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Is anyone else concerned about the results tomorrow?

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corgiology Wed 06-May-15 22:27:16

All other voters could affect our future!

Scary thought.

DamselNotInHerDress Wed 06-May-15 22:29:48

Very much so.
I'll be at my local count with my fingers tightly crossed.
Then come home in the early hours and watch the news.
It's not all consuming for me but I'm quite concerned nonetheless.

ssd Wed 06-May-15 22:30:32

worried here.

TheoriginalLEM Wed 06-May-15 22:32:04

i am and im actually getting quite upset about the whole thing. blushconfused

meglet Wed 06-May-15 22:34:05

Yes. Bricking it.

applecatchers36 Wed 06-May-15 22:34:27

Rather nervous yes

londonrach Wed 06-May-15 22:35:20

Yes. So scared dont know who to vote for. Know ive got to 10pm now to decide..

Ubik1 Wed 06-May-15 22:36:02

Why would you be scared?

heatseeker14 Wed 06-May-15 22:37:26

Scared about seeing Ed Milibands face outside no 10 is a very scary prospect!!

magimedi Wed 06-May-15 22:38:13

YABU to ask this question as an AIBU.

From all I have read for the last couple of weeks lots of us, possibly even the majority of Mnetters, are v.v. concerned about tomorrow's result.

Am another one who has still not quite made mind up about my vote.

bottleofbeer Wed 06-May-15 22:38:30

Shitting my keks, I don't mind admitting. Tories out!

Mousefinkle Wed 06-May-15 22:39:02

Petrified. I woke up in a cold sweat last night. This isn't new, I was the same last election grin.

bungmean Wed 06-May-15 22:40:50

Terrified the tories will get in again, or that UKIP will get seats.
Very glad I can vote for the SNP.

thehumanjam Wed 06-May-15 22:40:59

I will be surprised (although disappointed) if Conservative don't get a majority. I don't think it is as close as everyone is predicting.

ShouldIworryornothelp Wed 06-May-15 22:42:36

Not overly worried. I don't think it's going to be that big a change to the current representation we have now. Hopefully with fewer labour representatives though

monkeysox Wed 06-May-15 22:42:57

Every teacher I know is not voting conservative

Rivercam Wed 06-May-15 22:43:32

I'm always nervous around election time, and I'm relieved when it's all over.

Perihelion Wed 06-May-15 22:51:10

I'm quite excited and will be staying up late to see if a few MPs lose their seats. I'm surprised at the almost complete lack of posters around. Has online campaigning replaced old school paper?

AugustRose Wed 06-May-15 23:05:24

I am very nervous about the result. If the Tories get back in we are one the many working families on low income who will be hardest hit by that result. We also live in a rural area with limited jobs to increase income and very poor local transport links or training opportunities for me, DH and our older DC.

It must be nice to be a Cameron fan with no money worries.

jellybeans Thu 07-May-15 00:24:44

I am nervous the awful Tories will stay in. Let's hope not!

Penguinotterfoxbadger Thu 07-May-15 00:31:30

Terrified! I have such high hopes that the tories will get booted out but if Cameron wins I think I will actually cry.

OneNight Thu 07-May-15 00:51:45

I have whisky waiting for 22.00 tomorrow so I may be nervous tonight but by this time tomorrow I hope not to care.

Butterflywings168 Thu 07-May-15 01:00:13

Yep sad

MagicMojito Thu 07-May-15 01:14:04

Its odd, I feel really quite deflated already. I'll still vote labour tomorrow but I'm pretty sure that Cameron has got it in the bag already. sadwine

snapple Thu 07-May-15 01:27:20

I am hoping for labour

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