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to want to start hammering the Wall?

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mouse26 Sun 03-May-15 23:34:08

Once again I am in bed trying to sleep and all I can hear is next door having very loud sex again!!

I'm not a prude but they've Been at it on off for hours, i just want to sleep. Instead I'm on mumsnet doing a moaning of a different type smile

it's at least a couple of times a week, i imagine her neighbours have the same problem when they stay over at her house.

even ds1s sleep is being disturbed: his exact words "for god sake, I wish next door would just stop doing sex! "

so, do you think Iwbu to start hammering the Wall, maybe I should just give them something to stuff behind their headboard to lessen the banging?

Blue2014 Sun 03-May-15 23:36:22

Definitely hammer, I would probably add in a "there is no way that screaming is real, she's porno faking!" Just to throw them off their balance too

KingJoffreyFanciesDarylDixon Sun 03-May-15 23:37:13

Go for it.

Is traditional to do DIY on Bank Holiday weekends.

EstRusMum Sun 03-May-15 23:37:58

YABU to start hammering the wall, YANBU to call police. grin
I've done it, it has been sorted thanks to the police.

mouse26 Sun 03-May-15 23:43:45

police seems a bit drastic, might not do in a couple of hours grin

they must be on drugs - even in my child free days I couldn't have kept up with them confused

I think I might just let the kids play xbox very loudly the second they wake up in the morning. The annoying thing is, this is a man who shouted and swore at us when we had a newborn that dared to cry in the night angry

mouse26 Mon 04-May-15 00:30:50

I think they have finally stopped. dp is going to be instructed to have words when he gets home from work in the morning smile

SorchaN Mon 04-May-15 01:04:44

I had a little bit of sympathy for the neighbours until you mentioned the shouting and swearing about your newborn. Complain to the police!

ChillieJeanie Mon 04-May-15 06:38:03

Environmental Health at the Council. That's what I and a couple of neighbours did with regard to a similar problem. They will ask you to keep a diary of dates and times, and in my case also set up sound monitoring equipment that I could switch on when necessary to record the levels of noise. If EH agree that it is a nuisance noise then your neighbours will be written to with a cease and desist sort of letter, which can eventually escalate to court action for anti socialk behaviour if they don't knock it off.

In our specific case we were also calling the police out fairly regularly for sounds of domestic violence, loud music in the early hours of the morning, and fighting in the street during one of their parties. The awful neighbours eventually did a flit - their landlord had to spend a fortune to sort out the flat after they left.

Lagoonablue Mon 04-May-15 06:42:19

Police seems drastic. I doubt they would be interested in neighbours having noisy sex. I would speak to them first. 'Please keep the noise down after 10, you are disturbing me and the chi,dren'.

You need to give them the opportunity to respond and if they don't escalate to EH.

I feel for you. I have noisy neighbours too. I had the bedroom wall insulated which helped and am going to do the downstairs party wall at some point.

Andrewofgg Mon 04-May-15 08:53:50

Oh dear, this will show my age. When I saw your subject line with the capital W on Wall my first thought was Wtf, The Wall came down in 1989.

I repeat what I have said on other threads, though it was not my idea: Play Andrew Lloyd Webber's music--al blancmange-- near the wall. The theory is that it is impossible to maintain an erection with that in the background. I don't know, I've never tried because I can't stand ALW for other and better reasons but if you do please let us know how it turns out grin

LindyHemming Mon 04-May-15 08:58:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Mon 04-May-15 09:08:05

Surprised he can find a woman if he is the sort of twat to shout and swear about a newborn. Takes all sorts I suppose!

Andrewofgg Mon 04-May-15 09:18:35

Fanjo Maybe she hates kids too?

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Mon 04-May-15 09:22:00

Hope they are using protection then!

MagelanicClouds Mon 04-May-15 09:42:24

Andrewfogg - I was wondering what she had against Pink Floyd!
Yanbu, op. Speak to Environmental Health.

mouse26 Mon 04-May-15 11:09:05

definitely a new relationship. They both have children so don't hate kids, he just seemed to think a newborn crying was my worse than them having parties and letting off fireworks every weekend. I'm hoping they'll move in together son (preferably her house), there's no way they'll be so noisy then I'm sure.

I'm going to mention it when I next see him - ds1 ended up sleeping on the sofa again last night. sad

Andrewofgg Mon 04-May-15 12:03:15

They both have children so don't hate kids

I wish that was true.

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