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To say Slimming world food is disgusting?

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CountingThePennies Thu 16-Apr-15 13:36:43

I joined Slimming world again on Monday. I did it for 4 months around 4 years ago and lost 2 stone.

Im now bigger than i ve ever been so rejoined.

I didnt do any of the recipes last time from the books and found the diet boring which is why i gave it up.

This time i was determined to buy the cookbooks and do a variety of different things to avoid me getting fed up with it.

So far i have cooked 3 meals out the books and all have been disgusting!!

I ve even tried the slimming world meals from iceland, again it was disgusting and i had 2 mouthfuls and that was it.

Im a member of a slimming world group on facebook and people are posting pictures of their tea and saying it was delicious!

Aibu to think the meals are far from delicious?

mrsmeerkat Thu 16-Apr-15 13:39:25

I did t like it either op but why not vary your own recipes and do it the way you lost weight before.

I like the old weight watcher plan .. Before pro points. I am sick of weight watchers changing all of the time. So every now and then I do it my own way.

ebwy Thu 16-Apr-15 13:39:52

when I did slimming world I only ever did one recipe from the books, and none of their own food.

I also didn't buy nimble bread more than once (yuck!) nor quark soft cheese (ick!)

I did buy the book which told me the syn values of everything and made my decisions based on that when planning meals and shopping.
I even baked fairy cakes without breaking the meal plan

You don't need to buy their recipes nor their meals!

QueQuesto Thu 16-Apr-15 13:41:45

You don't have to use their recipes, I never bought any of their recipe books or magazines just make sure your ingredients are free food and you'll be fine. The ready meals do look pretty vile though.

CountingThePennies Thu 16-Apr-15 13:42:10

I ve decided to do my own diet and cut out rubbish completely but still go to the group as i find it inspiring hearing peoples losses every week and if i dont go to a group i think i will start to cheat

TheMoa Thu 16-Apr-15 13:42:30

I don't know - can you give an example of a recipe you didn't like?

I don't get the logic behind those diets though, surely you just need to eat stuff you actually like, in moderation?

I have seen the WW cakes in the supermarket though. 108 calories in a teeny weeny bit of processed cake! I think I'd have eaten the whole packet before noticing I'd encountered a cake at all grin.

dragdownthemoon Thu 16-Apr-15 13:42:40

There is so much food you can eat on SW that I don't think you can say all of it is disgusting! I eat curry, spaghetti bolognese, shepherds pie, jerk chicken, roast dinner... All usual meals that I would eat when not doing SW but with lean mince, or fat free yoghurt instead of cream in the curry, no butter in the mash, frylight instead of oil etc.

I love SW food because there is so much variety! That said I had the iceland Singapore noodles today and was far from impressed.

What would a non-SW dinner be for you?

CountingThePennies Thu 16-Apr-15 13:43:42

Oh nimble bread!!

I bought that on Monday, very dry and flimsy

Idontseeanydragons Thu 16-Apr-15 13:46:00

We're doing SW and I'm just using the food values to do the shopping then adapting my own stuff accordingly. The one recipe book I have seems very bland, especially to DH so YANBU there.
However he's lost 2 stone and I've lost just under 1 so somebody somewhere is doing something right gringrin

CountingThePennies Thu 16-Apr-15 13:46:41

Before i started slimming world i would eat fish from the counter, veg with mash and gravy.

Same with lamb and chicken

I would make mince meat and onions with mash and gravy.

The problem with me is the sweets, cakes and biscuits ontop of what i cook thats the problem.

CountingThePennies Thu 16-Apr-15 13:47:48

The cook books seem to use alot of seasonings which clash with each other in the same meal.

thegreylady Thu 16-Apr-15 13:49:07

I love SW food too. SW chips are amazing and I love that I can have pasta, rice potatoes without syns. Basically you cut down on bread, avoid cakes biscuits and pastry and eat lean protein, fruit and veg freely. What's not to like?
I find the Iceland ready meals variable. I like the Singapore noodles and the chicken pizzaiola best.
I have lost 2st 4 and a half in 10 months and find it easy.

CountingThePennies Thu 16-Apr-15 13:49:44

From slimming world books i made

Quiche - disgusting
Tomato, bacon and lentil soup - was much worse than the quiche!

And last night i had the pasta with root roasted veg from the iceland meal

TheShouldersOfGiants Thu 16-Apr-15 13:50:10

I have never done any diet plan like weight waters or slimming world, I don't understand them.

I did however see on facebook someone post something about a slimming world meal that involves cooking chicken in diet coke and felt sick just reading about it so based on that alone, I imagine all the meals to be rank.

CountingThePennies Thu 16-Apr-15 13:50:53


I think you are unique!

thegreylady Thu 16-Apr-15 13:50:59

Thicken your gravies and sauces with Smash instant potato and use Bovril for flavour. Make your mash with milk from allowance and no butter.

CountingThePennies Thu 16-Apr-15 13:51:57


Ahhh diet coke chicken! They seem to rave about it, i cant stand fizzy drinks

TheShouldersOfGiants Thu 16-Apr-15 13:56:07

I just googled it because I wasn't sure it was actually a thing but it is.
In a slow cooker?! I mean please, I just can't even process that.

Sounds like a diet for jokers imho.

Don't eat crap, eat more protein and veggies, save complex carbs for earlier in the day and don't eat too late at night. AND don't slow cook your meat in fizzy piece of crap drinks filled with additives - there you go, a new diet plan for you, for free!

Lolamon Thu 16-Apr-15 14:01:28

IMO its a craptacular "diet" the amount of pasta n sauce and processed crap is unreal! I follow a few sw people and im not sold on it!

ive been put on a diet through health trainers on nhs and its been brilliant just taking everything back to basics 5 fruit and veg a day and no crap!

i dont consider a fry up even if its in fry light very healthy sorry sw sad

GraysAnalogy Thu 16-Apr-15 14:01:48


They aren't technically slimming world recipes anyway, they're slimming world friendly. Like the chilli I've noticed is exactly the same ingredients as I would use when making my own without using their book. And the spicy beef soup.

I regularly make things like that and they're lovely, my family and friends love my curries, chilli, soups, stews etc.

BUT if you're talking about all these shitty 'fakeaway' things using smash as a chicken coating to make KFC chicken (which tastes nothing like it) or using Quark for everything then YANBU

CountingThePennies Thu 16-Apr-15 14:04:18

There are 6 seasonings in that chilli

TheShouldersOfGiants Thu 16-Apr-15 14:04:46

Smash as a chicken coating?? Oh my days hmm

GraysAnalogy Thu 16-Apr-15 14:06:02

Like this is just a bog standard recipe, and it's really good, but because the ingredients are all 'free' on slimming world they've shoved it in the book.

So I would say YABU to say they're all disgusting

GraysAnalogy Thu 16-Apr-15 14:07:34

There are 6 seasonings in that chilli

And confused lots of recipes use lots of seasonings. Making curries from scratch takes a load as well. This isn't limited to slimming world.

GraysAnalogy Thu 16-Apr-15 14:09:44

Jamie Oliver's chilli has just as many.

BBC good food.

If you know anything about cooking then you should know that foods need a variation of seasoning confused

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