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to wish that people wouldn't say "cheers" when they mean "thankyou" ?

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vienna1981 Fri 20-Mar-15 19:50:35

This usage aspect has always got up my nose. I just think it's lazy and vaguely disrespectful when "thankyou" is just as easy to say and has a more polite ring to it.

Sorry if this is a massive irrelevance folks. It's been one of those weeks at work. I'm tired and struggling for a subjectsad .

cleanmyhouse Fri 20-Mar-15 19:52:24


Hullygully Fri 20-Mar-15 19:52:39

I am stumped.

EponasWildDaughter Fri 20-Mar-15 19:52:47


I'm guilty of this.

In my defense i think it might be a bit of a London thing. I haven't lived in London for 15 years. Old habits die hard.

iLoveFlop Fri 20-Mar-15 19:53:14

If you are struggling for a subject, why post at all?

hedgehogsdontbite Fri 20-Mar-15 19:54:33

I do this. I'm from Liverpool.

GraysAnalogy Fri 20-Mar-15 19:57:10

It's a less formal way of thank you. I don't see a problem with it.

GraysAnalogy Fri 20-Mar-15 19:57:37

And if thank you is just as easy to say (which it is) how is it lazy?

ambientolf Fri 20-Mar-15 19:58:15

I'm from Manchester and always say cheers. YABVU

WhataMistakeaToMakea Fri 20-Mar-15 19:58:43

Goodness don't go the west country then...

Nolim Fri 20-Mar-15 20:01:01

i dont see the problem

molyholy Fri 20-Mar-15 20:01:10

I am a 'cheers'er too. I just think it is on par with 'thanks'.

Trills Fri 20-Mar-15 20:01:18

DO you also wish that people wouldn't say "hi" when they mean "hello"?

Cornettoninja Fri 20-Mar-15 20:01:41

As long as someone is imparting gratitude I have no issue with how they choose to convey it.
It's a nice thing, don't analyse it to deeply and ruin the sentiment behind it.

PtraciDjelibeybi Fri 20-Mar-15 20:01:43

I say this as a form of farewell. I shop mostly in charity shops where there is a different feel to regular shops. I will say thank you at the appropriate times in the transaction, but then often spend time arranging my bags and putting card or change in my purse - I then say "Cheers" as I walk away - a combi way of saying thank you and goodbye, when in fact neither is entirely necessary...

I would be very sorry to think that I was upsetting or offending anyone, but that is not the impression I have had...

ClaudiaNaughton Fri 20-Mar-15 20:02:16

My pet hate is being told "I'm good" when you ask someone how they are.

tabulahrasa Fri 20-Mar-15 20:04:39

I say cheers too, I'm Scottish.

It's instead of thanks, so if someone passes me something, or serves me in a shop, I say cheers, I'd only say thank you if someone has actually done something worth thanking properly for.

LadyFairfaxSake Fri 20-Mar-15 20:06:47

In parts of Cornwall, "goodbye" is pronounced "cheers & gone".

roundtable Fri 20-Mar-15 20:07:34

Sweet Jesus, is there anything according to MN that you can say?

SenecaFalls Fri 20-Mar-15 20:08:59

How refreshing. A linguistic irritation that can't be blamed on Americans.

museumum Fri 20-Mar-15 20:09:56

I say it for small things like my change in a shop. I wouldn't say it for a birthday present or if somebody had taken my child out for the day.
So it is a bit less deeply felt yes. But change in a shop is not something I say "oh thank you so much you shouldn't have" - the "thank you" is just a light hearted social norm.

RatOnnaStick Fri 20-Mar-15 20:10:37

Everyone I know uses cheers, its in common usage in a range of forms. I don't see a problem.

BertieBotts Fri 20-Mar-15 20:11:54

I like it. I think it's friendly.

vienna1981 Fri 20-Mar-15 20:12:09

Must be just me then. I shall say no more.

OhMyActualDays Fri 20-Mar-15 20:12:41

I say cheers for thank you, hi and bye... I had no idea this could be irritating!

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