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to think a vacuum is not optional?

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BunnyLebowski Wed 06-May-15 10:42:44

Exciting subject matter eh?

Our Miele blew up last week. I'm absolutely raging as it's less than two years old (and just out of warranty angry ).

Anyway, I rang round for quotes and it looks like it would cost a large chunk of the original cost of the thing to have it fixed so DP has decided to have a go himself even though we don't know exactly what's up with it. He's watching mieles ending on EBay but has no sense of urgency about the whole thing.

In the meantime I'm trying to keep the house clean with 2 DCs (one of whom has just started crawling) and one hairy black dog who sheds like a mofo. My little dustpan and brush and pack of Flash wipes aren't cutting the mustard. I'm no Monica Geller but the non-hoovered floors are driving me crazy.

WIBU to just buy a new vacuum? DP wouldn't be impressed (and we're not flush at the minute) but given that I could count the number of times he's hoovered in his entire life on one hand I don't think his opinion counts?

Semi lighthearted. Give me your verdicts.

monkeysox Wed 06-May-15 10:46:13

Go and buy a new one from argos you can get 0% credit. It's a must have esp with a dog

CheeseandPickledOnion Wed 06-May-15 10:46:52

Not optional. It's the type of thing I'd want replaced straight away even if it was just a really cheap one in the meantime.

YouMakeMyHeartSmile Wed 06-May-15 10:48:46

Definitely not optional, especially with crawling DC's and a dog.

patterkiller Wed 06-May-15 10:48:50

Go and buy one today. I have two dogs and can't go one day without a vacuum I feel like the floor is crawling with hair. Mind, DH would be like yours and just wouldn't see the hair.

mountainofdreams Wed 06-May-15 10:49:26

Buy one! I couldn't do without my vax vacuum and vax steamer!!

DiDiddlyIDi Wed 06-May-15 10:50:13

Not optional. Try to discuss before purchasing though, saves arguments

Stinkersmum Wed 06-May-15 10:50:37

I couldn't cope. I've just moved house and had to wait two days for our furniture and belongings to delivered. Downstairs is tiled throughout. Upstairs is carpeted and I have 4 cats. It drove me potty. Although I am a bit 'Monica' and like to vacuum throughout once a day.

charlestonchaplin Wed 06-May-15 10:50:56

Gave up on vacuum cleaners over 10 years ago after a succession of duds, some expensive and some cheap. None cleaned very well after a few months so we (sort of accidentally) went back to the old way. It's not labour saving but it does clean very well.

QueenBean Wed 06-May-15 10:50:59

Not optional

You can get them from many places for 0% credit btw.

MaxPepsi Wed 06-May-15 10:51:16

I have 2, one upstairs and one downstairs and I'm seriously considering buying a 3rd.

There are no children in my small 3 bed semi, just 2 adults and a dog. The downstairs vac is a permanent fixture in my living room. No point putting the damn thing away as I give the room a quick vac at least twice a day. bloody labrador

Absolutely a vac is an essential item!

Icimoi Wed 06-May-15 10:52:14

Buy ne, they're not that expensive. If he repairs the Miele, fine, you've got a spare.

Feminine Wed 06-May-15 10:53:28

Charles what is your method now then? smile

Feminine Wed 06-May-15 10:54:41

Anyway, l don't think they are optional.
I have had two periods without one , it was awful.

YouMakeMyHeartSmile Wed 06-May-15 10:55:35

Max I have an upstairs and downstairs one too!
Charles I'm intrigued, what's the old method?!

helenahandbag Wed 06-May-15 10:55:36

Not optional at all.

I had this fight with DP a couple of months ago when our washing machine packed in - apparently it's a luxury and we could make do with hand washing until we had more free cash hmm of course I laughed, ordered one immediately and told him when it would be delivered.

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