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AIBU to commend channel four for shutting down E4 during most of Polling day..

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Lardylassnomore Wed 22-Apr-15 20:04:07

N an effort to get youn people to vote?

I commend them on their action!

TwoLeftSocks Wed 22-Apr-15 20:08:00

Wow, I'm impressed. Wonder if it'll work.

Lardylassnomore Wed 22-Apr-15 20:11:06

Forgot the link!

LongDistanceLove Wed 22-Apr-15 20:12:12

It's a little insulting to under 25's. And pure arrogance from e4.

Voter apathy in under 25's isn't going to be resolved by a crappy TV station not showing repeats of big bang theory.

Fauxlivia Wed 22-Apr-15 20:13:20

If people would only vote because there's nothing on E4, then I'd question whether they should be voting!

Besides, Sky will still be on.

AuntieStella Wed 22-Apr-15 20:15:38

I didn't realise that it was a channel for 16-34 year olds!

I'm definitely not that demographic, but like my early evening US sitcom fix.

Good gimmick, I suppose. I bet their daytime audience is tiny anyhow.

catgirl1976 Wed 22-Apr-15 20:15:47

Good on them.

I do think if they want the "youth" vote, then they really need to making voting an on-line process. I think that alone would put voting up into the 90% range.

If you can do your tax return on-line I can't see why they can't make voting on-line feasable and secure.

They could even do an app with a BGT style buzzer or something........ I bet loads of people would vote then.

TheJiminyConjecture Wed 22-Apr-15 20:16:15

Pretty sure it won't make any difference and slightly patronising to young people.

Maybe a voting app would make it easier in general for people to vote? I'm sure I read somewhere in the last election that more people vote during x factor et al than in the general election. Which is depressing but the ease of voting has to be a factor in this.

shewept Wed 22-Apr-15 20:16:17

I am sorry but I think this is funny. Somebody at channel four thinks young people won't vote if E4 is on? Where the hell did they come up with that?

I am with faux if reruns of charmed, how I met your mother and big bang put you off voting.....there is a larger problem.

Lardylassnomore Wed 22-Apr-15 20:16:28

I don't see it like that at all. I think it's a brave move

IAmAPaleontologist Wed 22-Apr-15 20:17:55

Are there that many people who would not vote purely because they were watching E4?

OddBoots Wed 22-Apr-15 20:18:52

It's publicity - I'm sure that they don't really think that people don't vote because they want to watch repeats on TV but doing this gets people talking about both voting and about the channel - it's win-win.

shewept Wed 22-Apr-15 20:19:13

I am laughing at this. But I am in this age group, so really I should find it insulting.

I can not imagine saying 'shall I go vote? Nahh I really want to watch reruns all day instead'

I must be the only person in this age group that enjoys the process of going and voting.

shewept Wed 22-Apr-15 20:20:11

Its not brave, its a gimmick. They know full well having E4 on will not effect voting at all.

OrlandoWoolf Wed 22-Apr-15 20:21:50

I wonder how many young people are working or in education rather than watching E4?

If they aren't working or in education, they need to vote so they can hopefully get a party in which will look out for them.

shakemysilliesout Wed 22-Apr-15 20:37:54

When will they show season 4 of Melissa and joey!

HoneyDragon Wed 22-Apr-15 20:42:42

When Mumsnet goes offline do we

A) do something productive and meaning ful with our time?


B) go on facebook and Twitter to moan about Mumsnet being off?

Good press for E4 and ITV2s ratings we'll get a boost.

WingsofNylon Wed 22-Apr-15 21:32:29

What? I won't be able to watch e4...that has convinced me, I will use that time to vote! I was so worried about not getting my tv fix.

Lardylassnomore Wed 22-Apr-15 22:10:35

You have to admit that commercially it's a brave decision

VikingVolva Sat 25-Apr-15 12:31:11

I've just seen it.

It's like the 'E4 useless facts. Always useless. Not always facts'

Yes, reminder to vote. Not more than that, I suspect.

SnotQueen Sat 25-Apr-15 12:34:11

Aw shit, I meant to vote but Rules of Engagement was on, so.......


Jewels234 Sat 25-Apr-15 12:36:03

YABU. it's unbelievably patronising.

ElizabethHoover Sat 25-Apr-15 12:36:41

what a pile of bollocks

Gruntfuttock Sat 25-Apr-15 12:36:47

I had no idea that at my advanced age (61) I shouldn't be watching E4. I never get tired of watching TBBT.

TeWiSavesTheDay Sat 25-Apr-15 12:37:21

I don't think it's a terrible idea, I'm in their target age range and if I came home having forgotten about the election (you would be surprised how easy this is to do if you are not particularly engaged) it would at least be a reminder...

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