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To think that 25 years isn't enough?

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shadowfax07 Thu 30-Apr-15 23:41:14

This news story today:

I cannot imagine what Amelia's parents are going through, especially her mum. His own flesh and blood. If he were to serve 25 years, he'd be 70, but knowing he'll be out in 12 and a half years, with time off for good behaviour just doesn't seem enough.

RIP Amelia xx

hedgehogsdontbite Thu 30-Apr-15 23:59:57

Where do you get the 12 and a half years from? He got life and will serve at leas 25.

ilovesooty Fri 01-May-15 00:03:55

"has been jailed for life and will serve a minimum of 25 years"

He won't be out in twelve and a half years.

shadowfax07 Fri 01-May-15 00:05:49

Sorry, my mistake, I thought he been sentenced to 25 years, as reported on the local news.

zippey Fri 01-May-15 01:06:10

He has been jailed for 25 years. Sad story. Poor child.

Icimoi Fri 01-May-15 08:08:42

That's what really irritates me about certain elements of the media - they regularly report this type of sentence as if it is the normal type of sentence where there will be remission for time off, and they equally regularly brush over the fact that it is a minimum sentence and fail to explain the significance of that. It's all part of an agenda where they want their readers to be permanently miserable. The plain fact is that this man won't even be let out at 70 unless he demonstrates pretty conclusively that he is safe, and even then he will be on licence and liable to be recalled to prison without a trial if he so much as puts a foot wrong.

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