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To be pissed off at Tesco

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Teenagenightmares Tue 31-Mar-15 12:23:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seriouslypeedoff Tue 31-Mar-15 12:24:45

What's hudl?

850Pro Tue 31-Mar-15 12:25:57

Do you have a picture of the damage?

Teenagenightmares Tue 31-Mar-15 12:26:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seriouslypeedoff Tue 31-Mar-15 12:27:11

Ah right. The screen broke while charging? That's surely no accidental damage

Teenagenightmares Tue 31-Mar-15 12:32:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gallicgirl Tue 31-Mar-15 12:33:40

I think they have to replace or prove the fault is the result of something you did. It is blatantly not of satisfactory quality if the screen has cracked so soon.

BifsWif Tue 31-Mar-15 12:33:56

No it's not accidental damage, there was no event to cause the damage so it cannot be classed as such.
Put your complaint in writing, and don't back down - sounds like a faulty unit.

seriouslypeedoff Tue 31-Mar-15 12:34:56

That's awful. I would like to think that's wrong, but I am not sure. Surely something cracking while being charged is dangerous. If its happening to a few people I would says its a safety issues as well.

youngestisapyscho Tue 31-Mar-15 12:37:10

Cracked screens are shit.. we had same problem with a very expensive Sony phone, it just cracked on its own! Loads of people had same problem when we looked online, but Sony were having none of it. If screen is cracked then we must have dropped it or done something to it. They don't want to know.

Teenagenightmares Tue 31-Mar-15 12:38:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bumblingbovine49 Tue 31-Mar-15 12:43:07

Wow. We bought a hudl for my mother about two years ago at Christmas. It also broke within a year of purchase in that the charger socket no longer worked (We tried a number of different charger and none worked). I called, explained the issue, we posted it to them and they sent a complete replacement. Free of charge Luckily it was "just" within the 12 month guarantee period. The 12 month guarantee you get on purchase only covers "manufacturing faults" though. So maybe the issue is that a broken screen won't come under "manufacturing fault" You would probably need extra insurance to cover that sort of thing.

bumblingbovine49 Tue 31-Mar-15 12:45:28

oops sorry cross posted

We did have a broken screen on our own ipad recently and that was fixed for us but we had bought a 3 year warranty to cover "accidental damage" so this was done without charge (except the cost if the warranty of course). I think this is just standard for tablet manufacturers, not just Tesco.

Nanny0gg Tue 31-Mar-15 12:50:12

Friend had a phone screen crack during charging.

She had been sent a new battery which turned out to be the wrong one and that's what caused the damage (sounds to me as though it could have been pretty dangerous)

They accepted liability and she got a new phone.

So maybe a faulty battery rather than screen?

thetimeisnow Tue 31-Mar-15 12:51:05

I've had my hudl for 18months and the screen stopped responding, phoned them up, I still had my reciept, and they had a courier collect it.
It was returned within a week all fixed. I didn't pay.

Maybe its worth speaking to them directly and explaining, it could have been a general email to fob you off?

SoupDreggon Tue 31-Mar-15 12:53:43

They have sent you a standard "cut and paste" response.

Teenagenightmares Tue 31-Mar-15 12:54:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OOAOML Tue 31-Mar-15 12:58:42

I think a call to Trading Standards might be in order.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Tue 31-Mar-15 12:59:34

I'd email Head office and put evidence of others encountering the same problem.

Tiswineoclocksomewhere Tue 31-Mar-15 13:14:41

I boycotted Tesco a few months ago because of their customer service, or rather lack of it.

Obviously they haven't noticed - and if they did I doubt they'd care - but it's made me feel slightly less helpless about the situation grin

850Pro Tue 31-Mar-15 13:20:37

I really cant see the screen cracking without an external force on it,

seriouslypeedoff Tue 31-Mar-15 13:46:05

850pro they can. From all sorts. Defects in the glass, overheating when charged etc.

Sounds like a manufacturing problem to me. Contact trading standards.

RattieofCatan Tue 31-Mar-15 13:54:14

Of course the screen can crack without external force, how odd to think it couldn't, especially when it's a common fault by the looks of things!

Bloody hate hudls anyway, mine is the original hudl and is a crock of shit. I've had to sreset it twice and am on the verge of rooting it as it's so crap. Can't play games on it as it overheats within 20 minutes, can't use skype or duolingo and my browsers crash constantly. It freezes constantly as well. Tesco couldn't give a shit. I only brought it in January last year! It's a glorified email checker and book reader at the moment.

Dakiara Tue 31-Mar-15 14:03:02

Sounds like the screen has some sort of stress on it perhaps. Never had this with any of our pads, but haven't had a huddle yet (and at this rate, won't, reading these!). Might be worthwhile going through trading standards with links to similar problems.

QuietChocolateEggHunter Tue 31-Mar-15 14:13:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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