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Neighbours dog killed cat :(

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spudholes Sat 02-May-15 21:02:58

Our next door neighbour has a staffie dog. I was talking to her over the fence and a cat came into the garden and the dog flew at it and killed it sad. I was very upset and neighbour said it was the cats fault for coming into her garden.

I have found out that the ower of said cat is away on holiday sad Neighbour says she's not going to tell them what happened when they get back.

Should I tell them?

ACSlater Sat 02-May-15 21:04:11


PurpleSwift Sat 02-May-15 21:04:26

Oh sad definitely tell the owner.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Sat 02-May-15 21:07:28

Tell the poor owner. It'd been horrid for them not knowing what happened to it.

childlessormore Sat 02-May-15 21:29:50

Yes tell them. Just because your neighbour thinks it is appropriate to behave in such an appalling way doesnt mean you need to cover for her. Also if your neighbour is planning not to tell them, what has she done with the cats body? I would be absolutely furious if someone's dog killed my cat, if I had one, and not only didnt tell me but the body was just discarded.

Supersoft Sat 02-May-15 21:33:13

Yes! What is she planning on doing with the cats body? How awful. Didn't she even seem a bit upset?

Purpleknickers Sat 02-May-15 21:34:26

Totally wrong of the dog owner, but I have to question why the cats owners are on holiday and the cat home unless somebody was coming in to care for it?

newbieman1978 Sat 02-May-15 21:41:41

Morally someone should tell the owner, whether that is you is open to discussion. As the dog owner has told you they are not going to say anything it is up to you to work at what to do in your own best interest. By that I mean obviously you neighbour won't be happy if they find out you've spilled the beans. But then again the cat owner might not be happy with you if they find out you knew. It's a dilemma.

If they are on holiday I don't think it's beyond reason for the cat to be disposed of in a nice way, possible buried. What else could be done with it?

MsPerfect Sat 02-May-15 21:43:58

Purple has a good point, and if we assume some other neighbour has been popping in to feed the cat, they must currently be extremely worried that the cat has gone missing and that they're going to have to tell the owners when they return.

So your NDN isn't just going to upset the cat owners, but potentially also let them believe whoever has been feeding the cat has lost it.

Your NDN is a nasty person.

Tell the poor cat owners. You can't not.

TheresACatInMeKitchen Sat 02-May-15 21:44:01

Yes of course you should tell her. Is someone looking after the cat as I should imagine that they will be wondering where it is.

How did you know the owner is on holiday?

Where is the cat now?

Juniper44 Sat 02-May-15 21:47:54

We pay cat sitters to come and care for our cats when we're away, but there's no guarantee the cats will be in when they come. I don't know how long it'd take for them to notice a missing cat.

You should definitely tell them. They're be searching for the cat otherwise. Horrible thing to have to do.

NatashaRomanov Sat 02-May-15 21:48:03

Would the police be interested?
You should definitely inform the cat's owner, at the very least.
I can't believe your neighbour. sad

chickenpoxpanic Sat 02-May-15 22:01:18

You should tell the owner.

To be honest though, if you choose to let a pet roam with no supervision then then the chance of them being killed by dogs, foxes, traffic etc is a risk you are choosing to take. It isn't the dog/dog owner's fault.

ImABigOleBadLass Sat 02-May-15 22:06:05

With cats, they go where they please and take their chances. Having said that, I would be very wary of the neighbour's dog as that isn't normal behaviour, surely (not a Staffie expert so happy to be set right, if anyone knows better).

However, what is sure is that your neighbour is a nasty bitch. How dare she shrug her shoulders and pretend nothing happened. Sod covering for her - yes, tell them, and tell them what she'd planned, poisonous, heartless cow.

ItsAllKickingOffPru Sat 02-May-15 22:11:25

Cats are normally pretty sensible about entering gardens with unfamiliar dogs in them.

The dog's breed is irrelevant btw. Could have been any dog unsocialisedwith cats.

Your neighbour should fess up so the cat owner knows what happened to her cat.

MajesticWhine Sat 02-May-15 22:13:14

Definitely tell the owner. It's the only decent thing to do. And preferably find out if someone is caring for the cat and tell them, because they might be really worried and spending time searching for the cat.

Totality22 Sat 02-May-15 22:14:46

The ultimate "victim blaming" !!!

Report your neighbour to the Police. Although I find it's a certain type of dog owners ones with big dogs that they let shit outside your house and walk away or owners like your neighbour who will give you untold grief if you challenge / report them!

spudholes Sat 02-May-15 22:17:14

Thanks for the replies. It was awful to see and i'm still really shaken up by it sad. The neighbour had her sister to come and feed it i think, she's been going back and forth so i assume she's been feeding it. The cat owner will be back on Monday, I'll have to tell her sad.

The dog was running around with it in it's mouth and I was hysterical and had to go back inside. I don't know where it is now sad I don't want to ask her because I might just punch the evil bitch.

FreudiansSlipper Sat 02-May-15 22:20:21

yes i think you should tell them

and i think you should report the neighbour

she obviously can not control her dog and it should be taken away it is dangerous

GloriousGloria Sat 02-May-15 22:20:23

If a cat goes on a dogs territory it is in danger of being attacked. Lots of dogs that live with cats will chase a cat that isn't there's.

Your neighbour is wrong for not informing the owners but nobody is at fault for the cat being killed

GloriousGloria Sat 02-May-15 22:21:08

Their's (blush the shame)

Sparklingbrook Sat 02-May-15 22:22:42

YY someone needs to tell the sister, who will be looking for the cat she is supposed to be looking after but is now dead.

What a horrible person you have for a neighbour. Dog sounds dangerous too.

Arseface Sat 02-May-15 22:23:03

I have rescue greyhounds who'd adore a chance at a cat. I'd be livid at myself if I let them get near one and heartbroken for the cat's owners.
Your neighbour's attitude is appalling. Up to you whether or not to tell cat neighbours what dog neighbour has done but I would hate to be searching fruitlessly/ putting up missing posters etc.

Sparklingbrook Sat 02-May-15 22:24:10

What is the AIBU though?

Lilicat1013 Sat 02-May-15 22:25:35

Definitely tell the owners. It is so sad for them and of course the poor cat.

Also if you could tell the person looking after the cat that would be helpful, I look after cats and if one didn't turn up I would be out searching for them. Even though it is bad news I would prefer to know.

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