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To be really excited that a woman is having a baby. Again. I mean, no one else has ever had a baby, have they?

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dougierose Mon 20-Apr-15 23:50:17

And it's going to be on the TELLY! And in the papers. And all over Twitter. We've got three weeks of this.

TheSpottedZebra Mon 20-Apr-15 23:51:54

But it's a special baby.
Not as special as the last one, mind, but a lot better than all of us plebs.

Springtimemama Mon 20-Apr-15 23:56:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WorraLiberty Mon 20-Apr-15 23:58:49

I'd rather that than the elections tbh, it's doing my head in now.

1944girl Tue 21-Apr-15 00:00:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pyjamaschocolateandwine Tue 21-Apr-15 00:03:39

Ah all babies are special though.

My main thought is poor Diana not being here to have all the fun of seeing her grown up sons. And welcoming dils. And grandchildren.

Still the press would have been pointing out how old/fat/thin/botoxed she looked so she wouldn't have ever been left to just enjoy and grow older with dignity.

Would abolish the royals in a heart beat but wish kate and William all the best.

Sparklingbrook Tue 21-Apr-15 00:04:27

Wouldn't it be terrible if the baby arrived on May 7th? grin

123rd Tue 21-Apr-15 00:08:47

Oh I hope kate can cross her legs til then!! The news reported that people have begun to camp outside the hospital. Poor woman, it's bad enough receiving those pigging annoying text messages saying" haven't you dropped yet !!" Let alone people camping out for it all to kick off.

TheFairyCaravan Tue 21-Apr-15 00:12:35

I'm going on holiday on Wednesday so I would like it to be born sometime between then and the 30th so I can miss it all on the TV. We were on holiday when George was born too, so missed all that bollocks as well!

WorraLiberty Tue 21-Apr-15 00:12:56

Sparkling grin

I reckon they'd shove it back up.

Pyjamaschocolateandwine Tue 21-Apr-15 00:29:31


Our 26 wedding anniversary is may 7th.

Bad enough Cameron stealing our day but kate too! Tis a plot!

Sparklingbrook Tue 21-Apr-15 00:32:24

Ooh Pyjamas* you could be in the local paper grinning like a loon with your other half at the Polling Station with a glass of champers for your anniversary. smile

WorraLiberty Tue 21-Apr-15 00:38:12

Or a Daily Mail sad face, bottle of cheap cider and a bag of chips? grin

Pyjamaschocolateandwine Tue 21-Apr-15 00:44:18

Loving that sparkling but it's closer to bloody worra unfortunately.

Mind chips are always good wink

maroonedwithfour Tue 21-Apr-15 01:01:40

You big tease. I thought the spare had arrived. Meh.

FireCanal Tue 21-Apr-15 01:06:06

I assumed that as well. I'm avoiding the news a bit more than usual due to election boredom, but this is the first mention of said baby I've come across for a few days.
So I think you are guilty of stoking the fire wink

Arsenic Tue 21-Apr-15 01:07:47

You have to be excited and whoop a lot and exclaim how wonderful it all is and how much you love babies you've never met and never will.

Otherwise all the royalist loons descend and insist you are JEALOUS.

Have a flag and tooting thing smile

Coumarin Tue 21-Apr-15 01:10:19

People who get excited about total strangers being pregnant and giving birth baffle me. I just don't get it.

My sisters sit and list everyone in town who has given birth in the previous month, along with the babies sex, weight and time of birth. They don't even know these women, they're billy the butcher's wife's cousin's niece.


So yes, it's tedious beyond belief. grin

JeanneDeMontbaston Tue 21-Apr-15 01:18:49

Wow. I'd forgotten all about it, but clearly don't have the level of interest people on this thread do. wink

Coumarin Tue 21-Apr-15 01:19:47

When is it due?

Aussiemum78 Tue 21-Apr-15 01:20:59

Personally I find the whole concept of inherited titles outdated and insulting.
some baby is about to be 5th in lie for the throne, because they were born. Woop de doo. Clever baby.

The idea that "breeding" selects people to rule over "commoners" is horrible. I don't know why English people support this patronizing crap, buying commemorative mugs and supporting the whole "these people are better than us" thing.

House of Lords should be completely democratic too. Not an inbred boys club or whatever it is now.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Tue 21-Apr-15 01:23:24

I'm another one who would prefer weeks of "Kate might go into labour, today", "the clever money is on a girl named Elizabeth", "insiders have reported that Kate has arrived with a pink toothbrush. Is this a clue to the sex of the baby?" etc. etc. than constant election shite. So long as Kay Burley isn't the one spouting said baby nonsense.

Especially as where I live we have a well known Tory MP & fuck all chance of anyone else coming close to him. So my vote really does mean fuck all. I'd love to live in a close constituency, and actually feel like my vote mattered.

Ratfinkandbobo Tue 21-Apr-15 01:27:46

I'm with you Aussiemum
I hate it all

SuperMumTum Tue 21-Apr-15 01:36:43

I'm 40 + 4 with my second so feeling quite sorry for Kate but also quite pathetically excited that my baby might share a birthday with the royal baby.

It must be the hormones, someone slap me.

MarathonRunnersWife Tue 21-Apr-15 02:03:07

I feel sorry for Kate. Heavily pregnant and the whole world watching.

It's the marathon this weekend so it'll be interesting what the response is like if baby arrives on Sunday.

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