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To want to bang my head against a brick wall regarding dh's TV habits?

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MerryMarigold Wed 29-Apr-15 21:05:57


He is currently watching Dinner Date.
He watches that rubbish dating one Saturday...had to ask him what it's called...Take Me Out, that's it.
Also Britain's Got Talent and The Voice. hmm

Occasionally silly films that he watches a quarter of, in between flicking between another silly film.

And nothing else. Nothing I would be interested in (not much anyway, but I'm sure I could find something more interesting).
Drives me bananas.
I suppose I should be grateful he doesn't watch Big Brother.

Tell me I am not alone.

FarFromAnyRoad Wed 29-Apr-15 21:09:02

No. You're not alone. I can only get near the telly when he's away or ill. Sad but true. Otherwise it's wall to wall black and white potboilers or bloody QI (used to like that, he's killed it for me!) reruns, or buggering Time Team. If I try to watch anything it's just sigh, deeper sigh and very deep sigh!
I gave up.

MerryMarigold Wed 29-Apr-15 21:12:15

At least Time Team is vaguely interesting (if overly repetitive) and not reality TV.

ScaryMaryHinge Wed 29-Apr-15 21:12:15

My DH likes to endlessly watch programmes about men buying cars from other men, doing the cars up then selling them to some other men. Then at the weekends it's hours of formula one, from pre practice to the post race analysis. I'd love a bit of Dinner Date, I'm fucking sick of cars.

Peachybanana Wed 29-Apr-15 21:18:18

I feel your pain for the last week all that has been on our tv is snooker, football i can just about suffer but snooker bores the life out me shock��

Bakeoffcake Wed 29-Apr-15 21:24:00

Can't you ask him to watch something you both like?

Or, we take it turns to watch a programme each that we like. It's called sharing the TVgrin

ISpyPlumPie Wed 29-Apr-15 21:25:40

We also have the endless ficking, watching a random 10 minsbof a film here and and thus bloody spoiling it for those of us who would like to watch it in full one day

His programmes of choice are alien investigation type things and In search of Loch Ness Monster/Bigfoot/other fictional creature (clue - they never bloody find them). I'm sure divorce petitions have been founded on less grin

Fluffyears Wed 29-Apr-15 21:26:47

Formula fucking 1 aaaargh from Wednesday to the Sunday or dull football from teams he doesn't support. I quite like the car re-do shows. Dp is really selfish TV wise and I never really get much say in it angry

Kerberos Wed 29-Apr-15 21:31:41

ScaryMary - are you living with my DP? That's exactly what he's like too...

measles64 Wed 29-Apr-15 21:31:41

Gator boys, Ax men, pawn stars, anything on History, Discovery, Animal Planet he watches, I can tell the redneck accents a mile away. Missing Bones now for his George Gently. I just play on lappy or watch Netflix, anything for a quiet life. I pay for Sky and he says why we never watch it. Roflmao...

FarFromAnyRoad Wed 29-Apr-15 21:50:12

Did someone mention the endless flicking through God knows how many pages of Sky's TV Guide. From 101 through to 600 and something cursing loudly at the unspeakable crap and why do we pay for this shit. I swear the TV guide itself is entertainment for him. I am eternally grateful for my extra large kitchen with room to hide although I can still hear it.
I quite like those Ancient Alien programmes blush

Sparklingbrook Wed 29-Apr-15 21:52:12

This is what DH watches

Storage Hunters
Ed China tinkering with cars
BRandom people buying and selling cars especially old bangers classics.
People on desert islands with survival experts.
A couple that do up and sell houses in Las Vegas
A Sherlock thing with her out of Charlie's Angels in and him who used to be married to Angelina Jolie. Bad acting.

Fairylea Wed 29-Apr-15 21:55:27

Dh watches big bang on e4. All. The. Time.

It feels like we have big bang on permanently. I hate it now. We have had words about it and it's not on so much for a while and slowly it creeps back up again until it's on again non stop. Drives me absolutely nuts.

MoreBeta Wed 29-Apr-15 22:00:56

Erm ..... could I suggest you get another TV so you can both watch what you want?

We have 5 TVs which is one more TV than the number of people who live in the house.

<that may be overkill>

Gummygummygumdrops Wed 29-Apr-15 22:06:17

Bloody snooker has been constantly on my TV for weeks now! He tried to talk to me about it but it is so DULL!

HermioneGrangerHair Wed 29-Apr-15 22:06:43

I'm with Bakeoff. Switch to something you both like or take it in turns.

Christinayangstwistedsister Wed 29-Apr-15 22:39:13

As well as all of the above crap my dh wAtches fishing! I mean it is bad enough doing fishing but feckin watching it too!

ImperialBlether Wed 29-Apr-15 22:42:30

When my son is home we have to watch:

Top Gear
Louis Theroux
Anything with car chases
Anything with people with their faces blurred out
Anything about Death Row
Anything about gangs

He's not exactly a criminal type - musician, tall, skinny, quiet, but loves anything where someone else is in trouble. grin

GasLIghtShining Wed 29-Apr-15 22:50:39

I would kill to get to watch Dinner Date!

Half of DH's viewing is as Sparklingbrook DH with a great deal of Alaskan Gold and various other golds with a good spattering of deadly fishing (or some other ridiculous title).

I think Sparklingbrook from a thread I read you may live not too far from me so perhaps there's something in the water!

PeppermintCrayon Wed 29-Apr-15 23:15:12

My DH watches storage hunters, top gear, storage hunters and more top gear.

arethereanyleftatall Wed 29-Apr-15 23:17:50

Dinner date and take me out are my favourite shows. Your dh has fab taste!

slithytove Wed 29-Apr-15 23:20:51

DH watches the valleys hmm

lunalelle Wed 29-Apr-15 23:30:18

DH's television viewing generally includes grisly murders committed by fictional characters in fictional locations. Mostly, they are being impaled on ornate weapons or having their eyeballs gouged out.

Summerisle1 Wed 29-Apr-15 23:58:38

You need another TV! I can't really complain here because DH and I generally agree on what we want to watch in the evening and he doesn't channel hop. Something that would do my head in!

However, he's always been rather scathing about certain programmes so it has been very amusing to see what he actually watches on the TV in his room. A new TV bought while he was convalescing and which he thought he'd hardly ever watch but which is rarely turned off! It turns out he is addicted to:

Storage Hunters (what is it with men and this programme?)
Houses Under The Hammer
A weird reality cop show based in New Zealand - crime of the week being the theft of boiled sweets in the one I saw.
Only Connect

HowDoesThatWork Thu 30-Apr-15 00:12:27

Counter example... Tonight the tv has been on for 1 hour, for Part 3 of The Plantagenets. We often watch no tv at all. Certainly don't sit searching for shit to watch.

Ah, forgot, youngest watched half of Battle of The Five Armies. He likes watching stuff many times. I don't, so I don't.

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