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To cringe at these football mums?

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DozyDonut Sun 22-Mar-15 15:42:52

Ok, so I watched DS play footy this morning. I very rarely go as I work most Sundays.
Anyway, I was shocked by all alot of the mums watching. They are like a load of fish wives, shouting abuse and cackling. Shouting at the poor ref and the boys. These boys are all 17 & 18 so can be very 'vocal' but omg, those mums shock I was inwardly cringing at what came out of their mouths!

olbas Sun 22-Mar-15 15:48:26

I went to watch Ds3 play at a school match last week.. There was a mum, who is so lovely, with such a gentle voice who turned into a holigan!!grin She yelled, screamed, stomped, ran up and down the pitch for the whole game and then at "tea" reverted into her normal self. We were [shocked]and grin during the whole time.

FuckItBucket Sun 22-Mar-15 15:50:01

Last time I went to watch my brother play two dads started fighting!

Parents take teen footy too fucking serious!

OrlandoWoolf Sun 22-Mar-15 15:50:29

I've seen Dads do the same. I feel sorry for the kids. I referreed a Tag rugby match between schools and spoke to some of the parents - including friends of mine.

olbas Sun 22-Mar-15 15:53:40

We have had notices home about how parents should behave at matches! It mentions "Sportmanship" and "tolerence" and "conduct" I thought this was such a nice area we had moved too! (It is really smile)

DozyDonut Sun 22-Mar-15 15:54:09

Its awful. The managers were at loggerheads and I felt sorry for the poor ref! I think he probably needed a stiff drink when he got home. There were so many 'fucks' flying around. Im no prude but I am quite pleased I dont go to many games

OrlandoWoolf Sun 22-Mar-15 15:58:14

Personally - I think games should be stopped if such behaviour occurs.

It's only a game. Too many parents live their childhood sport ambitions through their kids.

FernGullysWoollyPully Sun 22-Mar-15 16:01:12

I can laugh and cringe at this. Dh and I were managing a Sunday league team (technically I was the 'manager'), so over 16's, but mostly men and I got booked by the referee for dissent and asked to go to the changing room! It does get a bit choice at times. And competitive. Very competitive!

DozyDonut Sun 22-Mar-15 16:02:07

I agree woolf I think they should ban parents from watching at all

Thisvehicleisreversing Sun 22-Mar-15 16:04:58

Is it only the mums you have an issue with shouting?

I assume the dads would be allowed as they're manly men getting caught up in sport but ladies should of course be lady like and clap politely.

Eggwhisk Sun 22-Mar-15 16:09:16

This reminds me of a first school netball match my dd played in, one particular mum from the other team was constantly shouting "come on Rio" at the top of her voice to her son that was playing, it made me grin

VikingLady Sun 22-Mar-15 16:15:10

My dad used to run a kids football club and did a lot of refereeing. Several times he told parents (usually dads but not always) that if they didn't pipe down he would increase their subs and use it to pay a referee to referee the parents!

He nearly got decked once for quietly asking them whether they thought they were setting their kids a good example smile

TwoOddSocks Sun 22-Mar-15 16:18:07

I have a friend whose son is into golf and plays at a very high level in tournaments. Parents had to be banned from the golf course because they were following their DC's around the course trying to put off their opponents.

MyHaloIsChokingMe Sun 22-Mar-15 16:26:40

It's not just football mums. My DD's used to dance and OMFG the parents of other children often left me gobsmacked especially when the yearly show came round. One mother started on me in the loo during a rehearsal because DD1 had been chosen for a solo part. I gave her the choice to leave by the door or I could put her though a window She never spoke to me again for some reason. Mums at horse events can be awful too. I've been told my DDs should never have won, yada yada yada. The whispered words "oh do fuck off" worked well for me. I won't mention the rugby dads, I've seen more fights off the pitch than on it occasionally.

maras2 Sun 22-Mar-15 16:29:42

The kid's are 17 and 18 and their mums are with them ? confused

DozyDonut Sun 22-Mar-15 16:55:44

thisvehicle believe me the mums were 10 times worse than the dad's! The only man I could hear shouting was the opposition manager and he didn't swear like the mums shock
maras oh yes parents are there. To be fair most of the boys don't drive so need a lift to the matcha so parents have to drive them there.
I told my son I wouldn't be going anymore if that's what went on, he pleaded with me to give it another go next time hmm

SwingingBalls Sun 22-Mar-15 17:01:04

DD is a referee. This morning she had to halt a game and have a word with the parents for shouting and swearing at the players from the touch line. The game was an under 12's match.

Why would they do such a thing?

dementedma Sun 22-Mar-15 17:01:51

Dh used to referee kids football and abandoned a match once because of abuse from parents towards small children. Disgraceful.

DozyDonut Sun 22-Mar-15 17:02:49

I heard one of the mums say "I wish I had an ear piece so I could speak directly to (her son) johnny and tell him where he's going wrong"
blush poor boy!

OrlandoWoolf Sun 22-Mar-15 17:04:01

I'm just imagining the competition at child beauty pageants now. What could the parents do there to undermine the competition?

Scholes34 Sun 22-Mar-15 17:04:46

Maras I always go to watch my DS play football. He's 16. He makes his own way to home matches by bike, but I go along too to support him. I'm very well-behaved though.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sun 22-Mar-15 17:14:31

One of the opposition mums at ds3's U15 match this morning told my friend to 'shut your mouth or I will' after my friend objected to her shouting abuse.

maras I watch ds3 play , he's 15 and I watched ds1 when he was at home, he was 18., I love it!

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sun 22-Mar-15 17:16:06

maras parents do like to watch their kids play football, who else would be there on a Sunday supporting them?

Charlotte3333 Sun 22-Mar-15 17:22:38

DS1 is 9 and plays rugby and football at weekends, the rugby crowd, generally, are a lovely lot who'll applaud the opposition and behave themselves. The football lot are, frankly, rough. Not all of them, I'm sure there are exceptions. But at rugby even in the Under 9's team, the kids don't answer the ref or coaches back, the parents don't yawp about "take him down" and it's a little more respectful.

If I had a choice I'd push him to drop football, but I know that if we do, he'll hang on in at football and drop rugby just to be contrary.

specialsubject Sun 22-Mar-15 17:25:32

shrieking abuse is objectionable whatever the gender of the shrieker.

ah, team sport. Wonderful for promoting the right values, isn't it? (I'm well aware it is not just the ball games that produce this kind of behaviour)

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