Aibu To think that dss and dh's ex cause my children to lose out.

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WomenVsBarbie Sat 07-Mar-15 22:30:59

I have two dc (15) from a previous relationship with a man who left me 6 months pregnant with twins. I have two dc (8 and 7) with my current partner. I also have a stepson aged 15.

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WomenVsBarbie Sat 07-Mar-15 22:31:21

sorry posted too quickly

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Griphook Sat 07-Mar-15 22:37:18

Drums fingers!

Ouchbloodyouch Sat 07-Mar-15 22:39:20

Even if yanbu you yabu. Step children.. yabu so no need to finish the post.

Ouchbloodyouch Sat 07-Mar-15 22:40:14

Sorry wine has been consumed... I'm off blush

mrsfuzzy Sat 07-Mar-15 22:41:34

hello, womenvs, anybody there ? spill the beans, we want to know what happens next,

Chillyegg Sat 07-Mar-15 22:43:30

confused I want to know more

LadySybilLikesSloeGin Sat 07-Mar-15 22:45:42

Let me guess. Your annoyed because your DP has to pay maintenance to his exp for their child and you think that your DC are losing out because your family income is lower?

AgentZigzag Sat 07-Mar-15 22:45:51

<hands round pringles>

It was so warm today I opened all the windows shock

Fatlapdancer Sat 07-Mar-15 22:45:56

Ohhhhh step children . . . It's tough, really tough but I doubt you will get much sympathy on here. flowers

Fatlapdancer Sat 07-Mar-15 22:46:52

ladysybil do you like Godons sloe gin?

LineRunner Sat 07-Mar-15 22:47:10

I can do sympathy.

LineRunner Sat 07-Mar-15 22:48:16

It could be inheritance based.

WomenVsBarbie Sat 07-Mar-15 22:48:26

Anyway the problem comes with the fact that my dh salary is really stretched he earns £70,000 a year but it is not enough.

My problem comes with the fact that dh seems to support his ex basically being a socialite. We pay £1,500 a year in child maintenance. This is a lot of money but dh chooses to pay. I don't have a problem with the actual child Maintenance I think that it is an affordable amount for us. The problem comes from the fact that dh's ex demands we pay for things like school shoes, uniform, a new contract and numerous things that should come out of the child maintenance.

Dh's ex is a multi millionaires and lives in her parents 11 bedroom house. She goes to Barbados with dss every summer but then expects us to to take dss despite the fact we had to cancel arrangements from a foreign holiday to camping as we could not afford to take another child.

My children are suffering and missing out on things due to the fact that this women uses dh and manipulates him. She is basically a Paris Hilton type rich and selfish.

I know none of this is dss fault and I know it may seem I'm jealous of dh ex but I am definitely not.

I'm just really fed up angry

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Fatlapdancer Sat 07-Mar-15 22:48:36

Me too. But a lot of people get very touchy regarding SCs. I have a SC and am a SC.

LadySybilLikesSloeGin Sat 07-Mar-15 22:48:42

Oh, I'm not picky Fatlapdancer.

Chillyegg Sat 07-Mar-15 22:49:03

...there I'd hoped for a juicy thread...MN is a bit dry tonight! Anyone else got their windows open I'm rather warm!

LineRunner Sat 07-Mar-15 22:49:52

Do you mean £15k?

WomenVsBarbie Sat 07-Mar-15 22:50:05

Not as good as it seems sorry for the build up

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expatinscotland Sat 07-Mar-15 22:50:59

I hope that's £15,000, not £1500.


Never understand people who marry a person who has a child/children, then go on to have more and more, then bitch about the money paid for the child of the first relationship.

WomenVsBarbie Sat 07-Mar-15 22:51:26

£1,500 - monthly is £18,000 a year

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MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sat 07-Mar-15 22:51:36

Nice try.

LadySybilLikesSloeGin Sat 07-Mar-15 22:51:42

£1,500 a year you say and he earns 70K? Wow, isn't he generous to spare £28 a week. I bet he's God's gift, hey.

Fatlapdancer Sat 07-Mar-15 22:52:10

We have a combined income of 25000 per year and fork out £1800 per year for DSD. She lives over an hour away and we have to do all of the commuting!! Her DM is adamant that if DP wants to see his DD he has to put all of the effort in, despite the fact that it was her who moved her away in the first pla

WomenVsBarbie Sat 07-Mar-15 22:52:17

Attention mistake we pay £1500 a month not a year

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