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To think that Cinderella is a poor choice to put Frozen Fever on with?

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Vickisuli Tue 07-Apr-15 17:56:34

Surely there a huge numbers of pre-schoolers/toddlers who are obsessed with Frozen and desperate to see the new short, Frozen Fever, but for whom the new live action Cinderella film is way too old?

My 9 year old enjoyed both (she went with a friend), but my 6 and 4 year olds both say they don't want to see Cinderella (having seen a trailer) - I haven't told them about Frozen Fever being on with it. So my choices are: pay cinema prices to go and see a 10 minute film then leave, make them sit through a film that is too old for them, or wait until Christmas for it to come out on DVD?!!

Surely it's not just me?

crumbleofblackberries Tue 07-Apr-15 18:03:14

The new Cinderella is not too old for them as it has a U rating!

MrsCakesPrecognitionisSwitched Tue 07-Apr-15 18:04:47

What makes you think the new Cinderella is too old?

JemFinch Tue 07-Apr-15 18:05:12

I think it is too old - I own two frozen obsessed 3.8 year olds but I think they would annoy the older kids watching Cinderella by losing interest.

Mamiof3 Tue 07-Apr-15 18:05:57

Took 3 reception girls to watch Cinderella they loved it

TheWhiteRoad Tue 07-Apr-15 18:06:17

My 6 year old and 3 year old both loved Cinderella. They know the story and it kept them entertained. So I think YABU.

lunar1 Tue 07-Apr-15 18:07:22

My boys 6&3 love frozen but they are absolutely refusing to go see Cinderella. They could have added it to all the disney films out to get a bigger audience.

sakura06 Tue 07-Apr-15 18:14:16

My 3 year old didn't enjoy 'Cinderella' unfortunately. She is a fairly regular cinemagoer, but still finds live-action hard to concentrate on, but loves cartoons. I guess it's a great marketing ploy from Disney though, as I'm sure many people went primarily to see 'Frozen Fever'.

Noeuf Tue 07-Apr-15 18:17:27

The trailer for Cinderella makes it look really tedious and not as fun and pacey.

WidowWadman Tue 07-Apr-15 18:20:13

Frozen Fever was dire and unnecessary, whilst Cinderella was quite enjoyable. So yes, they could've chosen a better short.

Kampeki Tue 07-Apr-15 18:22:33

Surely Cinderella is aimed at a young audience, isn't it? DD is 9, and wasn't interested in it because she felt it was for younger kids. I'm sure she'd enjoy it if she went to see it, but I imagine the target age group is pretty similar to Frozen, no?

KatyMac Tue 07-Apr-15 18:23:39

Do you think 'shorts' are on the way back - I always used to love them as a child

MarbulousMagic Tue 07-Apr-15 18:25:46

My 7 & 4 year old loved cinderella

sosix Tue 07-Apr-15 18:27:33

It depends on the 3 year old. Dd1 and 2 would have enjoyed it, dd3 was 5 before she could sit still in the cinema. Ywbu v ur to pay to watch a 1o mintue cartoon.

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 07-Apr-15 18:30:03

In the olden days, it was possible to time your cinema visit so that you could enter with a ticket, see one film and then get into another. Just saying...

Vickisuli Fri 10-Apr-15 22:48:49

The reason I think it's too old is : it's live action and more likely to be scary/sad (DD1 did talk about the fact it starts earlier in the story, so you go through the trauma of the mother dying and father leaving.) DD2 is quite sensitive when watching films. Also it just doesn't seem very fun as others have said. Also they didn't enjoy Maleficent.

I don't really think the argument that it is U means it is necessarily suitable for young ones. It's not even that it would be unsuitable / scary but that films that are too wordy, not fast moving enough don't hold the interest of little ones. This will be the issue with DS age 4, who likes Frozen because of the singing, the funny snowman etc but quickly loses interest in lovey dovey stuff.

While Cinderella the animated movie is suitable for tinies, I'm still not convinced that the live action one is aimed at the same audience as Frozen.

Vickisuli Fri 10-Apr-15 22:55:39

Just watched trailer again and it's actually PG, and also definitely not aimed at little ones. Looks very beautiful but not aimed at small children.

Grange Fri 10-Apr-15 23:03:02

My children of a similar age loved Cinderella, although the youngest did cry a little when the mother died.
There was a woman with 4 small children who just saw the frozen trailer then left before Cinderella. A lot of money for 7 minutes! I thought the trailer wasn't great either.

TheWhiteRoad Fri 10-Apr-15 23:07:48

The British Board of Film Classification gave Cinderella a U certificate OP.

I don't really see what you're getting so irate about. My pre-schooler enjoyed Cinderella. Frozen Fever was pretty crap though TBH.

TeaAfficionado Fri 10-Apr-15 23:21:08

It's a U for mild emotional trauma (so it says - I cried at least twice, but in my defence I'm 39 weeks pregnant blush). Cinderella was more engaging than I expected but is quite sad at the beginning - not sure what age its most suitable. Sorry - not helpful!

GardeningWithDynamite Fri 10-Apr-15 23:22:15

DD - age 6 found Cinderella absolutely fine and she watched Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast through her fingers. I thought it was a good film. If you don't watch it at the cinema then definitely consider it when it comes on tv/dvd.

The Frozen short is bound to make it onto Sky on demand at some point.

CalleighDoodle Fri 10-Apr-15 23:23:40

My 3 and 5 year old were not interested in cinderella. £50 poorly spent :/

MrsCakesPrecognitionisSwitched Fri 10-Apr-15 23:30:47

Definitely classified as a U.
I can understand that you don't want to take your children to see it, that is your decision absolutely.
But I'm not clear why you seem so cross about it and keen to stop other parents from choosing to take their own children to see it.

fluffymouse Fri 10-Apr-15 23:31:46

My dd aged 4 adored Cinderella. It is perfectly suitable for that age. I took her with her friend, recently turned 4, who also loved it. Frozen fever was the main motivator to go, but we all of loved Cinderella too (including me!)

Fantail Sat 11-Apr-15 07:28:19

DD aged 4.1 saw Cinderella yesterday. Her first time at the movies.

She was disappointed in Frozen, enjoyed Cinders more. Yes, the beginning is sad, but then Elsa and Anna's parents die too.

Spent the afternoon ballroom dancing on my knees being the Prince grin

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