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to ask you what you foresee as the next coalition?

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ThisFenceIsComfy Thu 30-Apr-15 19:29:57

It's been the topic of much debate in my house. I do think it's going to be another coalition but which parties will sell their principles to the highest bidder join together?

Woozlebear Thu 30-Apr-15 19:31:47


ocelot41 Thu 30-Apr-15 20:17:19

I would be delighted to get Labour SNP. Think Tory UKIP Lib Dems more likely. Ugh.

YouBetterWerk Thu 30-Apr-15 20:25:36

Agree with ocelot on all counts.

Lib dem has got to be pretty much whitewashed though hasn't it? I can't see them getting much more than the Greens etc...

ghostyslovesheep Thu 30-Apr-15 20:28:26

Labour SNP plus others

I look forward to it

ghostyslovesheep Thu 30-Apr-15 20:29:41

UKIP wont get enough seats - the lib dems won't alighn themselves with UKIP

HirplesWithHaggis Thu 30-Apr-15 20:40:39

Labour minority gvt propped up by SNP, Plaid. No coalition.

hedgehogsdontbite Thu 30-Apr-15 20:42:49

I think it'll be Tory/Libdem again. Possibly with UKip thrown in, depending how desperate they are. I think the libdems will get slaughtered for their Faust's pact so nobody else will touch them with a barge pole and the other non-coalition parties won't want to make the same mistake. Apart from the Tories, who don't give a shit, and UKip, who are too thick and disconnected from reality.

Seriouslyffs Thu 30-Apr-15 20:48:18

Labour majority or minority propped up by, not in coalition with, SNP/Plaid/Green.
Hopefully after some unedifying scrabbling around from Tories/ Lib Dems and UKIP

Thurlow Thu 30-Apr-15 20:49:00

I've got a tenner riding with DP that it will be a Tory minority government rather than a coalition.

If it ends up being Labour/SNP I give it two years before another election. I'm not convinced that England and Wales will take well to SNP having a large role in government so soon after the referendum.

FaFoutis Thu 30-Apr-15 20:50:26

Labour SNP I hope.

hedgehogsdontbite Thu 30-Apr-15 20:51:36

I used to vote LibdDem. I hope they get absolutely trounced this time.

ByEck Thu 30-Apr-15 20:57:29

I feel the same about LD. Used to be a member. I think they'll be annihilated and deservedly so.

AuntieStella Thu 30-Apr-15 21:02:31

Tories more seats, but Labour lame duck minority government (relying on SNP) which collapses rapidly. Another election later this year.

ThisFenceIsComfy Thu 30-Apr-15 21:27:35

I agree that the Libdem are going to struggle this time round. I'm not even sure the Libdem would welcome another coalition after this catastrophic one. Catastrophic for them, at least. UKIP won't get enough seats. Farage is set to lose his. So is Clegg.

Labour/SNP..... hmmm.... Maybe.

How about the Green Party? Do you think they will come into play? Last time I looked they had 8% but will that convert to enough seats?

Topseyt Thu 30-Apr-15 21:29:34

I do think it currently looks like another hung parliament is on the cards.

It will be interesting to see though who holds the balance of power. The LibDems did last time obviously, but if they are all but obliterated, or at least very much reduced in number, then it will be much less clear how it could work.

I can't see a Labour minority government propped up by the SNP, Independents and other fringe parties really lasting long. It might well fall at the first hurdle.

I suspect the major parties may have to form some sort of a coalition, but whatever happens, we live in interesting times.

I thought that after the last General Election Vince Cable put it very well when he said that the electorate had just delivered the electoral equivalent of the "perfect snooker" to politicians.

I wonder if there will be another "perfect snooker" this time.

nikki1978 Thu 30-Apr-15 21:31:29

Ed Milliband just said on Question Time that he would never form a coalition with the SNP

Topseyt Thu 30-Apr-15 21:36:59

What they say now and what they do when the results are in and they actually have to chew over the reality could be two different things.

Interesting times anyway. I really find it all too close to call.

ThisFenceIsComfy Thu 30-Apr-15 21:37:28

Just caught up on what Ed said. Brave statement.

Aermingers Thu 30-Apr-15 21:38:13

I think that we may end up with a parliament where different parties do different deals on different issues without the power being held by one or two parties or a formal block.

ThisFenceIsComfy Thu 30-Apr-15 22:14:52

I'm struggling to see who exactly the a Tories would have to form a coalition with.

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