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To be ashamed dh is voting conservative

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Jacobsmum1972 Wed 29-Apr-15 19:00:40

I'm very left wing dh is centre right Aibu to not want friends or family finding this out.

Jacobsmum1972 Wed 29-Apr-15 19:01:11

Forgot my whole family is very left so this adds to the reason.

ItsJustPaint Wed 29-Apr-15 19:03:15

Thank god we live in a democracy and people can vote for who they want.

Fleecyleesy Wed 29-Apr-15 19:04:31

Any of the three main parties are a valid choice IMO.

Yabu. It's not like he's voting UKIP.

Poor bloke having to put up with your family judging him. Me and my dh vote differently to eachother, FIL and MIL vote differently to eachother. It's really up to the individual to make a choice. Otherwise there's not much point in democracy.

TapDancingMollusc Wed 29-Apr-15 19:05:44

It's his vote...

AuntyMag10 Wed 29-Apr-15 19:05:45

Yabu and ridiculous. Can't he vote for whoever he wants?

Harleyjosh Wed 29-Apr-15 19:05:54

Yes YABVVVVVVU. Presumably your dh is allowed to have a mind of his own? Your family should appreciate that as should you.

CupidStuntSurvivor Wed 29-Apr-15 19:06:01

YABU to be so disrespectful of his political choices.

Marmaladedandelions Wed 29-Apr-15 19:06:11

Lots of people do. It is socially acceptable to vote conservative you know hmm

ThinkIveBeenHacked Wed 29-Apr-15 19:06:11

Meh. He is still the man you married. Someones political preferences dont intrinsically make them a bad person. They are a small factor in someones personality.

I personally dont know who DH is planning to vote for. It isnt important to me who he has a preference for:- I know he is a good, kind, honest, generous man, a great father and a wonderful husband. I dont judge him on which box he ticks and id be pissed off if anyone we know did.

Jacobsmum1972 Wed 29-Apr-15 19:06:29

I know I know, it's just family circumstances. My dad was a miner so you can understand the tory hatred their.

CtrlAltDelicious Wed 29-Apr-15 19:06:48

How ridiculous.

Blarblarblar Wed 29-Apr-15 19:07:47

I think you are being unreasonable but I totally understand how you feel, we just found out my FIL is voting UKIP. My DH is bereft he can't even talk about it he's so disgusted. However it's his choice.

Chiefbumwiper Wed 29-Apr-15 19:08:00

I think it's a good choice.

Wantsunshine Wed 29-Apr-15 19:08:14

I wonder if he is ashamed of you voting Labour.

Longtalljosie Wed 29-Apr-15 19:09:16

Was he not always centre right though confused. Or did he vote lib dem before which you could live with?

Mrsstarlord Wed 29-Apr-15 19:10:05

I can totally understand where you are coming from, I'd be the same (so would dh - mining background). It is a bit unreasonable but I totally get it.

MissDemelzaCarne Wed 29-Apr-15 19:10:34


scribblegirl Wed 29-Apr-15 19:11:17

Sorry, I'm as left as they come but the glory of democracy is that you have a right to vote for anyone who features on the ballot.

I would be upset if DH voted UKIP, but if he were truly informed of their policies and could make an argument for it, that is his right and his choice. Ditto me.

Of course, if the viewpoint isn't based in fact, on evidence, on policies and behaviour, then you have a right to challenge and he has a right to defend. You might both learn something from one another's views. But at the end of the day YABU to be disappointed in him.

Bowlersarm Wed 29-Apr-15 19:11:48

YABU. This is why voting should remain private. Ashamed of your Dh?? The mind boggles, it's just so immature.

fairyfuckwings Wed 29-Apr-15 19:11:51

My husband is too. I vote labour. Couldn't give a shit myself as they're all "much of a muchness ".

shewept Wed 29-Apr-15 19:13:24

So you and your family think democracy is ok, as long as you vote labour?

Jacobsmum1972 Wed 29-Apr-15 19:13:29

Former lib dem sorry this thread is a bit lighthearted I agree with democracy right to choose etc.

gamerchick Wed 29-Apr-15 19:13:34

Mines a Tory as well and I'm not. We just tend not to talk about it much.

The parentals are voting ukip so I'm screwed anyway.

Blarblarblar Wed 29-Apr-15 19:13:44

bowler you don't discuss politics with your partner?

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