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to ask what is the latest you've heard of a baby turning?

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rosepetalsoup Thu 19-Mar-15 08:32:52

...still breech at 37 weeks - eek!

MrsFlannel Thu 19-Mar-15 08:33:58

Have a look here

great site.x

castlesintheair Thu 19-Mar-15 08:34:09

DC3 turned during labour, from transverse.

rosepetalsoup Thu 19-Mar-15 08:39:08

I've googled everything possible but just wanted to hear people's stories x

liquidstateisonthemulled Thu 19-Mar-15 08:42:51

Have you tried acupuncture? This worked for me. I was also booked into hospital to have the baby turned and DD turned while we were there.

after all this I ended up with an emergency CS

wigglesrock Thu 19-Mar-15 08:43:36

Dd2 turned at 38 weeks, dd3 at 37. I didn't even realise dd3 had turned. I was at an appt one day and she was breech, had to nip in for a check a few days later and she had turned. I didn't do anything in particular, just every day cleaning, shopping, looking after toddlers.

HicDraconis Thu 19-Mar-15 08:46:37

Mine turned at 36 weeks. I went swimming, for some bizarre reason decided to mess about going upside down in the deep end and he disengaged, rotated around and re engaged. Damn near threw up on the side smile

Velvetbee Thu 19-Mar-15 08:46:59

When I went in for the elective section with DD the lady in the next bed had chosen one because her baby was breech.
A midwife checked her and discovered the baby had turned and they sent her home. She was so upset, had been so excited at the prospect of meeting her baby that morning.

Pengweng Thu 19-Mar-15 08:50:11

One of my twins flipped after 35 weeks (last scan before labour) from vertex to breech the little bugger! Didn't realise until the midwife had trouble locating her HB during labour so scanned me So it is possible as long as fluid levels are good. Spinning babies is worth a shot. Good luck!

nancy75 Thu 19-Mar-15 08:50:51

Dd turned at about 37 weeks, I was in a pub at the time waiting to use the loo! I felt like all of my insides had moved it was a very strange feeling

crappyday Thu 19-Mar-15 08:56:28

DD turned to become breech at 36 weeks. The the night before the scan to confirm (38 weeks) she turned over again. It was agonising! Felt like she was trying to fight her way out.
Scan people were dubious she'd ever been breech, but 3 midwives were sure- as was I. Her hiccups were in a totally different place and when she'd stretched- feet down head up under my ribs I knew!

Hobby2014 Thu 19-Mar-15 08:58:15

My DS turned breech at about 40+13!

MyOneandYoni Thu 19-Mar-15 09:02:23

i second spinning babies and also reflexology...

Boswollox Thu 19-Mar-15 09:10:26

DS turned breech when I was in labour and 8cm dilated!

rosepetalsoup Thu 19-Mar-15 09:12:52

I've tried everything -- I just wanted to know if there was hope for the baby deciding to do it of her own accord!

merrywindow Thu 19-Mar-15 09:15:13

I know someone who was breech at 36 weeks so the midwife turned her by manipulation. At 38 weeks she turned back to breech so the midwife turned her again. During labour - you guessed it she turned breech again and came out bottom first. The breech birth was uneventful and problem free, though.

FryOneFatManic Thu 19-Mar-15 09:17:17

DD turned at 37 weeks and I ended up with an ELCS for pre-eclapmsia and a breech baby. I remember telling DP she had turned and he was convinced she couldn't have because the midwife had said she was fine. Had a scan which confirmed she was breech putting me on course for the ELCS.

LarrytheCucumber Thu 19-Mar-15 09:18:30

My friend's second baby flipped and her waters broke and she went into labour all at once at roughly term.

zobey Thu 19-Mar-15 09:21:42

My dd was back to back and turned as she was half out to the right way. Labour 5:10 long turned from breech 38 weeks and 6 days during a 4d scan.

applejack18 Thu 19-Mar-15 09:23:21

My first turned INTO breech position at 40 + 11 after I'd had 3 unsuccessful sweeps. It was a weird sensation as PP have mentioned but also the movement trapped a nerve in my leg and that was agony and caused me to hobble for a week after the birth. I had elective c section (recommended by midwives). My theory is that the baby turned breech as she didn't like all the poking around from the sweeps but the midwives dismissed that as codswallop. Expect the unexpected.

MumWithCamera Thu 19-Mar-15 09:43:29

My second turned breech about 37 weeks. I was hysterical but finally got used to the idea of section as consultant said they rarely turn at this stage. Then every mum I met had a story about baby turning late. Drove me mad!

Then baby turned at 38 weeks ( and I didn't feel it) but I continued with section as Street first traumatic birth I thought that was enough upset for me! Then baby came out transverse (ie he had turned sideways without me feeling it)

My first was back to back so clearly my babies are womb gymnasts. They are very much like that out of the womb too!

Anyway so just to say I know how the uncertainty kills you at this stage sad how baby turns for you if that's what you are hoping thanks

MumWithCamera Thu 19-Mar-15 09:44:07

*after, not Street!

Pimmsoclocknow Thu 19-Mar-15 09:51:28

I second acuputure

FoxInABox Thu 19-Mar-15 09:59:09

My daughter turned breech at 37 weeks then flipped back a few days later- very strange feeling! She then did it again a at 38weeks but again flipped back before the birth. The midwife sent me for a scan the next day and I felt her move that morning just before I left.

Missdread Thu 19-Mar-15 09:59:40

OP the main thing I would urge is that you are assertive in asking for what you want. I was railroaded into having a traumatic ECV at 39 weeks because I'd given birth twice before vaginally. I didn't feel I had a choice and the experience was awful, both me and my baby were distressed. Afterwards a midwife told me I could have opted for a section. If you don't want ECV, you don't have to have one and they'll do an elective section. I wish I'd known that! Good luck!

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