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to have used the c word on MY OWN Facebook page?

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shattered77 Tue 05-May-15 07:54:48

Apparently I am an embarrassment and offensive to have used the word "cunt"on my own Facebook page. AIBU to have done this? I know the word is divisive, but this comment is from someone who uses the word themselves. Do I need to edit what I write?

Icimoi Tue 05-May-15 07:56:09

Tell them to grow up.

FenellaFellorick Tue 05-May-15 07:57:28

not if you don't want to.

You are allowed to write it if you want to.

Others are allowed to hate the word. They can think what they like about people who use it. This is up to them.

Bit hypocritical of someone who uses it to object to you using it (is it a bloke btw?)

This person has the option to unfriend or unfollow you.

Whitershadeofpale Tue 05-May-15 07:58:10

Use it if you like but kniw your audience. I don't use the word often and only really around a few friends. I wouldn't on Facebook as I'm friends with my mum and aunts, uncles, my mums cousin's etc. and I wouldn't say it in front of them in real life therefore wouldn't on facebook.

tobysmum77 Tue 05-May-15 07:58:23

I think yabu.

shattered77 Tue 05-May-15 08:11:24

Yes, it's a man. I do agree with knowing your audience, but I feel that all these family members have invited themselves to view my page, so they get what they find, and that is me being me. I am generally a bit sweary, but am a very good and kind person. I can't remember the last time I was told that I couldn't say something. I'm an adult. Cunt is my favourite angry word, and I was angry!

notquiteruralbliss Tue 05-May-15 08:13:43

I honestly don't get men who swear like troopers but have a fit of the vapours if a female uses the word cunt. It is just a word.

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Tue 05-May-15 08:14:21

A guy I know very well and who is totally vulgar scalded me for this then blocked me. Fucking idiot.

thedancingbear Tue 05-May-15 08:14:46

Is it something that kids would read? It's one thing to use the word in the pub surrounded by adults, very different if a 7-year-old is going to see it and ask their parents what it means. I speak as someone who is not averse to a good swear when it is merited.

alwayshungry100 Tue 05-May-15 08:17:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FenellaFellorick Tue 05-May-15 08:18:00

yeah, I thought it would be a bloke.

That's fairly common. They use this language but a WOMAN shock using bad language shock well, that's just disgusting.

Put your pinny on, bake some biscuits and smile gently at small children. Know your role.

AlternativeTentacles Tue 05-May-15 08:18:33

If you havent got one, you can't call someone out on saying the word IMHO.

Theycallmemellowjello Tue 05-May-15 08:19:53

Urgh yanbu. What a sexist dick.

acatcalledjohn Tue 05-May-15 08:20:17

It's just a word and I use it when particularly angry, including on FB. If people have an issue with it then they are welcome to unfriend or unfollow me.

Mind you, I have never understood why 'cunt' is considered so offensive when we don't have an equally offensive term using the male anatomy.

avocadotoast Tue 05-May-15 08:22:04

Hah! What a joker. Tell 'em to fuck off.

OneEyedWilly Tue 05-May-15 08:22:04

Put your pinny on, bake some biscuits and smile gently at small children. Know your role.

grin my DP would probably pass out from shock if I actually baked something

shattered77 Tue 05-May-15 08:24:52

No kids on there whatsoever. Very limited audience of 50 or so good friends and acquaintances. I think the issue is with the older family members who have come on to fb, friend requested everyone, and I felt a bit rude to not accept friend requests. They now get to see these angry posts (the election is in a few days and I'm very stirred up about it). Basically this man (DH), is going mad at me. My own parents wouldn't tell me what I could or couldn't say. I don't see why I should have to edit myself.

zzzzz Tue 05-May-15 08:26:24

Someone sent me a pm telling me they didn't like my "tone" and to remove some of my posts from my wall. confused shock grin

To be clear all I had said was "we should be ashamed of how we treat disabled children in the UK".....I can only assume she has developed into a prize twat since leaveing university. She won't be bothered by my "tone" again and I shan't be bothered by her frankly weird attacks.

Defriend and say what you like.

prepperpig Tue 05-May-15 08:30:16

It's your FB page so you can say whatever you like but you ABU if you expect others to like it and not to judge.

I hate the C word and find it quite shocking that its become used so frequently. I would secretly judge others who used it in normal speech and would think they were saying it for effect and shock value. There will be others like me. I wouldn't call you out on it but my opinion of you would have gone down a little.

Perhaps its an age thing (I'm 40).

shattered77 Tue 05-May-15 08:30:58

I have defriended. As far as I could see it was the easiest way to resolve the issue. This has not gone down well.

prepperpig Tue 05-May-15 08:31:40

Hang on… it's your own DH who is less than impressed?

Then you should listen to what he says a bit more.

BigPawsBrown Tue 05-May-15 08:32:55

There is, sadly, a widely-held belief that you're not a kind of good person if you use certain words. It's mental, to me, and my colleagues, friend and boyfriend swear a lot, so I forget sometimes that more conservative types do genuinely find it offensive if you swear. hmm

expatinscotland Tue 05-May-15 08:34:33

Of course you don't edit. Please, just unfriend/block people who can't take what others write on their own wall. Or restrict them if it's family members. That way they don't see what you write unless it's public.

Life is way too short to add stress to it.

expatinscotland Tue 05-May-15 08:35:36

It is easiest just to unfriend.

SistersofPercy Tue 05-May-15 08:35:49

I posted something a while back saying that this was my account and I would not censor anything I posted for fear of offending a few and if you were of a delicate nature please hit the defriend button now as we probably have little in common anyway.
I also included UKIP and EDL fanatics. My BIL deleted me. Twas a day of great celebration.

I came to the conclusion a while ago I didn't owe these people anything and my timeline should be how I want to see it when I scroll through.

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