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To say that everyone who visits New York...

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dreamingofblueskies Sun 15-Mar-15 12:26:51

...should go to Roosevelt Island?

It is hardly ever mentioned in guide books or by people who have been there before, but it is fabulous! I'd visited 3 times before I stumbled across it. not a stealth boast

You get to go over the Hudson River on a tram/cable car for the price of a subway journey, then there's a lovely visitor's centre with hot chocolate. There's a ruined old sanatorium, a memorial to Roosevelt, a lighthouse and a free bus that takes you round the island!

And it's so much quieter than Manhattan so you can have a little break from the crowds before you enter back into the fray.

And the grocery shops are cheaper. grin

MetellaEstMater Sun 15-Mar-15 12:27:56


dreamingofblueskies Sun 15-Mar-15 12:28:00

Although I do understand that cable cars are some people's idea of hell.

AtAmber Sun 15-Mar-15 12:38:52

I've never heard of it. We are going to boston and New York in July. I'll keep it in mind.

Bowlersarm Sun 15-Mar-15 12:40:24

Thanks for the tip OP, we are hopefully going to New York later this year.

SwedishEdith Sun 15-Mar-15 12:44:44

Missed this when I went so thanks for the tip for next time. I'd also recommend a little wander round Staten Island rather than just coming straight back on the next ferry. Totally different feel to Manhattan but so close.

Stinkersmum Sun 15-Mar-15 12:58:13

We're off in a couple of weeks. Will defo visit!

dreamingofblueskies Sun 15-Mar-15 13:38:30

Yay, glad I've inspired some people to visit, you won't be disappointed!

Here's a photo of the cable car so you know what you're getting yourself in for.

And to everyone who is going, have an amazing time, New York is my most favourite place in the whole world.

psyandsoc Sun 15-Mar-15 13:41:23

Hope to be going back again to Newyork so thanks for the tip will definitely will be visiting there.

dreamingofblueskies Sun 15-Mar-15 13:42:11

Don't know why the photo wouldn't post, it still won't either. confused

dreamingofblueskies Sun 15-Mar-15 13:42:37

Oh, and now it has!

Shodan Sun 15-Mar-15 13:47:27

I wish I'd know about this a few weeks ago! grin

We just got back from our second visit there. This time we took the train up (down?) to Cold Spring. 'Twas lovely, especially in the snow- the Hudson river was totally frozen over and looked beautiful.

<NB. Do not sit in the open top bit of a bus tour at night in sub zero temperatures. It gets rather chilly>

PickleSarnie Sun 15-Mar-15 13:48:19

I lived there for three years and I never went. I'm going for a visit this year and you've inspired me to go.

It's on the East river though. Not the Hudson.

PickleSarnie Sun 15-Mar-15 13:49:14

Euuuuurgh. Just read my message and I sound like a right old pedant. Didnt mean to!!

dreamingofblueskies Sun 15-Mar-15 14:03:20

I'm quite happy to be corrected, I forgot about East River even existing!

And shodan I agree about the open topped bus in the cold, I thought I was going to freeze to death!

Shakshuka Sun 15-Mar-15 14:20:56

The cable car is great but there's not much to do on Roosevelt Island. I'd say take the subway or walk across the bridge and go to Queens after visiting Roosevelt Island. Loads to see and do and the best food in NYC!

And, yep,.it's in the East River between Manhattan and Queens.

hesterton Sun 15-Mar-15 14:25:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ponche Sun 15-Mar-15 16:48:32

It's even better if you go in the evening as the views are amazing. You can go for a walk along the river and see all the skyscrapers lit up- it's stunning.

bigbluebus Sun 15-Mar-15 16:56:27

I went there in Sept. I went on that Cable Car (which I think they actually call a tramway) even though I am petrified of heights and I was fine.

I used my Travel card to buy a coffee in Starbucks on Roosevelt Island though and when I got home discovered that my card had been cloned and the balance cleared in Macys and Wendys sad.

Ffuchsia Sun 15-Mar-15 17:19:10

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll be there in two weeks so I'll definitely give it a go.

dreamingofblueskies Sun 15-Mar-15 17:50:44

Oh I bet it's gorgeous at night, you get a great view of the famous Pepsi - Cola sign from there and I can imagine that'd look stunning all lit up in the dark.

New York is stunning at night, I spent about 2 hours at the top of the Empire State Building just looking at the lights below. <wistful sigh>

noddyholdershat Mon 11-May-15 10:06:21

Just wanted to come back and say thank you to the OP for the recommendation, we have just come back from a 5 night stay in NY and visited Roosevekt Island, it was an oasis of calm in the madness of NY!

And also, thank you to ponche we made sure we stayed there till it was dark and it was indeed a spectacular view. I am now saving up all my money so that I can move to NY. grin

sparkysparkysparky Mon 11-May-15 10:07:57

Visiting family there in summer. Thanks for the tip smile

LindyHemming Mon 11-May-15 10:10:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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