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To be getting impatient with Virgin Mobile

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BallsforEarrings Fri 01-May-15 16:32:54

I have ported my number form Vodafone PAYG to Virgin pay monthly contract as it will be a lot cheaper for us.

It's a business phone and it was very important to keep the number which is on the website and attracts a great many calls, it is equally important to have voicemail to catch calls I can't get to as the vast majority of business we capture is from messages left on the voicemail.

So Virgin appeared to have the best deal and strongest signal so I made the leap and got my new sim on Monday, I have had no voicemail since! Every day I call Virgin and they tell me it needs another day to register or it needs to be reset and given 24 hours or some such.

I was told today the problem is because i kept my old number it is not a number recognised by Virgin. I said 'But I need that number as it is on all advertising and all clients use it, the guy was a bit 'oh ....' I then said 'Also I need my voicemail as it captures the majority of the business whilst I can't get the phone' and he was like 'oh ....' again!

WTAF - when I first wanted to transfer I explained my needs to the rep and was told there was no issue and now I'm being told it is a big issue to both retain my number AND have voicemail!

He even said 'well that's a Vodafone number do you still have an account with them?' I said 'No - I'm with you now, that was the whole plan!!' He said 'Ok we need 24 hours' (again!) hmm

Has this happened to anyone else and has anyone been able to have this resolved? What can I do?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 01-May-15 16:42:40

You need to escalate this. Obviously something has gone wrong with the port, and they probably need to request your number again. This explains the process pretty comprehensively. You need to speak to someone who understands the process, rather than just a salesman.

BallsforEarrings Fri 01-May-15 17:15:12

Wow thank you so much ItsAllGoing

I have a little hope now, I'm going to read it now, many thanks! smile

Allstoppedup Fri 01-May-15 17:18:06

Have Vodafone provided the with the PAC code? They should be able to port it quite easily from network to network, I'm not sure why it's taking them so long to do so. Did you tell them you wished to move your number when you initially took out the virgin contract?

BallsforEarrings Fri 01-May-15 17:30:39

Hi Allstoppedup yes and I do have the number safely but no voicemail, which I do really need for business.

If it was just my personal phone I would make do without voicemail and be happy with that but voicemail is essential to our business. I have been literally killing myself to get the phone in case i miss a 'private number' call and can't call back! I did secure a lovely client by doing this but I can't always make it in time!

I wouldn't mind, we are near fully booked but when we grow again I will seriously need the voicemail!

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