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To think it's wrong to say someone's attractive.....";for their age"

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Songlark Mon 13-Apr-15 14:40:30

I hear it said a lot about older women. Comments like "for her age she's quite attractive" or "she's good looking for her age".
I just think the age bit is irrelevant. If someone is attractive, they're attractive, why add the "for her age" bit on.

Blarblarblar Mon 13-Apr-15 14:43:49

Drives me nuts!!! You look amazing...... for your age. I find it really patronising. I wouldn't say that to someone I'd just tell them they look gorgeous. smile

Sparklingbrook Mon 13-Apr-15 14:45:40

Isn't it more to do with them looking after themselves?

Are you not allowed to say someone looks young for their age? That's a compliment isn't it?

Bowlersarm Mon 13-Apr-15 14:45:54

Oh really? I think I'm guilty of this then. I even say it about myself if I get compliments.

CaitlinNewStart Mon 13-Apr-15 14:48:07


And why say someone looks 'young for their age'? What does 40, 45, 50, 60 (and so on) look like?

Sparklingbrook Mon 13-Apr-15 14:49:47

I have no idea. I will just add it to the ever growing list of things that must not be done/said I think.


Songlark Mon 13-Apr-15 14:50:51

No I think it kind of infers that older people aren't normally attractive. That's my take on it anyway, perhaps I'm wrong, but why on earth should age come in to it.

Songlark Mon 13-Apr-15 14:51:48

Sorry to baffle you Sparkling

Floisme Mon 13-Apr-15 14:51:51

Yup, drives me wild too. Why is it a compliment?

'You look good' is perfectly sufficient.

Bowlersarm Mon 13-Apr-15 14:52:33

Yep Sparkling another thing MN has taught us not to utter. I would have thought it a nice thing to say, but oh well.

Sparklingbrook Mon 13-Apr-15 14:53:07

It's ok Songlark, it's my usual state lately. grin

TBF I am sure nobody ever says 'You look good for your age' to a person's face do they?

Bowlersarm Mon 13-Apr-15 14:55:43

I don't think you would say it to someone's face Floisme. To them you would say "You look good" I agree to add ......"for your age" would be not so great.

Songlark Mon 13-Apr-15 14:56:06

Well I've had it said to me. sad

HellKitty Mon 13-Apr-15 14:56:47

I suppose it's like, 'you look slim...for your size'.

Floisme Mon 13-Apr-15 14:57:30

Oh but they do Bowlersarm I promise you grin I'm afraid they catch the rough end of my tongue.

AuntyMag10 Mon 13-Apr-15 14:59:23

Yabu and I think trying very hard to be offended. I think it's a compliment.

Sparklingbrook Mon 13-Apr-15 15:00:39

Are you allowed to say they have 'a picture in the attic' or is that a no no?

Floisme Mon 13-Apr-15 15:00:43

grin at trying hard to be offended If only I had to try....

Blarblarblar Mon 13-Apr-15 15:01:08

I've had it said to me. I'd just take you look great today I allways feel it's a but compliment.

Bowlersarm Mon 13-Apr-15 15:02:02

Well then I agree with you OP and Flo! I think it's rude to say it to someone's face; but a compliment if you're talking about someone. Assuming you know the age of the person you are talking about.

Or doesn't that make sense confused. I'm confusing myself now grin

abigamarone Mon 13-Apr-15 15:02:50

Why is it a bad thing though? I think Honor Blackman looks great at, or 'for' 89, but I'm sure even she would agree she doesn't look quite as good as she did 50 years ago.

Floisme Mon 13-Apr-15 15:03:57

Do people really not get it?
<shoots self>

Bowlersarm Mon 13-Apr-15 15:04:23

I was thinking about Honor Blackman too, she seems to epitomise the phrase.

Sparklingbrook Mon 13-Apr-15 15:05:38

I am never speaking to anyone ever again in case I am offending.

Songlark Mon 13-Apr-15 15:05:46

It's usually younger men that say it.

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