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To have thought that these shoes would have been more readily available?

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BumpAndGrind Tue 28-Apr-15 12:29:08

I'm getting married!!! grin

As a dyspraxic, I decided flat shoes was the way to go and settled on some custom converse. I've picked the design and found someone to do it for me who will do a good job for a decent price.

I can't buy the converse.

All I want is the plain white (mono white) chuck taylor ox low tops.

I have the audacity to want them in a size 6.5 though.

Can't find them anywhere. I'm gutted.

Reignbeau Tue 28-Apr-15 12:30:35

Can you get them in a 7 and put an insole in?

olbas Tue 28-Apr-15 12:33:02

I just had a quick look and Selfridges have them, but they are probably £££ more than anywhere else

DoJo Tue 28-Apr-15 12:57:04

Are these not the ones on Amazon? Must admit I know FA about Converse, so probably not the most helpful! I selected mono white though and 6.5 adult came up as a size option...

BumpAndGrind Tue 28-Apr-15 13:15:58

Yes, they are the ones, DoJo, but I can't find them anywhere in a 6.5.

RachelWatts Tue 28-Apr-15 13:18:26

But they're available on the link DoJo posted. Says only 4 pairs left though.

Mangobubbles Tue 28-Apr-15 13:20:06

I am 5.5 in converse. I couldn't find half sizes anywhere in UK. I tried everywhere I couldn't possibly think of and have ended up asking a friend in America to get them for me and send them over.

NerrSnerr Tue 28-Apr-15 13:22:10

Have you looked on EBay?

BigRedBall Tue 28-Apr-15 13:22:24

Yes they're available in dojo's link! 4 pairs left for ~ £48

BumpAndGrind Tue 28-Apr-15 13:22:42

Ah, yes, scroll down!

The reviews suugest they aren't true to sizing though...fakes?

BigRedBall Tue 28-Apr-15 13:22:54

Size 6.5UK

BumpAndGrind Tue 28-Apr-15 19:43:20

Ok, I have ordered them and I'm hoping they are the right ones when they arrive.

Thank you everyone for helping me find them.

BumpAndGrind Wed 06-May-15 12:39:58

They have arrived...

They are wrong. I contacted the seller. It was a listing error and they don't actually have them.

They are white, but the lace eyelets are a really dark metallic grey.

I'm going to keep them. The design and writing will be in black anyway and I will have coloured ribbon covering most of them and you won't be able to see them anyway.

I'm a bit disappointed. DP keeps telling me they are just shoes. He's right, but they are costing me a lot of money 3 times my top end budget for any pair of normal shoes and I will have them forever more and always wish the eyelets were white.

Would a cobblers be able to change them?

BumpAndGrind Wed 06-May-15 12:42:05

I've spent more hours sorting these damn shoes than I ever did on the dress. confused

BigRedBall Wed 06-May-15 13:12:28



mumwithovertime Wed 06-May-15 13:49:26

If you can still return them have you looked at ' office ' ......looks like they might have them ?

hedgehogsdontbite Wed 06-May-15 13:56:43

Get a white touch-up pen from Halfords and colour the eyelets yorself.

GloGirl Wed 06-May-15 13:59:19

I'm going to PM you the link to an awesome maker of custom converse. Well, I think they're unbranded converse but that style. Any design you want for £30 star

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