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Plaited beards. WTF?

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AndyWarholsOrange Fri 01-May-15 10:13:48

To the man sat opposite me on the train this morning: Plaiting your beard and putting coloured beads in it does not make you look edgy and cool. It looks fucking stupid. That is all <grumpy emoticon >

glittertits Fri 01-May-15 10:19:09

Very grumpy indeed. It his beard, let him get on with it.

madreloco Fri 01-May-15 10:20:52

So now we're slagging off how men choose to look just the way we slag off women. I guess thats equality of sorts. hmm
Hope you checked with the other commuters that your look was acceptable, OP.

Whathaveilost Fri 01-May-15 10:21:08

It's a bit of fun. Why not.
Live and let live.

AndyWarholsOrange Fri 01-May-15 10:24:13

Ok Ok, I got out the wrong side of bed this morning. I think it's an age thing but I seem to increasingly becoming irrationally angry about silly things.

DoJo Fri 01-May-15 10:37:12

There are so many things worth getting angry about in this world; plaited beards don't even make the top 100 thousand for me.

magicstar1 Fri 01-May-15 10:38:43

Nothing wrong with it! I'm a biker and some of the guys have been doing this for years...when all the hipsters are gone, the bikers will still be doing it, and fair play to them.

SunnyBaudelaire Fri 01-May-15 10:40:56

well it is his beard you know!
one of our bus drivers puts a little plait in his and fixes it with a loom band.
it looks nice.

DoJo Fri 01-May-15 10:41:35

Sorry - somehow missed off my last sentence! I originally suggested that you channel that anger by going online and signing a petition or something about something that might actually allow you to purge some of that anger by achieving something, however small it is.

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