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YODEL are delivering my parcel

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FriendlyFrog Thu 16-Apr-15 03:50:43

Bought a large (plastic) item off ebay recently - Arranged with the seller for it to be sent via My Hermes. Everything was fine until it turned up earlier this week cracked and damaged beyond use or repair, despite the best efforts of the seller to package it properly (the plastic shards in the box gave the game away that the damage was done once it was sealed rather than the seller sending it that way) Have now put in a claim with MH for the damage..

In the meantime I've been trying to source a replacement item. They don't seem to be stocked in any high street stores so buying one outside of the internet isn't an option. Found one today - only to be told its YODEL that are going to be delivering it hmm
I've never heard anything good about them (Google tells its own horror stories) and now I'm having serious concerns that I'll soon have a matching pair of broken items.. any positive stories of Yodel at all?

TellingTheBees Thu 16-Apr-15 04:08:57

It depends on your local driver I think. I have never had an issue with them and have used them lots. I have heard the horror stories though. Good luck.

HellKitty Thu 16-Apr-15 04:39:33

I've heard bad things about them too and my heart would sink when I'd get a notification that Yodel were delivering my stuff. Never had a problem. Always polite, on time and parcels in one piece. I think you only hear the bad and never the good.

velocityofbeans Thu 16-Apr-15 04:57:13

As a confirmed internet shopper, I have had a lot of parcels delivered by Yodel, never had a problem with them, even light bulbs arrived intact last week.

There are plenty of websites/fb pages bemoaning Yodel, but I don't think I've ever seen one saying they just do their job without problems, happy customers don't shout maybe

DesperatelySeekingSanity Thu 16-Apr-15 05:10:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brownie31 Thu 16-Apr-15 05:13:07

I've found Yodel to be fine, never any problems and I have a lot of deliveries. Hermes I don't trust to deliver safely, had 2 parcels from different retailers go missing last week.

DonnaKebab66 Thu 16-Apr-15 06:17:53

I hate Yodel with a passion. They were due to send me a parcel at Christmas and basically lied through their teeth about it eg stating they'd attempted delivery when they hadn't etc. I had an Amazon delivery yesterday, which they left in next doors recycling bin. Nice.

ishouldcocoa Thu 16-Apr-15 06:22:31

Our local Yodel man is lovely. Stuff always arrives in good nick.

RebootYourEngine Thu 16-Apr-15 07:03:09

We only have one delivery man & he is lovely. He delivers for just about any company. I agree thst people are more likely to complain about the bad & keep quiet about the good.

Etihad Thu 16-Apr-15 07:08:51

Oh dear, good luck with that.

According to the lovely guy at Argos who dealt with my complaint on Saturday, Yodel's latest trick is to drive past your house, then log it at a 'not in, card put through door' - so their GPS shows they were in the area.

LittleChristmasPud Thu 16-Apr-15 07:12:47

I've heard bad things about yodel on here but I've had a few items delivered by them in the past couple of years and I've never had a problem, they've usually sent me a text giving me a 2 hour time slot and I've always received the item promptly in perfect condition

scissy Thu 16-Apr-15 07:16:17

Our local yodel driver is good. At least they're better than the last one. They now leave parcels with neighbours if I'm out rather than throwing them over the 6ft fence hmm. So yes, it really does depend on what your local driver is like. Hopefully yours is a good one!

Catsahoy Thu 16-Apr-15 07:20:14

Our Yodel man is lovely. Never a problem here. Luck of the draw I guess.

My Hermes here is awful. Strange wee man in a wee punto. Stuff has arrived damp/wet once hmm angry

crazykat Thu 16-Apr-15 07:21:53

It depends on what the driver is like tbh. I've had good experiences with yodel and bad - like when they left a card saying my order of over £100 worth of Christmas presents was in my kids plastic playhouse, they either didn't leave it or its was stolen before I got home. As pp have said you tend to remember the bad more than the good.

I've also had problems with my hermes when I ordered something which turned up in a dozen pieces despite the abundance of "fragile items" warnings on the box.

RedButtonhole Thu 16-Apr-15 07:23:42

Never had a problem with Yodel, items have always been in tact and never left in the stupid places I've read about on here like inside bins or on the doorstep in pissing rain.

If I'm not in they hand in next door or to local shop which is really handy.

QueenofLouisiana Thu 16-Apr-15 07:27:45

Sorry my Yodel experience was crap. Flowers for my mum dumped at her gate at the end of the garden beside a busy road. No attempt to walk to the door or even leave them in the designated safe place. My mum found them the following day.

I will never order flowers from Waitrose again- even though the flowers themselves were lovely (if a bit damp from being stuck outside).

NerrSnerr Thu 16-Apr-15 07:28:48

I have never had a problem with Yodel either.

SoupDragon Thu 16-Apr-15 07:31:00

any positive stories of Yodel at all?

I have never had a problem with them. From previous threads, it seems to depends a lot on your area and what the drivers are like.

The courier service I have had most problems with is UPS.

CaulkheadUpNorth Thu 16-Apr-15 07:31:55

No problem with yodel here. Definitely depends on the driver. A friend used to drive for my Hermes and loved it, but the parcels arrived at hers at 5am each day so they could be delivered as early as possible to customers shock

Ludways Thu 16-Apr-15 07:33:43

I've only knowingly had one item delivered to me by yodel. No problems at all, delivered in one piece and on time.

ineedausername Thu 16-Apr-15 07:35:26

Both Yodel and Hermes are good here... It definitely depends on the driver.

BaronessEllaSaturday Thu 16-Apr-15 07:36:20

I love Yodel for deliveries here, they seem to have predictable rounds so I know roughly what time of day to expect them so don't need to wait in. Think it very much depends on your local depot how good the service is.

Cherryapple1 Thu 16-Apr-15 07:37:35

I have never had a problem either. If you google any company I am sure you will find horror stories.

But why are you claiming with Hermes for the broken item - surely that is up to the seller to arrange?

AnythingNotEverything Thu 16-Apr-15 07:39:49

Yodel are fine here.

Do remember that if you have any issues with an Internet order, your relationship is with the seller, not the courier, so complain at source. It's not your job to chase parcels is the delivery firm. Any problems, go back to the seller and make them deal with it.

cathpip Thu 16-Apr-15 07:45:45

etihad that's precisely what they did with my last delivery! they even had the balls to tell me which neighbour they left it with. Good job I live in a small village as the chap they had delivered my parcel too bought it round, he doesn't even have the same postcode!!

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