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not to want dp to register for the marathon

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TheoriginalLEM Mon 04-May-15 11:21:22

for so many reasons...

firstly is that im worried he might actually die! he is overweight but also the wrong build. We are talking shoulders like a sherman tank. This worries me more than the weight as training would obv loose that.

2nd because i don't think he'll do it and that is taking the place of someone who would

There are other reasons ....

am i being mean and discouraging?

wowfudge Mon 04-May-15 11:24:14

Yes you are! If you are worried about him and he isn't normally active, why not suggest he sees his doctor before he starts training?

watchingthedetectives Mon 04-May-15 11:25:00

Yes - if he registers and gets a place it will be motivational.

Plus he is very unlikely to die!

TheoriginalLEM Mon 04-May-15 11:25:39

thats a good suggestions but ive more chance of winning the marathon myself than him doing that. i will suggest it though.

RitaCrudgington Mon 04-May-15 11:25:58

Suggest he starts off with a 5K then 10K then half marathon. I'm pretty sure that people who are the wrong shape can do marathons - albeit not quickly.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Mon 04-May-15 11:26:18

Yup. DD did a marathon last weekend and there were runners there of all shapes and sizes and every single one of them got cheered along the way.

TheoriginalLEM Mon 04-May-15 11:27:54

id be all encouragement if he entered Britain's strongest man because he is incredibly strong. ..

im going to have to buy some trainers arent i

LordEmsworth Mon 04-May-15 11:34:57

Well, those two reasons contradict each other...

I am bewildered though as to how someone can have shoulders that are too big for running?

It is highly unlikely that he would die; very few people die from running a marathon, or even from training for one - most of us stop before we get to that point. How long does he have to train (are we talking London, so nearly a year)? Does he already run? How much time available does he have to train? They will all affect how much training will be needed to get him around the course. It is possible to go from no running to marathon in a year, with conscientious training, but that would mean him being out running for hours, several times a week at least.

If you genuinely think he won't do it, then I think you just have to let him get on with it, I am afraid.

TheoriginalLEM Mon 04-May-15 11:39:12

he doesn't run is strong but not fit.

i will train with him so where do we even start?

AggressiveBunting Mon 04-May-15 11:44:53

Also, don't worry about him not doing it- they factor in no shows and apparently the numbers are very consistent, year on year.

At least 50% of participants in the LM are the "wrong shape" and very few of them die, so I wouldn't worry about that. Yes, elite distance runners tend to be light boned and there are reasons why that is the case, but presumably he's not trying to win. However, if he is basically a body builder now then he needs to rethink his training because carrying the weight (whether muscle or fat) does make endurance exercise more effort. He might want to gradually tone down lifting and replace with cardio

His chances of getting in are 15:1 apparently.

AggressiveBunting Mon 04-May-15 11:46:23

Oh yeah- don't assume he'll lose weight by marathon training- a LOT of people are disappointed on that score, because endurance training makes you very hungry.

Charis1 Mon 04-May-15 11:50:47

Most marathon deaths are down to drinking too much water, there is absolutly no need for this, as long as you are properly educated.

If he registers for a marathon he will be given lots of expert advice on nutrition, training, and safety.

Aside from that, he can also speak to his GP, and research marathon training for himself.

If he doesn't get into the London marathon, there are plenty of others, the Brighton marathon, for example.

Unidentifieditem Mon 04-May-15 11:51:06

You don't go from zero to running marathon distances! There are careful training plans available online. He has a year to get to full fitness. My DH ran and did well. He is broad shouldered. You run with your legs not shoulders!

Charis1 Mon 04-May-15 11:51:30

Start with couch to 5k

AlpacaMyBags Mon 04-May-15 12:00:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shewept Mon 04-May-15 12:02:06

Yabu. But training is key and does need alot of dedication. I used to do half marathons. Because I didn't have time to train more.

But I have a bodybuilder friend who just did the London marathon in just less than four hours. There isn't a such thing as the wrong build for running. Many bodybuilders aren't fit as they don't do much cardio. The ones that do can run and lift.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 04-May-15 12:03:52

YABU, it must be a fantastic experience.

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