.

That kind of arrogance to cling on now when he's not even a mp is exactly why he's so unpopular!

Baaaaaaaaaaaa Fri 08-May-15 12:21:56

Wonder if David (Miliband) will come back now?

I'm a conservative through and through but think Labour would have won if Ed hadn't stabbed his brother in the back. He was naver a man to be trusted and the electorate knew that.

MissingKittyCat Fri 08-May-15 12:22:15

Why is anybody surprised? None of them could have recovered from this!

trilbydoll Fri 08-May-15 12:24:17

Can you be a party leader if you're not an MP? The Lib Dems don't have many to choose from, I was thinking this morning it might not be very helpful for Nick to resign.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 08-May-15 12:24:20

It's very hard to see what the Scottish Labour Party can do now.

If I were David's wife/partner, I'd be hoping against hope that he'd stay away. What a grim job.

Northernlurker Fri 08-May-15 12:25:13

Natalie Bennett said last night she would be serving out her term.

soontobemumofthree Fri 08-May-15 12:28:54

I can't see why Natalie Bennett would have to go.
Sad to see Vince Cable voted out.

Lemonylemon Fri 08-May-15 12:30:11

Not sad to see Ed Balls voted out.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 08-May-15 12:30:46

I was just musing that they didn't hit their target of two seats and she didn't have much of a campaign. However, it was an amazing achievement to get Caroline Lucas re-elected.

Northernlurker Fri 08-May-15 12:35:23

Compared to the oblivion that's the labour and lib dem scenarios though, Natalie, even falling over her words and having not increased their base, has done ok. She's got the same number of MPs as Scottish Labour now. Crazy, crazy world.

ComposHatComesBack Fri 08-May-15 12:37:13

Baaaa David M is no longer an MP, there is no way he could lead the party and act as leader of the opposition.

Can we also drop the 'stabbed his brother in the back' nonsense? They both stood for election and Ed won. It was a leadership election not a coronation.

Lemonylemon Fri 08-May-15 12:37:37

Not sad to see George Galloway voted out.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 08-May-15 12:39:07

I agree, Compos, about the backstabbing. I'm sure a safe seat could be found for David, though, should he fancy coming back to UK politics. I don't think it would be a good idea, however.

Morelikeguidelines Fri 08-May-15 12:41:37

I think Chuka Ummana might be good.

Andcake Fri 08-May-15 12:42:02

No labour needs Evette cooper! Strong, intuitive female...

BrillBrilloPads Fri 08-May-15 12:47:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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