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If you could retrain as anything what would it be?

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BlairBass Thu 05-Mar-15 10:01:40

I'm a PA and a bloody good one (if I do say so myself) - am on mat leave from being PA to a Director... there's some satisfaction in what I do (I manage some projects solo, etc.) but most of my role is frantic last-minute activity for someone else, in office 8am - 6pm and contactable until 10pm (US company)...
I'm just wondering if you could retrain as something else, what would it be??
Money being no object (ha, wouldn't that be nice?!)
I wish I'd taken my degree more seriously (not majored in art history! why???!)
I think I might have enjoyed graphic design... maybe even accountancy...

Mouldypineapple Thu 05-Mar-15 10:08:07

Watching with interest. I'm a paediatric nurse which I enjoyed for many years but due to some health problems am currently not able to do. But wondering where to go next!
Something gardening related (within the limitations of my health)?

Umm.. Bit stuck actually!

NancyRaygun Thu 05-Mar-15 10:09:58

If money was no object I would love to train as a GP.

GoringBit Thu 05-Mar-15 10:12:12

Sign language interpreter.

<curses appalling 70s 'careers advice'>

Nocturne123 Thu 05-Mar-15 10:15:21

Definitely doctor or physio. Only if both time and money were no object though smile

Adarajames Thu 05-Mar-15 10:18:11

Goringbit - me too.
Or something outdoors and with animals

AChocoLipsNow Thu 05-Mar-15 10:22:09

Mouldypineapple both my dc will soon be in full time education/childcare and I'm going to retrain as a paediatric nurse. I've been researching what I need and how to go about it.

Pumpkinpositive Thu 05-Mar-15 10:23:03

Sign language interpreter.

<curses appalling 70s 'careers advice'>

48% of whom are currently considering leaving the profession according to recent polls, so maybe you were better off not pursuing it after all. wink

SaucyJack Thu 05-Mar-15 10:26:29


Coffeethrowtrampbitch Thu 05-Mar-15 10:30:36

Master blender of a distillery. Dh used to work for a whisky company and their master blender HAD to drink four of five drams a day in order to do her job properly envy.

She was amazing at her job though, could identify whiskies by taste alone. But perhaps if I drank enough I'd get that good too?

ApignamedJasper Thu 05-Mar-15 10:31:51

What I'm studying right now :D

Fevertree Thu 05-Mar-15 10:39:45

i would love to do something like being a zookeeper, something outdoors and with animals... or even a gardener, but i don't think that would be as rewarding. i am also very interested in social work but think it would be too difficult emotionally.

Storm15 Thu 05-Mar-15 10:41:20

I'd love to go to medical school. At 36 and with 4 kids I suspect it will remain a pipe dream though grin

Katzenjammer Thu 05-Mar-15 10:41:37

Something office based, preferably with no interaction with the general public. Some sort of research role might be nice...with my own desk...with a plant on it...

currently staff nurse in the NHS and it's killing me

SmileAndNod Thu 05-Mar-15 10:43:04

Midwifery. Would love to be a midwife. Wish I'd known in my 20s. At 42 with three children it's definitely not possible now sadlysad

treaclesoda Thu 05-Mar-15 10:43:24

If I was starting again as a teenager I'm pretty sure I'd study medicine.

MegCleary Thu 05-Mar-15 10:44:09

Chicken sexer

blueballoon79 Thu 05-Mar-15 10:44:48

If I was starting again and money was no object I'd study law.

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Thu 05-Mar-15 10:47:31

I would be a history teacher or lecturer. Instead I did a degree in cultural studies and now work in a call centre confused

zippyandbungle Thu 05-Mar-15 10:48:33

An Art Therapist or Occupational Therapist. I nearly did it but crappy life got in the way again.

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 05-Mar-15 10:48:34

Law - probably with the aim of being a family solicitor.

I wish I had taken school seriously and thought about law sooner.

nannynannynannynanny Thu 05-Mar-15 10:48:34

Forensic pathologist... Anaesthetist... Or maybe looking after elephants!

JessieMcJessie Thu 05-Mar-15 10:49:04

Doctor here too, though am toying with speech therapist as an actual realistic possibility.

I'm a lawyer.

KellyElly Thu 05-Mar-15 10:50:29

A banker so I could be stinking rich grin

GoringBit Thu 05-Mar-15 10:52:23

Good grief, Pumpkin, you might be right... 30 years in banking was probably 25 too many, but it was very easy to stay put. Well done to those who dare to make a change.

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