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to think £3.95 shipping cost on a £5 voucher win from Mcdonalds and prezzybox is unreasonable

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prezzycon Sat 04-Apr-15 14:59:30

Name changed so DD doesn't know my usual name.

DD won a £5 voucher for at McDonald's, she chose some Marshmallow fluff for £4.45 but after putting in the code it asked for £3.95 shipping costs.

She came off the site so I went back on asked for something for £3.95 to see if this would bring the shipping cost down but it is now saying the voucher has been redeemed. DD did not put any other details in to the website.

Surely a £5 prize that costs me £3.95 is not a prize at all, I was thinking of contacting McDonald's but thought I would ask for opinions from MN first.

GlitterTwinkleToes Sat 04-Apr-15 15:03:41

Well, no.
You would of have had to pay for the shipping costs as well without the voucher code. So technically you are saving a fiver.
Yes its a bit shit, but a company wouldn't give away their products away without some sort of contribution from the buyer.

zipzap Sat 04-Apr-15 15:15:42

Sounds a cynical marketng ploy to make you part with money yOu wouldn't have done otherwise.

If it was a genuine prize it would be sent out without needing to pay postage. It's just a very much smaller version of the 'send me a thousand pounds so I can send you a million pounds' type con trick.

And they shouldn't expire the voucher without buying something if you go on to check as your dd did.

I'd tweet mcdonalds and prezzybox about your disappointment - mcD are usually pretty good at getting back to you and sorting something out… never used prezzybox to know about them.

prezzycon Sat 04-Apr-15 15:24:19

Thanks for replies

I'm not on facebook but went on prezzybox's page someone else had commented something similar but they just said 'unfortunately this is our standard delivery cost to cover weight and size of our products, but congratulations of your £5 win, we hope you find a lovely goodie on our site'

I'm not on twitter either, do I need to join to tweet them?

BreconBeBuggered Sat 04-Apr-15 15:30:47

Yes, you'll need a public profile to tweet them, but I suspect the reply would be the same as the one you've already seen.

'Standard' postage charges are shit, and I always manage to fall on the wrong side of them, whether I'm sending or receiving, so YANBU.

prezzycon Sat 04-Apr-15 15:42:24

I have just sent an email to McDonalds and I pinched ZipZaps line about 'send me a thousand pounds so I can send you a million pounds' type con trick.'

I await their reply.

BrianButterfield Sat 04-Apr-15 15:44:52

That's pretty poor, really. It's essentially £5 off something that you could quite probably get £5 cheaper somewhere else anyway - no prize at all. It's like those stupid photo shoot "prizes" where you end up paying for pictures.

prezzycon Sat 04-Apr-15 16:02:22

Thanks Brian, that's what I thought.

corgiology Sat 04-Apr-15 22:16:58

Not really. You are paying for postage and packaging. How else will it get to your house? Someone has to pay the delivery man.

There seems to be a new attitude of I won't pay p+p charges in modern times. You aren't paying for the item, you aren't paying extra really for that item you are paying for what is in effect postage and packaging. What it says on the tin.

lomega Sat 04-Apr-15 22:21:15

YANBU, I won this too on a Mc Monopoly prize and thought it was really cheeky of them. It's not really a prize if you have to pay for it, it's a glorified money off voucher.
I did however also win 50 free prints from and the postage was only £1.95, which I used/redeemed as I'm always printing photos of DS to send to relatives. so it's not all bad!

That prezzybox site sure does sell a lot of wank though. We were laughing in the office at some of the junk on sale there, people actually pay for these things with money, I mean cheese grater novelty loo rolls? Really?! hahaah

FeelingSmurfy Sun 05-Apr-15 22:17:43

Iomega - if you download the snap fish app you get 50 free prints every month for a year, just pay the £1.99 postage tbusmile

SistersOfPercy Sun 05-Apr-15 23:00:46

If you mean the marshmallow fluff in a jar, the American stuff, they sell it in poundland amongst other places.

IHopeYouStepOnALegoPiece Sun 05-Apr-15 23:04:01

Fluff is £1.99 in Sainsbos wink

SistersOfPercy Sun 05-Apr-15 23:12:48

Aldi have it as well occasionally when they do the American week. It's quite widely available here now. Seems to be a push on US foods, B&M had a shelf full of chocolate etc yesterday. Sadly still nobody stocks real mountain dew sad

CoffeeAndBiscuitsPlease Mon 06-Apr-15 01:31:41

I got this same prize. I would say YABU.

Basically you won a fiver off, on a meal you would have bought anyway, so it's a bonus.

Mine says it's valid until dec. So whenever there is a birthday coming up, I may have a look on there and see if there's anything worth getting. If not, I just won't buy anything for the sake of using the free fiver just to pay postage too.

Use the money off if there's something you need, if not, don't try and find something to buy for the sake of it for under a fiver. You'll find it cheaper somewhere else.

You still got your maccies. Nothing lost, nothing gained smile

BrianButterfield Mon 06-Apr-15 08:16:55

But they're using these as part of the "x million prizes" or whatever, when they're prizes and most people won't/can't use them. Bit of a swizz, really.

BrianButterfield Mon 06-Apr-15 08:17:08

They're NOT prizes, I mean.

ItsADinosaur Mon 06-Apr-15 08:20:25

They sell marshmallow fluff in Tesco too.

WhatsGoingOnEh Mon 06-Apr-15 08:24:34

I'd happily give someone £1,000 to get £1,000,000 back. I like that return!

£3.95 to get £5 back hasn't got the same ring..

BrianButterfield Mon 06-Apr-15 08:32:13

And the original item is overpriced too. So you're paying more for the privilege of using your "prize". Crap, IMO.

needaholidaynow Mon 06-Apr-15 08:38:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

becmusic12 Fri 07-Apr-17 18:28:54

I agree with GlitterTwinkleToes, you would have to pay anyway. they never said have something for free, they said £5 off, which is exactl what you're getting. So if anyone does want £5 off at, my voucher code is PRBBVLVNVTQM
One use only so whoever uses it first, but I have no need of it so... enjoy smile

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